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10 Reasons Why Your Text Messages Aren't Sending

If you have typed a long message personally or for business, hit enter, and wondered, "why aren't my messages sending?" then you can find your answer in this article.

There could be multiple reasons for the non-delivery of text messages, including a blocked number or a failed network. Find a list of the common reasons why text messages don't get delivered and possible solutions in this Community Phone guide.

10 Reasons Why Your Text Messages Are Being Undelivered

Some of the reasons why you can't send messages even when you take a long time to type them are listed here:

1. Your Message Is Getting Flagged as Spam

There can be many reasons behind your message getting flagged as spam. Here are some:

a) Lengthy messages

b) Typing in all caps

c) Sending the same message multiple times

Sometimes, the recipient's carrier finds your message unsolicited and marks your message as spam. The carrier network also often blocks you if you bombard the recipient's inbox with the message.

Solution: Avoid these practices so the recipient's carrier network won't block your message.

2. Sending Illegal or Suspicious Links

Messages are not only to send and receive texts from people, but you can also send multimedia via messages. Sometimes, people circulate suspicious links via SMS and text messages either maliciously or unintentionally. Whenever you try to send a link, be it a safe one, the carrier service often flags it as suspicious.

Trying to send a link to a website restricted in the recipient's area may stop your messages from reaching them.

Solution: If you want to use text messages to funnel people to a website, you must ensure that the link is safe, so your messages do not get blocked.

3. You Have Entered the Wrong Number

Entering the wrong phone number can keep your messages from being sent on time or sent to the wrong person. People sometimes miss a digit in the number and get frustrated over unsent text messages.

Solution: If you are thinking, "Why my text messages are not sending?" please check the number you are adding to the recipient list to ensure you are typing the correct number.

4. You Are Texting a Landline

Landline texting is an excellent feature that allows people to send text messages to any number from a business or personal landline. But, if your recipient's landline is not text-enabled, your message will disappear. You will not get a delivery failure report, and the recipient will not know that you tried to reach them.

Solution: Ensure you send messages only to a text-enabled landline number

5. The Recipient has Blocked You

If the recipient blocks you, you cannot send them messages. The only way to know if you have been blocked or not is to ask the recipient or a mutual friend.

Solution: You cannot send messages to a recipient if they block you.

6. The Recipient May Have Turned Off the "Receive SMS" Settings

Many messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook allow you to turn off the "Receive SMS" settings. These settings, once turned on, don't let anyone send messages via these messengers.

Although these settings are not available worldwide, some regions of Europe and Asia have this feature enabled. This feature blocks people who send unwanted promotional/marketing messages, but you can also be a victim.

Solution: Ensure that you or your message recipient aren't using this feature.

7. Airplane Mode is Enabled

If you have traveled by air, you should know that while on the plane, you become unable to use a cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. The same is the feature provided by airplane mode in mobile phones.

If you or your recipient have enabled Airplane mode or forgot to turn it off, you might think, "Why aren't my messages sending?"

Solution: Ensure airplane mode is off on your phone before you send a message.

8. Billing Issue on Recipient End

If the person you're sending messages to is using a prepaid plan, they may have some bills to pay. An outstanding balance will not allow them to receive messages.

Solution: Try to connect with them through a phone call or another number they may have.

9. Your Messages are Getting Reported

Well, this is not a common reason, but studies show that it happens when you send unwanted, abusive, misleading, blasphemous, and offensive messages.

If you send such messages to a person, the person can report you, which makes you unable to send messages to that person in the future.

10. Technical Difficulties

Technical glitches like network breakdowns and unstable internet can stop your messages from reaching your recipient. Sometimes these glitches may last a few hours, and sometimes more.

Solution: Get a reliable wireless landline service like Community Phone that does not need internet to operate. Read on to learn how Community Phone is the landline service you need!

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Why are my texts not being sent?

If you are wondering, "Why aren't my messages sending?" here are possible reasons:

1. Your message is getting flagged as spam.

2. The links in your SMS are suspicious.

3. Billing issues on the recipient side

4. Technical glitch

5. The recipient has blocked you.

Why is my iMessage not working?

Your iMessage may not work if your iOS has not been updated.

How do I reset iMessage settings?

Follow these steps to reset iMessage settings:

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

2. Select General.

3. Select Reset.

4. Select the Reset All Settings option.


This article has covered some scenarios on why your messages are not sending and suggested solutions.

Getting Community Phone to text from your personal or business landline is the best option for messages not going from your phone. Get Community Phone's wireless landline service to enjoy reliable, uninterrupted service with no contracts or hidden charges.

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