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What is a PBX Phone System? Benefits, Challenges & Providers

A PBX phone system is crucial to maintaining effective internal and external communication channels in today's business environment. A PBX phone system enables a company's users to switch calls on local lines and place and receive calls from people outside the organization.

There are several benefits to implementing a PBX phone system, including increased collaboration among employees, streamlined internal communication processes, and enhanced customer service. You may ask yourself, What is a PBX? This article will delve deeper into a PBX, its benefits, features, and the best provider you can choose in the market- Community Phone.

What is a PBX Phone System?

A PBX system, or Private Branch Exchange, lets people in an office communicate through internal lines and take calls from the outside. With features such as call forwarding, call queuing, auto attendants, and voicemail, a PBX system will improve communication and collaboration within your organization and overall customer service.

What Are The Advantages Of A PBX Phone System?

1. Internal Communication

A PBX phone system efficiently allows employees to communicate with each other. Employees can easily switch between extensions without worrying about getting a busy signal. This system also enables employees to have a conference call, which can help them collaborate on projects or prepare for presentations.

2. Centralized Control

What is PBX centralized control?

Centralized control gives you power over all your company phone lines. With a PBX, you can easily manage all of your calls from one location and can even choose to route calls to different departments or employees depending on the caller's needs.

This system allows you to have several extension numbers programmed to help with internal routing, so you don't have to print out a list of all the numbers and keep them up-to-date.

3. Call Forwarding

With a PBX phone system, you can easily forward a call to a different number, which can be helpful if you or another employee is unavailable to take the call.

A common way to do this would be to create a rule that forwards all calls to a specific number, either an employee's desk phone or their cell phone.

4. Call Routing

The PBX adaptable call routing technology allows you to route calls efficiently, ensuring calls reach the appropriate person or department.

You may program the system to route the call to a second number if the first line is busy or doesn't answer. You may also set up rules to automatically route calls to different departments or employees depending on your business needs.

Challenges with a PBX Phone System

According to research, 33% of customers are most frustrated by waiting on hold, and an equal percentage are further frustrated by having to repeat themselves to multiple support reps. Below are some PBX phone system challenges that may contribute to your customers' frustration.

1. Jitter

A common issue with VoIP phone systems is jitter. Jitter is a disturbance in the signal that can cause dropped calls, unclear audio, and choppy video.

2. Erroneous Busy Tone

Due to an error in wiring, many offices end up with loads of calls marked busy. The constant busy tone can irritate customers who try to reach you.

Businesses may lose customers and revenue as customers may not be able to contact someone in your office.

3. Incorrect Call Placements

Due to heavy load, calls may not be routed to the correct department on a business phone system or may be dropped because all employees are on the phone.

This incorrect routing or call drops becomes a growing problem when more and more businesses move to VoIP telephony systems, as the Internet backbone does not always provide 100% uptime for voice traffic.

4. Bandwidth Issues

When it comes to VoIP, bandwidth is everything. If you're experiencing any latency or jitter during a call, there's a good chance that your network doesn't have enough bandwidth to support VoIP traffic.

The leading cause for this issue lies in the phone system, how busy it is, and the number of calls being placed at once.

5. Fair Usage of Resources

Analyzing whether resources are being utilized for business or personal reasons with a PBX system becomes challenging. You may not be able to reduce the overload on the resources until you discover the root cause.

This situation leaves businesses with one option - upgrade to high-speed internet with more bandwidth, leading to budget issues and disturbing the organization's culture.

1. Community Phone - The Best PBX Phone System Provider

Community Phone is a leading provider of PBX phone systems for homes and businesses. Unlike other providers, Community Phone's systems are truly wireless and do not require any copper wiring or an internet connection to work.

With a Community Phone system, you can enjoy all the benefits of modern phone technology with none of the usual challenges when placing local or even international calls.

Image of Community Phone Business service provider

Why Choose Community Phone?

Call Routing

With Community Phone's advanced call routing technology, you can easily redirect calls to different employees or departments, depending on the caller's needs. You can also set up rules to automatically route calls based on department or employee.

Custom Dial Menu

Creating a custom greeting for your business is easy with the Community Phone custom-dial menu. You can program the menu to route calls, share critical business information, answer frequently asked questions, and route to voicemail.


The voicemail-to-email feature can allow you to access voicemails as audio files or transcripts in your email without logging into your voicemail box.

Spam Call Blocking

Unwanted scam calls can make your business vulnerable to hacks and breaches and affect employee productivity. Protect your business and employees and free up their bandwidth with the Community Phone spam call-blocking service that blocks unwanted calls before it reaches your phone.

Community Phone is an effective communication service that makes it easier for customers and prospects to place orders and contact you anytime. Additionally, you will enjoy unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited text messages, and the ability to communicate easily with customers using two-way messaging.

Other Providers

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is a tool that provides all-in-one communications solutions, including VoIP services, video meetings, and collaboration tools.


With a wide range of features, including call management and conferencing capabilities like voice calls, video conferencing, and messaging, it is a solution for businesses that want to optimize their communications. If you wish to streamline your operations or expand your reach, RingCentral has everything you need to stay connected.

3. Nextiva

Nextiva is a unified platform that combines video, phone, and customer management features into one streamlined package.


With Nextiva, you can easily connect with your customers through simple voice or video calls or the simple messaging system, providing them with top-quality service that meets all their needs at once.


What does a PBX system do?

A PBX system, or Private Branch Exchange, is a private telephone network that lets people in an office communicate with each other through internal lines and also allows them to take calls from the outside.


As you transition from being a startup to a growing business, a PBX system can help you streamline internal and customer communication. However, some of the challenges with PBX systems render the many features they have useless.

Talk to Community Phone customer care at 866-937-3108 to understand how Community Phone combines old and new technology to give you the best of the telecommunication world. Enjoy excellent calling features, the reliability of a landline, and the freedom of wireless access with Community Phone.

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