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The Best Phone System for Hair Salons in 2023

The Best Phone System for Hair Salons in 2023

Effective communication, a vital part of every organization, can be substantially improved by a feature-rich phone system. Nowadays in beauty salons, the majority of their business is now conducted over the phone.

The telephone plays a crucial role in the hair salon industry, communicating with customers, scheduling appointments, and facilitating staff communication. Investing in the salon phone system will bring you closer to your customers and increase your business profits.

However, the question is, which phone system is ideal for your salon? Here is a detailed overview of the best phone system for hair salons in 2023.

Features a Salon Phone System Should Have

Salons should consider a phone system that gives them flexibility and freedom to move around the premises. Employees don't want to be tied to a table all the time. Salons may have a reception area and phone desk, but most companies prefer a virtual salon receptionist that doesn't require anyone to be on standby. Below are some essential features of an ideal salon phone system.

1. Cost Effective

The phone system must be cost-effective. Traditional landline service providers are gradually increasing the bills because the landline companies want to encourage people to shift to their internet-based phone service. In this situation, a Community phone service is nothing short of a deal because it is much cheaper than a traditional landline.

2. Simultaneous Ring

85% of callers who don't get to talk with a representative will not call back, according to a survey.

It is an alarming statistic, especially for small businesses looking for new clientele. Therefore, a salon phone system must have a simultaneous ring feature. It can forward the calls to more than one phone, so there is less chance of missing any calls. Community Phone's service will customize the phone numbers that the incoming call is to be forwarded.

3. Ring a Second Number

Customer calls are vital to your business, so you want a phone that will not miss them in any case. Community Phone service has a feature to program the phone so that if the primary number is busy, the call will roll over to the second number, and so on. It enables one to ring a second phone line if the first is not responding.

4. Call Forward

Call forwarding is a great option to add your cell phone to the business phone system. With this feature, you can do this whether you are at home or away and answer calls. The community phone will forward incoming calls from the phone system to your cell phone, and you can respond to any call at home or away. So these are the features a salon phone system must have. Community Phone has all the features that should be mandatory in a salon phone system.

Community Phone: The Best Salon Phone System

Community Phone: The Best Salon Phone System

Community Phone is the best Phone System for Salons. At Community Phone, we offer a modern landline and wireless phone service that is simple, dependable, affordable and requires no internet. It allows you to make unlimited nationwide calls and has strong coverage in 99% of cities in the United States.

Custom Dial Menu: Courteous Greeting and Redirect

Community Phone’s custom dial menu and greetings can serve the customer as a virtual assistant. Its custom menu guides them precisely by prompting them to press the appropriate numbers. You can update if you are working late in the salon and set the custom greetings on special occasions.

Call Forwarding: Never too far from your Customers.

Call forwarding is an excellent feature that lets you always be close to your customers. You can add your cell phone to your business landline and set up a call forwarding feature. It will allow you to attend the calls on your cell phone. No matter where you are, you are just one call away from your customers.

Call Routing

Another great feature of Community Phone is call routing. Consider a salon with many service-based departments. You can forward a call to the person in charge of that department when a client calls your salon and asks for details about a specific service or an appointment so that the person can assist the client. This feature ensures no more client calls are missed.

Live Call Transfer: No more Frustrating Holds!

The service allows salons to program an infinite number of extensions into the phone system. If your company has several employees that deal with various concerns, we make it simple to transfer calls to the appropriate individual. Without holding, you can assign a call to another person.

Simultaneous Ring: Quick Assistance

With this feature, many phone numbers will ring simultaneously when a call is received. So the call can be answered by whoever is available.

Call Waiting and Ring a Second Number: Never Miss Another Call

If the operator answers a call and receives another call, Community Phone's system can transfer the call to the other line. If the further extension is likewise busy, you can provide another phone number to which it will redirect this call. Thanks to this feature, you won't ever miss a call on your salon number. An alternative phone number you added will ring in their place if the salon extensions are in use. You may use your home landline or mobile number.

Backup to Keep Your Communication Running During Power Outages

If there is a local power outage, it won't affect your ability to contact your clients. Community Phone has a backup battery lasting 12 hours, enabling it to work during power outages.

VoIP Vs. Landline for Salons

Several business owners has shifted from traditional landlines to VoIP. The reason is the rise in phone costs, which affects their budget. VoIP stands for phones that make calls using internet protocol.

However, VolP also has several issues that make making and receiving calls impossible. The internet, which it uses to place and receive calls, is the source of these hiccups since it presents customers with connectivity issues and high-speed internet prices that some salon owners might not be able to cover.

Community Phone has lower prices than VolP services and does not require internet access.

Benefits of Choosing Community Phone

Community Phone business phone service is ideal for hair salons. As mentioned earlier, it has many exciting features and benefits. Another advantage is that you can convert to Community Phone while keeping your current business number. It's crucial to keep the number the same to prevent customer loss.

Consequently, Community Phone offers vanity phone numbers, local numbers, and toll-free numbers.


Community Phone is the ideal hair salon system in 2023 because it satisfies all contemporary requirements. It is far superior compared to VoIP and traditional landlines. Community Phone service is easy to use, reasonably priced, and internet-free.

Additionally, you can set up the Community Phone with the same number if you already have a landline.

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