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The Best Restaurant Phone System For Restaurateurs

The Best Restaurant Phone System For Restaurateurs

Dining trends in recent years are changing, with restaurant takeaway and delivery orders at an all-time high. If you are a restaurateur, you can capitalize on this, scale your restaurant’s profits, and retain your customer base with the best restaurant phone system.

Why do you need a good phone system for your restaurant?

Studies report that 35% of potential customers may never call your restaurant again if they get a busy tone, an unfriendly welcome, or no response after a first-time call. Negative call-in experiences or non-engagement can lead to negative reviews, harming your business reputation and creating revenue loss. Retaining regulars may also become a challenge if you do not show appreciation for their business.

How can the best phone system for restaurants help restaurateurs?

Restaurants - be they mom-and-pop, fast-food joints, diners, or multi-location franchises deal with similar challenges: customer service, inventory management, retaining regulars, and attracting potential customers.

Switch to Community Phone, the best business landline phone for restaurants in theU.S, to stay on top of these challenges. Save time and money, retain your regulars, attract potential customers, and reduce employee turnover with business features such as spam call blocking, auto attendant, call forwarding, ring a second number, and more.

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How To Choose a Restaurant Phone System

The best phone system for restaurants can be the one-stop solution to your business's challenges - customer service, inventory management, retaining regular customers, sustaining reputation, and reducing employee turnover.

A good phone system should greet customers pleasantly, answer frequently asked questions, route their calls, and help engage customers when you are off-site.

Conventional landline systems are not the answer to the ever-changing restaurant landscape. Expensive bundled digital phones rob restaurants of already slim profits with services you don’t need.

VoIP phones come with several features, but their reliability depends on the strength of your high-speed internet connection. Jitters, latency, call drops, internet blind spots, and inability to work during power outages will destroy your brand reputation among your existing and potential clientele.

Restaurants need a phone system that can combine the reliability of a copper wire landline, the features of a VoIP phone without their shortcomings, the freedom of wireless connectivity, and not cost you an arm and a leg.

Community Phone offers the reliability of a wired landline through its wireless landline service and excellent calling features at cost-effective prices to suit your business needs.

Stay with this article to discover more, or talk to Community Phone’s landline specialists to get your custom quote!

Community Phone: The Best Restaurant Phone System

Community Phone

Community Phone is the best wireless landline business service in the United States. The landline base connects your restaurant’s phones to the cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for internet or copper wire installation.

While landline providers across the country are retiring copper connections and digitizing your landline by bundling it with expensive, unnecessary services, Community Phone is trying to revive landlines with its future-proof FCC-approved cellular protocol.

Here are some of Community Phone’s features that can tailor to suit your restaurant needs:

Custom Dial Menu: Professional Greeting to Create a Great First Impression

Automate customer greetings with Community Phone’s custom dial menu.

You can customize this feature to share important messages with customers like loyalty offers, restaurant hours, the specialty of your restaurant, recognition (Michelin stars), etc., to build a great first impression. The options are endless!

Simultaneous Ring: Someone to Man the Phone

Statistics and studies report missing calls from potential or regular customers can be disastrous for restaurant revenue. Program several phones in your restaurant to ring concurrently, never missing another customer call, to enable people available to answer the call.

Ring a Second Number with Rollover Ringing

If you prefer calls rolling over instead of several phones ringing simultaneously, you can choose this Community Phone business feature. You will never miss another customer call as the call will roll over to the second number if the first is busy.

Call Waiting

Never have missed calls with the call-waiting feature. Two beeps indicate another incoming call when you are on the first one. This notification allows people in your business to toggle between the calls with the hold feature or offer the second caller a callback.

Voicemail-to-email: No More Lost Orders

Due to busy phone lines, do not lose out on customer orders during holidays and busy seasons. You can route your callers to leave a voicemail with their order if they would not like to wait in line. The Community Phone voicemail-to-email feature allows you to access your voicemails through email, which can help you process your customer’s order without confusion.

Landline Texting: Updates and Customer Convenience

Have your customers place orders and update them about their order status via text messages online through your business phone number. Talk to Community Phone’s landline specialists to know more about this exciting feature!

Landline Texting For Business

Automated Voice Messaging System

Engage with your regulars through loyalty programs and offers, and market your brand to potential customers through Community Phone’s automated voice messaging system.

Record your custom message - a loyalty program, a customized offer, or limited-time offers and upload the message to your dashboard. Community Phone will send this message to the desired list of people to help you with customer retention and acquisition.

Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Stay in touch with your customers, suppliers, vendors, and other branches with unlimited nationwide calling from Community Phone, without the fear of massive phone bills.

Spam Call Blocking

Manage time efficiently by blocking unwanted calls before they reach your phone with Community Phone’s spam call blocking feature. Not answering unwanted calls on restaurant lines can make your employees' lives easier.

How Does Community Phone Work?

Setting up your business phone with Community Phone is a breeze. All you have to do is sign up, get your landline base, hook it up, and you are all set.

The Community Phone wireless landline base connects to cell towers in your area, providing strong coverage even in rural areas. Experience crystal clear voice quality through the amplified signals from the built-in antenna.

You or anyone in your restaurant can install the landline base in 30 seconds and save your business hundreds of dollars and time in installation. Just hook up the base to a power outlet and a phone, and you are all set!

Number Porting

When switching to Community Phone, you must let their reps know if you want to keep your number. The representatives will need information from you to start the porting process - your account number, billing address, PIN, and a letter of authorization. The porting will be hassle-free in 3-5 business days, without disruption.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

No internet required: The Community Phone landline base works off cell towers, so you don’t need an internet connection. The flexibility of the landline base allows you to place the phone base anywhere without worrying about Wi-Fi blind spots as long as you are in the range of the nearest cell tower.

24/7 Reliable customer support: Rest assured, knowing Community Phone’s 24/7 reliable customer support is available via chat, email, or phone to help you with your concerns or answer your questions.

Number choice: Choose a local number to show solidarity and build community trust. A vanity number, a combination of numbers and letters, can help your customers remember your restaurant and bring in more customers.

Works during power outages: The 12-hour backup battery on the landline base can power your phone to work even during power outages, ensuring communication channels are open and you don’t lose orders because phones are down.

The Bottom Line

With changes in dining and eating out trends, restaurants need an excellent phone system to cope with the ever-changing scenario. Empower yourself and your employees with the best phone system for restaurants from Community Phone, engage your customers, enhance your reputation, and scale your business.

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