Blog/Phone Line Static: 5 Causes and How To Fix

Phone Line Static: 5 Causes and How To Fix

Phone Line Static: 5 Causes and How To Fix

Studies show that phone line static can dent a business's reputation and erode goodwill. Customers expect seamless and professional interactions when they call your business. Static can impact end-user experience negatively, frustrating customers and leading to revenue loss.

This article will cover what causes static, some remedies, and the best non-static phone line for business - Community Phone.

What is Phone Line Static?

If you hear a crackling noise on your phone line, then you have phone line static.

Some causes for static could be faulty phone cords, instruments, or wall jacks. Phone line static could also be caused by electrical interference, a common issue in copper connections as they power your phones.

Causes of Phone Line Static

Here are the top 5 causes of static on the phone and their fixes:

1. Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference is when another device on the same or similar electrical wavelength nearby, crosses your phone line and creates that humming noise.

Natural occurrences like lighting, solar storms, and even cosmic radiation can cause static. Using a modem or computer on the same line as a telephone could also create that crackling noise.

You can check the device causing the static by unplugging all devices plugged into your phone line. If the noise stops after unplugging a device, keep that device unplugged to prevent noise on the line.

2. Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring could be another cause behind the crackling noise in your phone line.

Loose connections or chipmunks nibbling at copper wires could cause the crackling sound you hear on your phone line. These involve getting a technician to check where the line has been damaged and fixing it.

Large carriers are retiring copper connections across the country or letting them deteriorate, per the recent FCC guidelines. Maintaining your copper wire landline and removing static can become a monumental challenge with apathy from your service provider.

Switch to Community Phone, a wireless landline that does not need copper wires to function, to get rid of maintenance issues with traditional phone lines.

3. Weather

Lightning storms can cause interference; rain can cause moisture buildup along the line where it connects to your home; windy weather can wreak havoc with the phone lines and even pull them down, etc.

The list of weather phenomena that can create crackling on phone lines is long, but most of them will last only as long as the weather does. If there is a rain-induced moisture issue, you need to get that looked at to insulate the line better.

4. Worn Out Cords

After a few decades of regular wear, or a few years of rough wear, phone cords will wear out. Worn-out cords can create static during your phone calls, creating interference when trying to get work done. Replacing the cord could help you fix the crackling noise on the line.

5. Multiple Devices on the Same Phone Line

There will always be interference when you connect several devices like fax machines, printers, answering machines, DSL, POS, modems, and more on the same phone line.

The number of additional connections and the way they are connected to the phone line can affect how much phone line static is created.

How to Fix Phone Line Static

Here are certain things you can do to fix the crackling on the phone line:

1. Remove Interference

a) Identify the other devices connected to the same phone line -printers, modems, TVs, fax machines, etc.

b) Disconnect all of these items.

c) Do a test call and see if the static is still there. If so, then your phone itself is the issue. If not, move on to the next step.

d) Start adding pieces of equipment back and testing the phone with each one.

e) If the static returns after adding a device, find another place or way to hook that piece up so it doesn't interfere.

f) You can also use a filter to minimize interference if you want to keep the device causing static on the same line.

2. Test Your Equipment

a) Try plugging your phone into a different phone jack. If the problem is with the jack, you will need a technician to fix it.

b) If the wall jack is fine, try using a different phone cord. Be sure to give it a good wiggle test to ensure there isn't an issue with the connection to your phone, too.

c) Test a different phone in the jack. If the other phone functions without static, your instrument is faulty, and you must replace it.

3. Contact Customer Support

If the above tips and tricks don't make a difference and you still have crackling static on your phone line, you must get a technician to look at the issue.

Contact your phone service provider, and they will have someone come out to check all of your equipment. They'll let you know if something needs to be repaired or replaced.

Get a Static-Free Landline Phone System with Community Phone

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service that doesn't require the internet to function. The wireless landline base works off cell towers; you will not have static caused by copper wires and faulty wall jacks.

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7 Reasons to Choose Community Phone

1. Call Routing:  Route calls to the correct individual or group

2. Call Forwarding:  Forward calls to a different number if you are unavailable at work to answer calls.

3. Custom Dial Menu: Have pre-recorded greetings set up to share important company info with callers

4. Voicemail-to-email: You can access your voicemails as audio files and transcripts in your email.

5. No internet needed: The wireless landline connects your phone to cell towers for a dial tone. So you don't need internet or copper wires for your phone to work.

6. Unlimited nationwide calling: Helps meet all of your business or personal calling needs sans a massive phone bill.

7. Unlimited text messages: Text your customers and employees to keep communication channels open when they cannot call you for assistance.


Does static mean your phone is tapped?

If you hear static or high-pitched humming, it may signal that your phone is being tapped or that you have faulty equipment or electrical interference.

What causes noise on phone lines?

The causes for noise on phone lines could be - weather, electrical interference, other devices on the same line, or faulty equipment. You will have to troubleshoot the problem to eliminate the causes one by one before you get a technician to examine your lines.

Can static interference damage phones?

Yes, static can damage phones if caused by an electric surge.


Now that you better understand what phone line static is and what causes it, from electromagnetic interference to faulty wiring, you can better find ways to eliminate them.

Switch to Community Phone, the best wireless landline service in the US, to prevent static from wall jacks and faulty cords and to enjoy various calling benefits.

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