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How To Transfer A Call On An Office Phone

A recent study on customer preferences reported that most customers wanted to speak to a customer service representative over the phone. But, 60% of these callers also reported getting frustrated due to long hold times and being transferred from one department to another. Complicated VRUs and call transfers made reaching out for help a nightmare for most callers.

Community Phone’s revolutionary live call transfer ensures customers think positively about your business by minimizing incorrect transfers, eliminating hold time, and helping the first respondent/anyone in your business to connect the caller to the right person.

Read on if you are wondering how to transfer calls on an office phone without frustrating your customers. Learn how Community Phone can help reduce customer frustration related to hold and transfers and create a positive impression in your customers' minds.

How To Transfer A Call On An Office Phone

Your employees may follow one of the two conventional call transfer methods to transfer calls on an office phone:

Attended Transfer

For an attended/warm transfer, the first respondent places the caller on hold and reaches out to the person who has to receive the call. If the recipient agrees to take the call, the first respondent brings the caller and recipient on the same line, introduces them, and disconnects from the call.

Follow these steps to perform an attended transfer:

  1. Collect the caller's contact information for a call back if the call gets disconnected.
  2. Place the caller on hold.
  3. Press the new line button.
  4. Dial the four-digit extension number of the person you wish to reach.
  5. Announce the caller and inquire if the recipient is available.
  6. If the recipient accepts the call, press the Transfer button followed by the Line currently on hold. This will merge the two lines.
  7. Hang up.

Unattended Transfer

This type of transfer is also referred to as a cold or blind transfer and differs from the attended transfer simply because no introduction is involved. Here is how you can do an unattended transfer:

  1. Dial the extension number of the person you wish to reach
  2. Press transfer
  3. Hang up

Challenges with Conventional Call Transfer Methods

Conventional call transfer methods may do your business more harm than good.

Most customers perceive unattended transfers as companies not appreciating or valuing their business. Cold transfers and certain transfer practices show a lack of collaboration in your business. Some experiences that can erode the goodwill your business has generated and make your customer choose your competitor are:

  • Sending customers to incorrect extensions,
  • Transferring customers to people ill-equipped to help them,
  • Transferring a customer call several times,
  • Not calling them back when they get disconnected, and
  • Having them repeat their concerns to several people

Attended transfers may seem better than unattended transfers, as the first respondent takes ownership of the call until the recipient accepts it.

However, attended transfers involve placing the caller on hold. Most callers begin to feel agitated after 20 seconds of hold time, as they see it as an inconvenient waste of time, and 60% will hang up after 1 minute on hold.

Studies show that it takes 12 positive interactions for a business to neutralize one negative experience. Most customers won’t wait around to give you that opportunity.

Community Phone’s revolutionary live call transfer eliminates the need to place the caller on hold. Anyone in your business can transfer the call to any extension, ensuring the call is always patched to the person most ideal for helping the caller.

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Transfer Calls with Community Phone’s Premium Feature

Community Phone is the best wireless business landline service provider in the U.S. Their revolutionary landline base connects to cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for internet and copper wire connections.

The design of the landline base and partnership with carriers across the country ensures excellent coverage in rural areas, clear voice quality, and hassle-free DIY installation, saving you time and money on installation.

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How To Use Live Transfer to Transfer Calls on an Office Phone

Community Phone’s live call transfer feature is a revolutionary process that eliminates the need to place the caller on hold. The transfer list can be pre-programmed into your phones, which allows anyone in your business to transfer the call to any extension by pushing a button. An infinite number of extensions can be programmed in the transfer list, ensuring calls always reach the correct extension.

Benefits of Live Call Transfer

Reduced Hold Time – live call transfer reduces hold time for your customers, decreasing their frustration, leading to quicker issue resolution, and enhancing your business’ image.

Pre-Programmed Transfer Lists – No more dialing wrong extensions, as this list makes the transfer process seamless.

Efficient Call Routing – This feature ensures calls are routed to the person most appropriate to handle the caller’s queries instead of a general extension.

Simultaneous Ring and Ring a Second Number – You can program multiple phones in your business to ring at the same or ring sequentially if the first line is busy. Pair the live call transfer feature with these two features to ensure you never miss another call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you transfer calls from a landline?

You can transfer calls from a landline by pressing the transfer button, dialing the extension of the intended recipient, merging the calls, and hanging up.

How do you transfer a call professionally?

Here’s how you can transfer a call professionally:

  1. Inform the caller you intend to transfer them, and give them the details of the recipient of the call, just in case you get disconnected.
  2. Collect the caller's contact details to call them back, just in case you get disconnected.
  3. Dial the extension of the recipient and introduce the caller. Give them as much information as possible and ask them if they wish to take the call.
  4. Ensure the transfer is successful. If the recipient rejects the call, ensure you talk to the caller and inform them of their options. Do not forget to thank the client for their patience.
  5. Hang up.

How do I transfer calls from one phone to another?

You can transfer calls from one phone to another using the transfer button. Dial the extension number you wish to reach, press transfer, and hang up.

How do I forward my calls on a business line?

  1. Pick up your landline’s receiver and dial *72 after you hear the dial tone.
  2. Dial the business line you wish to forward your calls to.
  3. Press # sign and wait for a confirmation message.


Call transfer is an inevitable part of any business. However, making this process less frustrating for your customer can generate goodwill towards your business.

Community Phone’s live call transfer feature offers a hassle-free way to transfer your business calls without placing your clients/callers on hold or wasting their time.

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