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How to Call Costa Rica from the U.S.

How to Call Costa Rica from the U.S.

When people are physically separated, landlines or mobile phones allow them to communicate across continents and countries. You may want to call Costa Rica to engage with friends or business acquaintances or check on someone during natural disasters.

If you are tired of complex calling cards and strange telephone dialing procedures and are wondering "How to call Costa Rica from the U.S.?" here's a simple Community Phone guide to help you.

You will need the best deal a service provider can offer when you want to make international calls. Switch to Community Phone, one of the best landline service providers in the U.S., which provides competitive international calling rates to ensure you stay connected across borders seamlessly.

How to Call Costa Rica from the U.S.

To call Costa Rica from the U.S., use the simple steps shown below:

Step 1: Enter Exit Code

To begin, call 011, the U.S. exit code.

Also known as an IDD code (International Direct Dialing) or an ISD code (International Subscriber Dialing), the 011 lets you dial outside the U.S.

Step 2: Dial Country Code

Then dial the code of the country you want to reach - 506, Costa Rica's country code.

Step 3: Dial City Code

Costa Rica does not have city codes. So, you can dial the country code followed by the number you want to reach.

Step 4: Dial the Phone Number

The final step is the 8-digit local phone number.

The local number implies the direct local line to a house, company, or cellphone.

After completing the four steps, the final number will look like 011-506-XXXX-XXXX.

Note: Sometimes, you can use a "+" sign as a primary country code instead of an exit code. In that case, you can substitute the 011 with a "+."

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How It Works

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Once all the lights on the base turn green, you are good to make and receive calls.

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Here are a few advantages of switching your landline service to Community Phone:

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5 Things to Consider Before Calling Costa Rica from the USA

You must be mindful of the following before calling Costa Rica from the U.S:

Country Exit Code

Every time you want to call internationally from the U.S, you have to key in 011 first, as that is the exit code for the United States. Sometimes, you can use a "+" instead of 011, mainly if you face challenges while calling.

Country Code

Every country has a designated country code. You must dial the country code of the country you want to reach immediately after entering the exit code. E.g., 506 is Costa Rica's ISD Code

City/Area Code

The country code has to be followed by the area code. Costa Rica has 0 area/city codes.

Time Zone

Whenever you call a different country, you must be mindful of the time there. There is no time difference between the U.S. and Costa Rica. But you should be aware that the time difference between Washington, DC, and Costa Rica is one hour. So, plan your call accordingly!

International Calling Rates

Calling rates for International calls depend on the service provider and the plans you activate. You can contact your provider for more information on international calling rates.

International Call Rates (Other Providers)

2. Verizon

Basic calls from the United States to Costa Rica using Verizon's Global Calling plan are $5/month.

Other plans include Global Choice Costa Rica, which is $10/month and provides 180 minutes to landline and mobile. Global Calling Plus will cost $15/month with a landline and mobile rate of $0.05 per minute.

3. Spectrum

Spectrum serves over 200 countries with international long-distance and roaming services. Subscribing to Spectrum Voice International (SVI) may offer unlimited calling to 70 countries, including Costa Rica.

4. CenturyLink

With various national and international long-distance plans available, you're likely to find one that works for you. Plans begin at $3.25 per month and can be added to an existing home phone bundle or purchased separately.

5. Xfinity

With the Xfinity Voice Unlimited plan, you can enjoy international calling.


What's the phone code for Costa Rica?

The phone code for Costa Rica is 506, and you can use this code to call Costa Rica from anywhere in the world.

How many digits is the Costa Rica phone number?

The Costa Rican phone number is 8 digits long.

Do you need international calling in Costa Rica?

You may need international calling in Costa Rica if you want to call home from there. You can subscribe to an international plan with your service provider before you depart for Costa Rica.

Depending on your provider, a set daily or monthly fee will connect you to a Costa Rican provider. The plan typically includes a certain number of minutes and data daily.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line

Here's a guide on how to call Costa Rica from the U.S. for personal or business reasons. Switch to Community Phone for the best rates for international calls and cost-effective plans for reliable landline service.

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