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How to Cancel Your Windstream Landline Service

How to Cancel Your Windstream Landline Service

Windstream Holdings disappointed thousands of its customers across the U.S with customer service issues, hidden fees, and technical difficulties. Read on if you want information on how to cancel Windstream service.

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How to Cancel Windstream Landline Service

There are various ways to cancel Windstream Holdings' landline services. Remember, you can get your cancelation processed quickly if you talk in a friendly tone, but stay firm on your decision.

Option 1 - Cancel Windstream Service By Phone

Step 1 : Call Windstream's Billing/Retention Department

Call the Windstream Customer Service number at 1-800-347-1991. Ensure you have all information you need to access your account when you call.

Step 2: State the Reason To Cancel Windstream Service

Giving the reps a foolproof excuse for discontinuing service could help Windstream cancel service for you faster.For example, you can tell them you're moving to an area they don't cover. Be friendly but firm on your cancelation request.

Step 3: Fix an Appointment for Equipment Return

This is for customers using equipment rented by Windstream, including Wireless Gateway, router, and modem. Please make an appointment to return the equipment and record the date.

Step 4: Confirm Your Cancellation

Call the Windstream customer service number again to confirm that your Windstream account is 100% canceled.

Note: If you want to cancel the Windstream service but keep the number, ensure you port your number to Community Phone before you confirm the cancelation of Windstream services.

Option 2 - Cancel Windstream through the Contact Form

Fill out the form on Windstream’s Contact Us Page. Windstream’s representative will call you within 24 hours. Follow the steps listed above from 2 to 4.

Option 3 - Cancel Windstream Service Online

You can contact Windstream through Live Chat on weekdays, from Monday to Friday, 8 am – 6 pm, and chat with them live on Saturday from 8:30 am – 5 pm (ET).

Option 4 - Cancel Windstream via Email

You can email the Windstream support team to cancel your services at When they respond to you, follow the cancelation process listed above.

Option 5 - Visit the Store for Windstream Service Cancellation

Visit the Windstream store and ask their rep to cancel your Windstream services. This is a straightforward way to get your service canceled.

Keep Your Existing Number with Community Phone

Community Phone Landline Service

Community Phone is the best landline service provider in the U.S that does not need an internet or copper connection to operate. The company’s revolutionary landline base and the partnership with the largest carriers across the country ensure connectivity for you even in rural areas. The superior technology of the landline base ensures crystal clear voice quality even in areas with poor reception.

Here are steps to port your number from Windstream to Community Phone.

Step 1 - Request the Windstream representative to port your existing number to Community Phone while calling them to cancel their services.

Step 2 - Sign up with Community Phone by providing the necessary credentials - your latest bill with your address, name, account number, PIN, and phone number to be ported.

Step 3 - Ensure the porting process starts while your number is still active with Windstream.

Step 4 - Porting usually takes 3-5 business days, and there will be no interruption to your phone services during the period.

Step 5 - Once Community Phone ports your number, you can cancel services with Windstream.

Benefits of Choosing Community Phone

Here are some reasons why you should choose Community Phone:

  • No Installation Required: Community Phone saves you time and money as you do not have to install copper wires or hire a technician for installation.
  • No Internet Required: No more expensive bundled home phone bills, as the landline base does not need internet to operate. Zero call drops, crystal clear call quality, and clarity as you don’t need high-speed internet to make or receive calls on your Community Phone landline.
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling: Stay in touch with family, friends, and associates with unlimited long-distance minutes.
  • Excellent Customer Support: The company’s 24/7 Customer support is reliable and willing to answer any query or help with any concerns patiently. Read what our customers have to say about Community Phone on review sites.
  • Choose Your Number: You can keep your existing number or get a new one from Community Phone. The company has three types of numbers you can opt for local, toll-free, and vanity.
  • 30-second DIY setup: Community Phone is easy to set up. Connect the landline base to a power outlet, plug your phone into the base, and you are good to go!
  • Works During Power Outages: The landline base has a 12-hour backup battery that allows your home phone to work even during power outages, unlike internet-based phones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Windstream have a contract?

Windstream does not have a contract only for its High-Speed Internet Services. Customers with DISH subscriptions are subject to Windstream DISH Network's terms and conditions.****

Can you cancel Windstream anytime?

Windstream allows you to cancel and disconnect Windstream service anytime without any fees. If you have decided to leave them, be polite but firm. They will try to retain you and save your contact information if you want to rejoin them.

How do I contact Windstream?

You can call the Windstream Customer Service number at 1-800-347-1991. Their Voice Response Unit will welcome you. Bypass the various options to speak to their customer care representative for the best resolution of issues.

The Bottom Line

Windstream Telecommunications has disappointed its customers with its poor service, hidden charges, premium customer offers that were never delivered, forced upgrades, and rude and unhelpful customer support.

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