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Call or Email? 7 Reasons Why A Phone Call Is More Effective

In business, communication is critical. Whether trying to seal a deal, make a sale, or build relationships with clients and partners, there are several ways to communicate with the target audience. A call or email is the most common business-to-business (B2B) communication method.

A phone call in a B2B setting typically establishes a personal connection with the other person and discusses matters in more detail than what you can convey in an email. Phone calls are also excellent for building relationships with potential clients and partners.

On the other hand, email is a great way to send documents, proposals, and other information that doesn't require an immediate response. It's also useful for follow-up after a phone call or meeting. So which is better - call or email? Read on to learn more about how phone calls are better than emails, and Community Phone, the best wireless landline service provider in the US.

When Are Phone Calls More Effective than Emails?

While both calling and emailing have advantages, there are times when a phone call is more effective than an email. You can get immediate feedback and clarification when you call someone, especially for urgent matters.

But with an email, you have to wait for a reply, which can often take days or weeks. Therefore, a phone call is a great way to build rapport and establish a relationship with someone. Let's get more specific about call vs. email.

1. When Emotions are Involved

When customers or clients are angry, resolving their issues promptly is essential. A call or email can help diffuse the situation. However, phone calls are often more effective than email in resolving customer service issues. Customers can misinterpret the tone of an email since they can't hear the person's voice.

But with a phone call, you can directly tell your side of the story and apologize to them over the phone. It allows you to give them your full attention and show that you take their complaint seriously.

Additionally, an apology over the phone can help calm the customer or client down and resolve the situation more quickly.

2. When Discussing Something Complicated

When you try to explain something over email, it can often get lost in translation. There are often many moving parts in a business, and it can be difficult to explain everything in an email without leaving out critical details. There will be a lot of back and forth before everyone is on the same page, and it can be frustrating for all parties involved and a waste of time.

Therefore, phone calls are often a better option when discussing something complicated. You can explain the problem or situation more thoroughly and get clarification from the other person immediately.

3. For Urgent Matters

A phone call is also a great way to handle urgent matters. If you need to contact someone immediately, an email won't do. With a phone call, you can reach out to someone immediately and get the information you need. This promptness is crucial for businesses that rely on timely communication.

When every minute counts, you can't afford to wait for a reply to an email. In addition, you can leave a voicemail if the person you're trying to reach is unavailable. This way, they'll get your message as soon as they check their voicemail. But with an email, there's no guarantee that the person will receive it immediately. And even if they do, they might not reply immediately.

4. To Discuss Personal Matters

If you need to discuss personal matters with someone, it's always better to call them instead of emailing them. A phone call is more intimate and allows you to have a two-way conversation. You can also sense the other person's emotions, which can help resolve any issues.

On the other hand, an email can often be seen as cold and impersonal. Email communication can sometimes make resolving issues you're having more challenging. It's also a one-way communication, so you might not get the feedback or clarification you need. It's also worth noting that some personal matters are better left unsaid in an email.

As you can see, these are why you should call instead of email, as it is often a better choice.

5. If You Anticipate a Lot of Questions

Email vs. phone calls is often a matter of preference, whether you like one or the other. But if you anticipate that the other person will have many questions, it might be best to pick up the phone. This way, you can quickly answer any questions that they have.

Not only is this a waste of time, but it can also be frustrating. You might find yourself going back and forth for days to answer a few simple questions with an email. And if the other person doesn't understand your answers, they'll likely give up and move on. But with a phone call, you can clarify anything unclear and ensure that the other person understands what you're saying.

6. When You Are Pitching Someone

A phone call is consistently more effective than an email if you're trying to pitch someone on an idea, product, or service. You can hear their voice and gauge their reaction, which will give you a better sense of whether or not they're interested. With an email, they can easily ignore your message or delete it without reading it.

A phone call also allows you to build rapport with the other person and can be helpful if you're trying to establish a business relationship. You want the other person to like and trust you, and that's much easier to do over the phone than through email.

7. When You Want Someone to Feel Valued

Have you ever sent an email and never received a response? It's frustrating. Well, it's worse for the person who didn't get a response. They might feel they're not vital to you or you don't value their time.

A phone call shows that you're taking the time to reach out and connect with them. It also shows that you value their time and are interested in hearing what they say. You can't always get that same level of connection with an email. This is why it's always best to call instead of email when you want someone to feel valued in the business.

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Phone calls are always a better way to connect and engage with your customers, clients, and employees. While an email is good for formal communication when records need to be maintained, a phone call is the quickest and surest way to get the pulse of your customers and employees.

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