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How to Make Business Phone Calls That Get Results

How to Make Business Phone Calls That Get Results

About 62% of customers prefer human-to-human interaction when they call businesses, showing the importance of phone calls for businesses. Therefore, businesses must be proficient in handling calls, as this can be one of the key sources to bring more clients to your business. The success of your business also depends on a robust phone system, like Community Phone, complementing the skill of your call handling employees.

How to Make Business Phone Calls That Get Results?

A failed professional call can cost your business time, productivity, reputation, and money. Here are some tips for handling business calls efficiently:

Be Prepared

You can have a successful business call with your prospects or clients when you are well-prepared for this. Knowing the facts about your business that a potential client may discuss over a phone call would be a great way to show professionalism and expertise. Be specific about the details your customer wants to discuss or seek assistance.

Speak Professionally

You should always keep your voice calm and professional. Business calls can also bring some angry clients to you. Regardless of the issue, you must keep your emotions in check. Listen to the point of view of your client carefully and respond to the situation prudently.

Think Positively

Smile, and respond to your customers politely. Your positive attitude will also impact them. You should always think positively while taking a business call.

A positive attitude can also help you convert more prospects into loyal customers.

Listen Actively

Active Listening when handling professional calls is imperative as it helps you understand your customer's requirements. You must think twice before speaking anything. Listening to your customers will make them believe you value their time and appreciate their business.

Speak Slowly

The listening and understanding level of every caller is different. So, you should always speak slowly to make the other person understand your words. Rephrase your sentences if the customer asks you to repeat information instead of raising your voice.

Take Notes

Taking notes is better, as this will keep you from missing the points that your prospect has discussed. Notes are beneficial in various scenarios. You can use these to fix your customer's issue, forward the customer's call to another relevant department, or fulfill your customer's needs.

Ask Open-ended Questions

You can understand your customer's issues better by getting more information. So, you must ask open-ended questions to gather more information about their complaints or concerns. This will help you offer a better solution to their problem. Hence you can keep your customers highly satisfied.

Address Your Customer by Name

While talking to your customer, you must show respect toward them. Call them by their name. If you don't know your customers' names, or can't pronounce them, ask them politely.

Stay Focused

Stay focused on what your customer is saying. Give them appropriate time to respond or share their concerns. You might be striving to reach the primary purpose of the call, but ensure to carry a two-way conversation.

Stay on the topic and stay on track. This can make your customer off.

Be Polite

Be polite and start your conversation with small questions. Avoid being rude or too chatty throughout the conversation. Always remember that you have limited call time. So, stay on the purpose of the call while being nice to your customer.

Summarize the Call

Summarize your conversation before ending a call. This brief explanation of your conversation will help both parties stay on the same page.

Get Business Phone Line from Community Phone

You can replace your business VoIP with a Community Phone business service for several reasons. This highly cost-effective phone service allows you to save money in multiple ways. It doesn't require an internet or copper connection to power your phones as it works off cell towers. The DIY installation of the landline base saves you time and money on messy copper wire installations and maintenance.

Image of Community Phone business landline service

Features of the Community Phone Business Landline

Here are key features of Community Phone Business Landline that you must know:

1. Call Routing

You can use Community Phone Business Landline to route your business calls to the right person. You can opt to have several phones in your business ring simultaneously or ring a second number when the first one does not answer to ensure you get all the customer calls.

2. Call Forwarding

Use the call forward option to forward calls from your business landline to a number of your choice to be there for important calls.

3. Live Call Transfer

This feature is for you if your business has multiple employees handling different queries. Community Phone's live call transfer can help anyone in your business transfer a call to any extension without placing the caller on hold.

However, if the customer is irate, you can warm-transfer the call or get the appropriate person to help them through 3-way calling to ensure they don't have to repeat themselves.

4. Voicemail-to-email

You can set up a business voice recording with a Community Phone. It also allows you to send voicemail transcriptions or recordings to your email. So, anyone from your business can respond to the calls you have missed.

5. Custom Dial Menu

You can set up your business phone to play a recorded message or greeting when your customers call. You can use this message as an efficient source to share important information about your company and route calls depending on the options chosen by the customer.

6. Spam Call Blocking

Community Phone also offers an automatic spam call-blocking service to protect yourself and your business from spam and scam calls.

Benefits of Community Phone Landline

No internet connection is required: Community Phone connects your business phone to cell towers through the landline base for a dial tone. It doesn't require any internet connection or copper wire installation to work.

Unlimited nationwide phone calls: Connect with your prospects and customers across the country with unlimited minutes and texts without fearing rising phone bills.

Easy 30-second setup: Setting up the Community Phone landline base is straightforward and quick. You need to connect the system to a power outlet and a phone. It just takes 30 seconds to complete the setup process.

Works during power outages: The 12-hour backup battery in the landline base ensures your phones work during a power outage, decreasing your dependence on inverters and backup power units.

Free 14-day trial: You can signup for the 14-day trial to test the features, and world-class support Community Phone offers before committing to a paid plan.


What is basic telephone etiquette?

Basic telephone etiquette implies your manners during a professional conversation to represent yourself and your business. Be patient, courteous, and professional, and listen carefully to what your caller is saying before speaking clearly.

What are the phases of a business phone call?

The 5 phases of a business phone call are - Opening, Feedforward, Business, Feedback, and Closing. Learning how to make a business call can help you manage all phases appropriately.

Why do you need a business phone?

A business phone is essential to separate your work and personal phone. This will help you maintain a work-life balance more effectively.

Final Remarks:

Business calls are critical. Learning how to handle a business call can help bring more customers to your business.

Community Phone offers the best business landline solution. It offers a variety of features and benefits that can help your company grow significantly. Try their 14-day free trial to experience this for yourselves.

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