Your shop’s
for phone service.

  • Landline for your store
  • Answer calls on your team’s personal cell phones
  • Text customers from your business line
Starting at $99/month.
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Make more sales, thanks to Community Phone

Amplify your brand with a Welcome Greeting.
“Welcome to Sally’s Sandals. Our shop is open 10-6. Press 1 to ask about our inventory. Press 2 to make a bulk order.”
Connect with clients via text.
“Morning Deb! We just got another size 10 pair in stock. Text me here if you’d like me to put it on hold for you.”
Transfer calls to the right person on your team.
If a call comes in about a bulk order and the salesperson on the floor isn’t qualified to answer, she can transfer the call to your team’s expert.
Focus on calls that matter.
One store was receiving 10 spam calls per hour before joining Community Phone. Now they don’t receive any.
Starting at $99/month.
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We grow as you grow

Adding a new location?

  • Plug and play landline at your new location.
  • Choose to configure all locations with one phone provider, simplifying your workflow.

Adding a new team member?

  • Easily grant team members access to your business line using the Community Phone app.
  • They can answer calls, make calls, and make texts – all without disclosing their personal phone number.
Starting at $99/month.
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