Phone service that connects your community.

  • Reliable landline for your office
  • Answer calls on cell phones when out of the office
  • Text community members from your main line
Starting at $99/month.
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Service your community can depend on

Greet your members with a Welcome Message.
“Welcome to Bright World Charities. To speak to our community leader, press 1. To speak hear this week’s community announcements, press 2.”
Call members from using your personal cell phone.
When community leaders prefer to speak to members using their personal phones, they can make calls using the nonprofit’s number and keep their personal number private.
Play recorded community messages.
Members can press 1 when they call in to hear a recording of that week’s announcements.
Focus on calls that matter.
One nonprofit was receiving 10 spam calls per hour before joining Community Phone. Now they don’t receive any.
Starting at $99/month.
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We grow as you grow

Adding a new location?

  • Plug and play landline at your new location.
  • Choose to configure all locations with one phone provider, simplifying your workflow.

Adding a new team member?

  • Easily grant team members access to your business line using the Community Phone app.
  • They can answer calls, make calls, and make texts – all without disclosing their personal phone number.
Starting at $99/month.
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