Blog/Xfinity Landline Not Working: 4 Common Problems And Solutions

Xfinity Landline Not Working: 4 Common Problems And Solutions

Xfinity Landline Not Working: 4 Common Problems And Solutions

If you are an Xfinity landline user, you must be familiar with common phone problems like the inability to make or receive calls, dial tone problems, and static on the line. If your Xfinity landline needs fixing, this guide is for you.

Common Problems with Xfinity Landline Phones

1. Dial Tone

If you do not have a dial tone on your landline, you first need to check where the fault is to fix it. Check whether the phone:

  • is plugged into the wall jack
  • is plugged into a power outlet (if your phone requires electricity)
  • you have charged the phone battery

How To Fix:

Follow these steps if you discover your landline has no dial tone:

Phone cord
  1. Unplug the phone cord from the phone jack, and the receiver
  2. Connect another cord to the phone and check for a dial tone.
  3. If you get a dial tone, replace the previous cord.
  4. If you do not get a dial tone, continue troubleshooting.
The Phone
  1. Unplug the cord from the phone jack and the receiver.
  2. Connect another phone instrument to the jack with the same cord and check for the dial tone.
  3. If you get a dial tone, your phone instrument has gone wrong, and you need to replace it.
  4. If you still need a dial tone, follow the next steps.
The Wiring
  1. Check your house wiring by connecting the phone to an Xfinity voice modem.
  2. If you have two Xfinity phones with voice service, and only one is working, you must message Xfinity support.
  3. Check the light on the modem. You may need to reset it after checking the light sequence displayed.

2. Noise or Static On Calls

Noise or static on calls is another problem Xfinity users commonly face. You will hear other noises when you make a call instead of the person on the other line. If you hear noises or static during calls, try these fixes.

Some other equipment plugged into the phone line, like a fax machine or modem, could cause static or noise.

How To Fix:

  1. Disconnect the other pieces of equipment one at a time from the circuit while the call is on.
  2. After disconnecting, wait for the static to go away. You can listen to the sound each time you disconnect the equipment.
  3. If the static continues after unplugging all other equipment, you can test the jack by plugging in a different phone.
  4. Remove any electric devices next to the phone. The problems might occasionally be because the phone picks up electromagnetic signals from other gadgets.

3. Unable to Receive Incoming Calls

If your Xfinity landline is not working, check if you have call forwarding activated. If call forwarding is activated, you will not be able to receive any incoming calls.

Check if you have activated the "Do not disturb option" or if the call-blocking feature is on. If you have figured out that it is not one of these three options and your phone still needs to be fixed, you have to contact support.

How To Fix:

  1. Increase your phone's ringer volume if it's low before.
  2. Turn off call forwarding if you have activated it before.
  3. Turn up the phone volume.
  4. Check the "do not disturb" features and switch them off.
  5. Turn off the call-blocking option if it is on.

4. Unable to Make Outgoing Calls

If you cannot make calls from your Xfinity phone, it could be because of phone jack issues. Getting the jack checked would be a great way to eliminate that as a cause.

How To Fix:

  1. The first step to fixing this problem is to unplug the landline phone from the wall to check where the fault comes from.
  2. Examine the jack to know if it's working by testing it with another working phone.

However, if the problem persists and your Xfinity phone is still not working, you can try the following.

  1. Examine the phone to see if it's turned on
  2. Check its volume to see if it's turned up
  3. It is essential to check all the buttons on the phone to see if it's functioning.

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Why is there no dial tone on my landline?

Your landline may not have a dial tone because of a faulty cord, phone instrument, or wiring. You can follow some simple troubleshooting steps to eliminate the cause of the problem.

How do I get my Xfinity landline fixed?

If your Xfinity landline is not working, it's best to contact customer care at 1-800-Xfinity (800-934-6489) for a resolution.


Xfinity phones provide unlimited national and international calls for their users with crystal-clear communication. However, most users always complain about a problem with their Xfinity phones. Some common issues can be handled by following some troubleshooting steps suggested in this article.

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