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What Happens if You Text A Landline?

What Happens if You Text A Landline?

With over 60% of customers answering calls from legitimate companies and preferring to use phone calls as the top communication channel, landlines are indispensable to businesses. While businesses have numerous features to ensure a great customer experience, texting customers via a business landline is slowly catching on.

Landline texting has revolutionized communication between companies and customers by keeping contact in real time. 37-40% of businesses are already texting their clients and customers, and 50% of marketers have used text messaging as part of their marketing strategy.

Read on to learn more about how Community Phone’s landline texting can help your business take communication with your customers to the next level.

What Happens if You Text A Landline?

If you text a landline that is not enabled to receive text messages, the message will disappear. You will not know that the message did not reach the recipient as you will not receive a delivery failure report. The recipient will not know someone tried reaching them as their phone is not text-enabled.

If the landline is text-enabled, the service provider will call the recipient landline and deliver the message as an audio recording or via email to ensure message delivery.

Why Should You Text-enable Your Landline Phone for Business?

Research states that over 90% of people prefer texting to calling. Text-enabled landline phones allow businesses to communicate with clients in real time.

"Texting can be a great inclusion in your communication or marketing strategy, as texts have a higher success rate than voice or email. People read approximately 95-98% of texts, and their click-through rate is nearly 50%" - says Harry Johns White, Marketing Specialist at NBAblast.

Here are some other reasons you should enable landline texting for your business:

Reliability and Speed

Text messages get delivered quicker than email or voice messages, and their delivery is assured. Businesses can leverage the speed of text messages to stay connected to clients and customers. While emails may reach the junk folder, you can retrieve voice messages only by logging into the voicemail box, which is time-consuming.

Easy of Use

Sending messages from your landline is as easy as texting from a mobile phone. The ease of use and the success rate of landline texting has encouraged many businesses to adopt this feature.

Increased Reach

Text messages elicit better responses than emails. The average opening rate for text messages is 95-98% within 15 minutes of delivery, as against 16-20% in the case of emails. Using landline texting ensures your messages get read.

Provides an Additional Touchpoint

The speed, reliability, and success rate of landline text messages provide an additional touchpoint for you and your customers to stay in touch with each other seamlessly, along with emails and voice calls.

Community Phone: The Best Landline Texting Service

Community Phone is the best business landline service in the United States that does not require an internet or copper connection to operate. Their wireless landline base, which powers your phones, connects to cell towers in your area, giving you the reliability and call quality you expect from landlines.

The company has partnered with carriers nationwide to ensure you are covered across 99% of the U.S and have strong coverage in rural and low-reception areas.

Image of Community Phone business landline service

Empower Your Business with Landline Texting from Community Phone

Stay in touch with your clients and customers with the Community Phone’s landline texting features. Here’s how you can utilize this feature for your business:

1. Log in to your user portal.

2. Enter the message you want to send.

3. Key in the phone number of the recipient and hit enter.

4. The recipient will now receive your message.

5. You can also see incoming text messages in your user portal.

Here are the benefits of the Community Phone landline-texting feature:

1. Allows two-way messaging so your customer and your business can stay in touch.

2. You can get text using your new local or toll-free numbers to ensure your communication reaches your customers. Use your local number for your local customers to express solidarity and the toll-free number to expand your business reach.

3. Potential customers can contact you anytime and place an order.

Other Business Features


Respond to missed calls at your convenience or based on priority without logging in to retrieve voice messages. The voicemail-to-email feature allows you to access voicemail messages as audio files or transcripts in your mail.

Live Call Transfer

Ensure your customer reaches the person who can best help them without spending hours on hold with the live call transfer feature. Any employee in your organization can transfer the call to any extension from the transfer list to get the proper assistance for your customer every time.

Call Routing

Route calls to the correct department or person whenever the customer contacts your business using the Community Phone call-routing feature. You can program several phones in your business to ring once to ensure the customer call gets answered. Or program numbers to ring one after the other if the first line is busy or does not answer.

Automated Answering Service

Program Community Phone’s custom dial menu to be your company’s automated answering service and route calls efficiently to answer frequently asked questions or route calls to voicemail during peak or off-business hours.

Talk to your Community Phone account manager to know more!

Spam Call Blocking

Spam calls rob your employees of productive time and leave them vulnerable to fraud and scams. Protect your employees and increase their productivity with Community Phone’s powerful spam call blocker that stops spam calls before your phone rings.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Switching phone providers is not a decision one can make lightly. Here are some benefits that can help you understand how practical switching to Community Phone is:

No internet required: The Community Phone landline base powering your phone connects to cell towers, eliminating the need for expensive high-speed internet or copper wire installations.

Unlimited nationwide calling: Stay in touch with your customers, clients, suppliers, and vendors across the country with unlimited minutes.

No contracts or hidden charges: Community Phone's landline telephone service does not bind its customers in expensive, lengthy contracts and does not surprise you with hidden charges.

Quick Set up: The landline base can be set up by anyone in your organization in 2 simple steps in under 30 seconds, saving you hundreds of dollars in installation costs. Allocate the time you would otherwise spend chasing technicians on essential and productive tasks.

Number Choice:

1. Get a new local, toll-free, or vanity number to belong to your local community.

2. Generate customer goodwill

3. Run targeted marketing campaigns

How to Port Your Number to Community Phone?

Porting your number to Community Phone is straightforward. Follow these steps to port your number from your current provider while experiencing zero disruption in service.

1. Sign up with Community Phone and request to keep your current number

2. Contact your old provider and request them to port your number to Community Phone.

3. Give Community Phone the necessary documents, including a signed letter of authorization, a recent phone bill, and the PIN of the existing account so that they start the porting process.

4. Set up your phone to switch to the Community Phone service.

5. Wait for the number porting process to accomplish.

6. Once the porting is complete, cancel your plan with your past provider.


How to set up text messaging for a landline?

First, enroll in the Community Phone text messaging service by creating an account. Enable text messaging on the new landline service and enter the phone number to which you want to send a message. Now hit send, and your recipient will receive the message.

How do I enable texting to my landline?

Text-to-landline is made simple with Community Phone. Once your subscription is activated, choose a landline texting plan that suits your business. Complete the necessary documentation, and you should be good to go once your account manager gives you the green.

What happens if you text a landline phone number that is text-enabled?

When you text a text-enabled landline number:

1. The recipient of the text-enabled landline gets the message.

2. The landline device will ring and deliver the text message in a voice. The recipient can reply to the message if your provider supports two-way messaging.

Talk to Community Phone business specialists at 866-933-2760 to get two-way messaging landline-texting enabled!


Landline texting is a convenient method of communication that saves time and guarantees message delivery. Switching to Community Phone to enjoy two-way messaging with your landline and to stay in touch with your customers is the best investment your business can make in a sustainable communication tool.

Enjoy several VoIP-like business features, the reliability of the landline, and the freedom of wireless access, without internet or copper wire landline woes.

Talk to Community Phone’s business specialists today!

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