Blog/What Does Outgoing Call Mean? The Complete Guide

What Does Outgoing Call Mean? The Complete Guide

What Does Outgoing Call Mean? The Complete Guide

Phones have become indispensable parts of households and businesses because of the freedom and flexibility they provide for communication. Despite the advent of several internet-based technologies, phone technology has significantly shaped several businesses and is still relied upon.

If you're new to using a business phone, you may have come across the terms - outgoing call, incoming call, missed call, and canceled call. What does outgoing call mean? How is it different?

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What Does Outgoing Call Mean?

An outgoing call is a call made from your company to a client or potential client. In this context, you are the caller, and the person you call is the recipient or receiver.

For example: When you call a customer service hotline or place an order over the phone, those are outgoing calls. The person who initiates the call is the caller, regardless of who pays for the call.

Outgoing vs Incoming Calls

If someone calls you and you answer that call, it is an incoming call. Likewise, If a company calls you to offer services or conduct a survey, those are incoming calls.

Outgoing and incoming calls get charged differently. In most cases, the caller pays for outgoing calls while the recipient pays nothing. However, it can also vary depending on phone plans and contracts.

For example, when you call a toll-free number, you will not be charged though you are the caller.

Incoming calls appear as notifications on your phone screen with the caller's name or number. You can decide whether to answer the call or decline it. On the other hand, outgoing calls require you to dial a number before connecting with the recipient.

When someone calls your business, and you miss answering their call for whatever reason, such calls become missed calls.

Difference Between Outgoing and Cancelled Calls

A canceled call occurs when you try to make a call but end up canceling it before it connects with the recipient. This may happen if you dial the wrong number or change your mind about making the call. You may also have a canceled call if the call goes to voicemail or if the recipient declines or doesn't answer your call.

The main difference between an outgoing and a canceled call is that an outgoing call successfully connects with the recipient, while a canceled call does not.

Why Are Outgoing Calls Important for Businesses?

Outgoing calls are crucial for businesses as it allows them to reach out to their customers and potential clients.

  • Companies can conduct market research, offer services, advertise products, and address customer concerns by making outgoing calls.
  • Many companies have departments dedicated to making outgoing calls, such as telemarketing and sales teams.
  • Additionally, businesses often use caller identification technology to ensure that their outgoing calls are tracked and recorded for analysis.

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Community Phone Business Features

Here are some features that Community Phone offers to make your calling experience more efficient and convenient:

Call Routing

The call routing feature routes incoming calls to specific individuals or departments. You can program several phones in your business to ring simultaneously to ensure the incoming call is not missed. Or you can set rules to have the call alert a second number if the first one doesn’t answer or is busy.

Call Forwarding

This feature allows you to forward incoming calls to another number if you are unavailable or in a different location. This feature is ideal for startups who want to be available to customers 24/7 and want to avoid investing in a landline setup.

You don’t have to list your cell number in the public domain if you get a second business number from Community Phone and setup forwards to that number.

Custom Dial Menu

Use this feature to create pre-recorded greetings and messages your callers will hear before the system routes their call. These messages may include your company's products, services, or contact details. It helps personalize your calls and gives callers important information before they speak with a representative.


Community Phone's voicemail-to-email feature includes sending your voicemails to your email for easy access and storage. You will receive an audio file of the message.

Benefits of Community Phone

Unlimited nationwide phone calls: Connect with customers nationwide, run marketing campaigns, and collect feedback with Community Phone’s unlimited minutes.

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What is an outgoing call vs. an incoming call?

An outgoing call is a phone call you make to someone else, while an incoming call is a phone call that someone makes to you.

What does an outgoing call mean when they don't answer?

When someone does not answer an outgoing call, it probably means they missed it or chose to ignore it as they do not want to answer.

What is an outgoing message?

An outgoing message is a text or typed message sent to one or more recipients from your phone or messaging service.


Outgoing calls are essential to staying connected with friends, family, and clients. Community Phone offers the best features and benefits to make your calling experience more efficient and convenient.

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