Blog/Verizon Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed: Best Solution

Verizon Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed: Best Solution

Verizon Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed: Best Solution

Every second counts for professionals and busy people, especially when making important calls. But getting the automated error message: "Your call cannot be completed as dialed" can be frustrating and time-consuming and is a common problem for Verizon consumers.

This article will discuss how to fix the "your number cannot be completed as dialed" error message and the reasons behind it.

5 Reasons Why Verizon Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed

1. You're Using the Wrong Phone Number Format

Mistyping a number and entering the wrong format is the most common reason for failed phone calls. Phone numbers have three parts: a country code, an area code, and a local number. Entering the wrong country or area code of the phone number could lead to the error "Verizon call cannot be completed as dialed."

2. Phone Number No Longer in Use

You might get this error if the phone number is disconnected or it's no longer in use by the recipient. Try using another phone to confirm if the number is inactive. If so, update your contact information with the person or business you are trying to reach.

3. Phone Number Can't be Reached

You can hear this error message when the person you're trying to call is in a location with poor cell phone reception or out of service area. You will also hear this message when the phone is turned off or switched to airplane mode.

If the phone rings before you get the automated audio message, it could mean that the recipient is in a meeting or otherwise busy.

4. You are Calling a Spoofed Number

If you call a spoofed number, your call probably won't get through, and you will receive the automated message: "Welcome to Verizon," or it will say that the number is disconnected. Some calls may push through, but doing so could put you at risk of being scammed.

Learn more here: Caller ID spoofing

5. Local Exchange is Overloaded with Calls

Sometimes the local exchange is overloaded with call traffic. As a result, calls are blocked or delayed, delaying connection with the recipient. This is especially true when there are multiple lines are used at once. You may continue to hear, "Verizon call cannot be completed as dialed."

How to Fix the "Verizon Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed" Message

1. Restart your Phone

Restarting your Verizon phone can solve this issue for you sometimes. To restart your phone, hold the power button until the phone switches off. Press the power button again to turn it back on, but after waiting for 10 seconds. Try calling the phone number again. Doing this will help clear out any temporary problems causing a glitch in your phone's performance.

2. Change Mobile Network to LTE/CDMA

Your phone's default wireless network is the one you used when setting up your device for the first time. Here's how to change it:

a. Open the Settings app on your phone.

b. Select Connections and then Mobile Networks.

c. Tap Network mode and change the settings from Global to LTE/CDMA.

d. Finally, restart the phone and dial the number you want to call.

3. Try Dialing a Different Number

You can also try dialing a different number. Doing this will help us understand if the issue is with the phone set. If you still hear the message, the call cannot be completed as dialed; the problem lies with your network or phone set. In this case, try following the steps outlined below.

4. Contact Customer Support

If you continue receiving automated audio responses after completing all troubleshooting steps, contact Verizon customer support at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966). The team will try to find the cause of the problem.

The rep may route your call to another department if the error cannot be fixed on the call. The customer service rep will get back to you once they find a fix.

Community Phone Wireless - The Best Solution for Verizon Errors

Image of Community Phone business landline service

Community Phone is the best wireless service in the US, providing reliable wireless landline, cell phone, and business phone services at affordable prices.

The company's partnership with nationwide carriers provides solid connectivity in all areas, covering 99% of the US. Get Community Phone to experience excellent call quality and uninterrupted service while your wireless service switches between the robust 4G LTE and 5G. Community Phone is the best wireless service with outstanding features like call routing, history, and spam call blocking.

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Community Phone Features for Enhanced Telephonic Experience

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Unlimited Talk

Enjoy unlimited talk time to stay connected with your loved ones, colleagues, employees, or customers with Community Phone’s unlimited talk feature. Call anyone across the US personally or for business without fearing a massive long-distance bill.

Unlimited Text

Text messages are an excellent way to stay in touch when you cannot make or receive calls, are in a noisy location, or have a patchy service. Businesses also can benefit from this feature as customers prefer text messages over calls for fear of spam. Use the unlimited text feature to stay connected with your loved ones and share precious moments or business associates to collaborate effectively.

Call History

Enable the call history feature to access information on incoming and outbound calls, caller name, extension number, and the time and duration of the call.

You can use this feature to

1. Return missed calls from known contacts

2. Store legitimate contacts

3. Check caller information against known contacts

4. Send a message or

5. Block unwanted or unlawful numbers

Image of Community Phone call history feature

Spam Call Blocking

97% of Americans received a robocall in 2022, with only 3% not receiving them in the last 12 months. Statistics reveal that 3 in 5 Americans have fallen prey to relentless attacks from scammers and deceitful techniques like neighbor spoofing or have ignored legitimate calls suspecting them to be spam.

Your best bet in such a scenario is Community Phone’s built-in spam call blocker that blocks millions of spam calls automatically before your phone rings.

How Does It Work?

When you receive a call to your Community Phone number, your phone won’t ring right away. The caller will hear a recording that asks them to “press 1 to connect.”

Robocalls work by sensing when the recipient picks up the phone and speaks. Once they hear a sound that isn’t the sound of the phone ringing, the recording begins.

Since robocalls don’t press buttons, the call will never reach your phone.

If an “unidentified caller” follows the instructions and your phone rings, you can let the call go to voicemail and respond to the voicemail if it’s a legitimate caller.

Image of Community Phone robocall blocker

The Safelist

You can choose the numbers you want to receive calls from and share this list with Community Phone. Your phone will ring only to let calls from these numbers come through and block all others before your phone rings.

Community Phone is also launching an iteration of the safelist to allow calls from chosen numbers to ring the phone and route all other calls to voicemail. A further robust option that blocks spam calls based on the spam score of a number, and an ever-increasing spam call database - the blocklist, lets you contribute actively to protect yourself and others from scammers.

Talk to a Community Phone specialist to learn more TODAY!

Image of Community Phone spam call blocker

Why Should You Switch to Community Phone?

Some benefits when you switch providers to Community Phone are:

1. 5G or 4G LTE: Your Community Phone cell service will switch seamlessly between 5G and 4G LTE, depending on the most robust one in your area.

2. 24/7 reliable customer support: Contact Community Phone customer support via phone, email, and live chat 24/7 to experience world-class support from live agents. Glowing customer reviews on BBB and Trustpilot are testimonies of their customer commitment.

3. Affordable Plans: Community Phone has several plans starting from as low as $29/month. You can choose from the basic, Essential, Value, or Maximum plans to suit your individual or business needs.

4. No hidden charges: Community Phone only charges Sales Surcharges and USF - no administration fees or add-ons, helping you save considerably on your cell phone bill.

5. International calling: You can make international calls from the US at competitive and affordable rates compared to other providers. Check the Community Phone website to learn more!

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6. Free 14-Day Trial: Community Phone offers a 14-day free trial with no commitment, which is a great way to see if it fits your needs.


Why is my phone saying my call cannot be completed?

This is a common occurrence when too many people are making calls at the same time. The network becomes overwhelmed and cannot handle all the requests it receives, causing call drops and connection errors.


Switching to Community Phone is a quick and permanent solution to your Verizon phone call problems.

Community Phone is the most reliable landline service that works without the internet, even during a power outage. It is cost-effective and has excellent features such as call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, and spam call blocking and is the best Verizon alternative.

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