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September 18, 2020

Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone

Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone

So, you're looking to cut the cord, and you want to know if the Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone subscription is the right fit for you. You’re not alone! Every month, hundreds of thousands of people across the country are choosing to cut the cord, and this trend is only intensifying. To help you decide whether Straight Talk is the right service for you and your cord-cutting needs, however, we here at Community Phone have done the research and are happy to break down the details of this service.

The Basics

The Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone is a device that lets you use your existing telephone to make and receive calls, but without the need of a personal computer, high-speed internet or, of course, a landline. By eliminating the reliance on a landline, this no-contract service allows you to save money on your home phone bill (Straight Talk, 2020). Significantly, it does not require a contract, credit check, internet connection, or activation fee. With the Straight Talk Home Phone, you can make 3-way calls and retain a voice mail. The hardware sports an external antenna, uses a rechargeable battery, and includes two RJ-11 landline-style telephone ports for handset connection (Howard, 2018)

The Best Choice?

Yet a major drawback of the Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone service is that it requires an expensive $15-$30 monthly subscription plan in addition to a $50 wireless base station you install in your home, and which often requires replacement and updating.

Community Phone’s landline service, on the other hand, provides all the same benefits as Straight Talk Wireless – no contract, no credit check, no activation fee, no internet connection required, 3-way calling, voice mail capability – but at plans starting at just $18/month, with no additional hardware. At a lower price, and without the hassle of having to install a device in your home, we provide an alternative route to cutting the cord. Click here to see Our Plans.

Additionally, Straight Talk Wireless’s Home Phone service suffers from a number of other potential drawbacks:

  1. Straight Talk Home Phone cannot be used with more than one phone number. Each home phone unit is assigned one number, and all telephones connected to the device will share the same phone number.
  2. There is limited coverage. If you want to get Straight Talk Home Phone you will need to check the availability in your area by clicking on this link.
  3. Poor customer service is a consistent complaint among Straight Talk customers.
  4. Poor voice quality also afflicts many Straight Talk Home Phone users, as many reviews attest.  
  5. The wireless device cannot be used on Rotary or pulse telephones, nor is it compatible with home security systems, fax machines, DVR services or medical alert systems (Straight Talk, 2020).

A Better Option

If you want a cheaper option that also guarantees high quality service, you can opt for our very own Community Phone landline service. You can cut the cord, lower your costs and still maintain a high-quality service with 100% USA-based customer support. Check if your landline number is eligible to be transferred below.

Here at Community Phone we offer two options that will not only help you cut back on costs, but also help save your landline number: Call Forwarding and Call Transferring. With Call Forwarding, your landline calls will ring on your current cell phone. With Call Transferring, your landline number will become the number on a new cell phone. You can complete this transfer with a quick conversation with our friendly, or by doing a 5-minute self-transfer at this link.


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