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Spam Call Statistics for 2023

Spam Call Statistics for 2023

Spam calls are increasing yearly, leaving people annoyed and scammed. According to Spam Call Statistics, vishing scams have increased yearly. This increase is probably due to robocallers, making it easier for scammers to make several calls without worrying about being caught.

This article will provide more information on spam call statistics and how to block spam calls. Read on to learn more!

Spam Calls Are Increasing Every Year

Spam calls and robocallers target unsuspecting people to steal their money or identity. As spammers get more sophisticated in their tactics, preventing spam and protecting yourself from phone scams are becoming challenging.

The US Spam and Scam Report for 2022 reveals that approximately 26% of the population - a whopping 68.4 million, lost money to phone scams in 2022. Americans claimed that they received more spam calls in 2022 than in 2021, indicating an increasing trend in the number and frequency of spam calls.

Of the 31 spam calls an American receives every month, 21 calls are from robocallers, with Americans losing an average of $577 per person to phone scams.

While several Americans claim to ignore calls without a caller ID, several others have fallen prey to neighborhood spoofing. Reports and studies indicate people received more spoofed calls in 2022, revealing con artists' ability to circumvent the STIR/SHAKEN protocol implemented for consumer protection.

How Often Do People Receive Spam Calls?

The US Spam and Scam report for 2022 puts the number of spam calls received per person at 31. Though this is a slight increase from the 30.7 calls received in 2021, the losses incurred by victims were much higher. Americans lost 23% more money to phone scams in 2022 than in 2021.

American seniors over 65 reported receiving more spam calls than their younger counterparts, indicating that scammers prefer targeting seniors.

How Much Money Do People Lose Because of Phone Scams?

The average loss incurred by people due to phone scams in the past 12 months was roughly $39.5 billion and growing. With 68.4 million Americans losing money, reports indicate the average loss per person to be $577, up from $502 in 2021.

Common Types of Robocalls and Their Statistics

Of the 68.4 million Americans duped over the phone; robocalls duped approximately 21%. Several studies also indicate that wires landlines receive more robocalls than wireless landlines.

Here’s a table that indicates the percentage distribution of different robocall types

Get Ultimate Protection from Community Phone's Spam Blocker Services

With spammers making nearly 2 billion spam calls daily, rudimentary measures to prevent spam, like manual call barring and phone features, are ineffective against spam.

To avoid spam calls, you can be proactive and get a spam blocker to block calls on your landline before it rings. You can download several apps to block spam calls on Android and iPhones. Read on!

The Best Way to Block Spam on your Landline

Most landline providers do not offer spam-blocking services, leaving you with no option but to block them manually on your phone. Manually blocking spam calls is ineffective because you can block numbers only after receiving the call.

The only effective way to block spam calls is to switch to a provider that blocks them automatically before they reach you.

Community Phone offers landline phone service with built-in spam call blocking that can stop unlawful and unwanted calls from reaching your landline. It allows you to keep your landline phone without tying it to the internet.

Get rid of unwanted calls, and protect yourself, your loved ones, or your business from scams with Community Phone's spam-calling blocking services. Its spam call blocker can automatically detect spam, fraud, or robocalls and stop them before your phone rings.

How does It work?

  1. When you receive a call to your Community Phone number, your phone won't ring immediately. The caller will hear a recording that asks them to "press 1 to connect."
  2. Robocalls work by sensing when the recipient picks up the phone and speaks. Once they hear a sound that isn't the sound of the phone ringing, the recording begins.
  3. Since robocalls don't press buttons, the call will never reach your phone.
  4. If an "unidentified caller" follows the instructions and your phone rings, you can let the call go to voicemail and respond to the voicemail if it's a legitimate caller.

An image of Community Phone Scam call blocking process

The Safelist

The Community Phone "Safelist" is a list of numbers you pre-approved to receive calls from. Your phone will ring only to let calls from the pre-approved numbers reach you. It will block all other numbers before your phone rings. You can update this list anytime to add or delete pre-approved numbers.

This feature is handy for seniors who are unsuspecting victims of phone scams. The Community Phone account holder can prevent anyone seniors don't know from reaching them, guaranteeing they'll avoid phone scams.

Download Community Phone’s FREE Spam Blocking App

Download Community Phone’s FREE Spam Blocking App

Community Phone now offers a free spam-blocking app for iOS devices, providing the best protection against unwanted calls. It blocks spam calls on your cell phone and landline before either phone rings, giving you peace of mind.

The Community Phone app has advanced features, such as notifications to alert you about the numbers it blocks. It has been carefully designed to ensure complete user satisfaction and convenience.

The Community Phone spam-blocking app is completely free to download from the Apple store, ensuring that everyone can protect their phones from annoying spam calls. Once installed, Community Phone works in the background to monitor incoming calls and blocks any suspicious activity.

The Community Phone app is incredibly easy to use, allowing users to customize settings according to their preferences. You can choose what type of calls you want Community Phone to block. Landline users can also set up a whitelist for specific contacts in the app, so Community Phone's filters will not block them.

Community Phone's App Preview

Thanks to its advanced algorithms and AI-backed technology, what sets Community Phone apart from other spam-blocking apps is its ability to block even unknown numbers. This ensures complete safety and security while using the Community Phone app. In addition, Community Phone has many other features, such as real-time monitoring, caller name recognition, call stats tracking, and more!

Overall, Community Phone’s FREE Spam Blocking App provides an effective solution against annoying spam calls without compromising performance or reliability. Its optimized features and intuitive interface make blocking unwanted calls a breeze!

The Best Way to Block Spam on Your iPhone

There are 2 ways to block spam calls on your iPhone

1. The Community Phone Spam Call Blocking App

You can find Community Phone's spam blocker in the Apple Store. Download this free app on your iPhone to block spam calls and text messages. You can also add the spam number to the Community Phone blocklist to update their blocklist. This action can help protect you and other Community Phone members from unwanted calls from that number.

2. Manually Block the Spam Number from Your iPhone

You can block scam calls manually on your iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Open the Phone App
  2. Tap > Recent
  3. Locate the number you want to block
  4. Tap the info icon
  5. Scroll to the bottom
  6. Tap block this caller
  7. Tap Confirm

The Best Way to Block Spam on Your Android Phone.

You can block scam calls manually on your Android Phone by following these steps:

  1. Open the Phone App
  2. Tap more
  3. Access Call History
  4. Tap the number/name you want to block
  5. Tap Block/Report Spam

Benefits of Choosing the Community Phone Spam Blocker

Here are some benefits of choosing the Community Phone spam-blocker services:

1. Built-in Spam Blocker

Traditional landlines do not have in-built spam blockers. If you have a traditional landline, you can manually block spam numbers until you reach a limit. However, you can block the number only after you receive the call, which could be risky in many cases as you may have engaged the scammer.

The Community Phone built-in spam blocker scans, flags, and blocks spam calls before your phone rings, protecting you from scams and fraud.

2. Great Advantage for Seniors

The Safelist can ensure seniors are not troubled by scammers calling from unknown or unidentified numbers. The person who controls the Community Phone user account can pre-approve numbers from which the senior would like to receive calls. The spam blocker service will only allow calls from pre-approved numbers and block all other calls.

3. Take Control of Your Protection

You can update the Safelist or the Allowed list at any time to add or delete numbers. This feature prevents you from engaging scammers and ensures peace and protection against scams and fraud.

4. Effective Where the "Do Not Call" List Fails

The Do Not Call list is not effective against scammers. To prevent scam calls and to protect yourself from fraud, sign up for the Community Phone spam-blocker services for your landline or download their app for iPhone now.


What is the best free scam call blocker for the iPhone?

Community Phone’s spam-blocking app on the Apple store is the best free scam call blocker for your iPhone. It blocks unwanted calls before your phone can ring, protecting you from scams and fraud.

Which state receives the most Spam Calls?

Pennsylvania receives the highest number of spam calls in the US, with 4.4 calls per person daily. New Jersey takes second place, with 4.3 calls per day, and Texas the third place, with 4.1 calls.


Spam and robocalls have created a fearful atmosphere where people miss legitimate calls. Con artists have been utilizing technological evolutions to target unsuspecting victims and steal their identity or money.

Get the Community Phone spam-blocker services to protect yourself against scammers and fraudsters. The built-in spam blocker on their wireless landline can scan, flag, and block spam calls before your phone rings, ensuring peace and protection from spam. Get the spam-blocking app for your iPhone and enjoy ultimate protection against phone scams. Talk to their specialist now to learn more!

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