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Smart Call Blocker: How It Works and Best Provider

December 2021 saw a 110% rise in spam calls across the country. With Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Georgia receiving the highest number of scam calls, one in three people fall prey to phone scams. Americans lost an average of $350 to phone scams in 2020.

Studies show that people always opt for a smart call blocking service only after they fall prey to a scam. Spam call-blocking services are more affordable than getting scammed.

Community Phone provides a smart call blocker service with its landline.

Community Phone's mission is to keep people connected and ensure that when the phone rings, it's their family, friends, or doctor on the line. Their landline plans start at just $39 per month and includes FREE robocall blocking.

It enables you to flag any spam, unwanted, or robocalls and blocks them before your landline phone even rings.

Are spam calls driving you crazy? Find out how Community Phone successfully blocked 22,000 spam calls for landline users in August.

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How Does a Smart Call Blocker Work?

A smart call blocker filters unwanted & spam calls, letting only legitimate calls get through to you. Telemarketing and robocalls must face a challenge before your phone rings to alert you of an incoming call.

Your smart call blocker will ask the caller to press a key or record their name. Since robocalls cannot push the key or register their name, the smart call blocker will disconnect their call and block them. If the caller follows the instructions, you can choose to answer the call or block it based on who is calling.

Are spam calls driving you crazy? Find out how Community Phone successfully blocked 22,000 spam calls for landline users in August.

Click the button below to see the results and learn how you can enjoy uninterrupted connection and peace of mind.

The Best Smart Call Blocker For Your Landline

Most landline providers do not offer spam-blocking services, leaving you with no option but to block them on your phone manually. Manually blocking spam calls is ineffective because numbers can be blocked only after receiving the call.

The only effective way to block spam calls is to switch to a provider that blocks them automatically before they reach you.

Community Phone offers landline phone service with built-in spam call blocking that can stop unlawful and unwanted calls from reaching your landline. It allows you to keep your landline phone without tying it to the internet and block 100% of spam calls.

With two different types of services, Robocall Blocking and Complete Scam Blocking plans, Community Phone helps you stay in control of who can call you and when.

The Robocall Blocking feature allows users to block all robocalls before they reach their phone while the Complete Scam Blocking plan enables users to create an “Allow List” which will only allow contacts from that list to be able to contact them.

Learn more about how both services work below:

Option 1: Community Phone’s Robocall Blocking

Community Phone's Robocall Blocking is an effective solution to unwanted calls and spam. With this service, you can block 100% of spam calls and never worry about them again. It only costs $9/month when you sign up for Community Phone's landline service, so it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

How does the Robocall Blocking work?

  1. When someone dials your Community Phone number, they won't hear your phone ringing immediately; instead, they will be asked to press 1 to connect.
  2. Robocalls work by sensing when the recipient picks up the phone and speaks, so when no one does, the call never reaches your phone.

Robo-Call Blocking from Community Phone is easy to set up and use. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your private information isn't being exposed or compromised by spammers or malicious actors attempting to gain access through automated calls.

It is an incredibly cost-effective solution for anyone searching for a simple, quick way to block spam calls.

Are spam calls driving you crazy? Find out how Community Phone successfully blocked 22,000 spam calls for landline users in July.

Click the button below to see the results and learn how you can enjoy uninterrupted connection and peace of mind.

Option 2: Community Phone’s Complete Scam Blocking

Community Phone’s Complete Scam Blocking enables users to set an “Allow List” of the people who can ring their phone.

All other calls are then blocked by default—preventing 100% of scam calls and unwanted solicitations without manually filtering through each call. This means no more interruptions during meals or when you’re in the middle of something important.

How does the Allow List work?

The Allow List is easy to set up and manage. You can create a list of contacts you want to receive calls from. This can include friends, family members, work colleagues, or any other people or businesses you are comfortable receiving calls from.

This list acts as a safe-list of approved callers. Then, all other numbers not on your list will be blocked from calling your phone line.

If someone new attempts to call your phone line, the Allowed List will detect the unfamiliar number and automatically reject the call before it even reaches you.

Community Phone's Complete Scam Blocking provides an excellent solution for anyone looking for a convenient way to protect themselves against telemarketing scams, robocalls, and other types of unsolicited communication while still ensuring they never miss important calls from people they know.

Whether you live alone or have a large family who relies on your landline for communication, this feature can help keep everyone safe from harm while preventing annoying interruptions throughout the day.

Community Phone: The Best Landline Service for Households and Businesses

Community Phone

Community Phone is the best landline service for households and businesses. The wireless landline base works off of cell towers providing strong coverage in rural and low-reception areas. With coverage across 99% of the U.S, you can take your landline anywhere without the hassle of changing numbers or providers. You only need a power source and a phone.

Here are some of Community Phone’s features for households:

Landline Features for Households

a) Unlimited nationwide calling

b) Affordable International calling at a low per-minute rate

c) Wireless connectivity with no copper cable or internet requirement

d) Backup battery to keep your phones working during a power outage

e) Add-on spam call-blocking service

f) Quick & efficient DIY setup. Here's how you can set up the landline base in under 30 seconds.

Some of the business features include:

1) Custom dial menu: Greet your customer professionally and share important information with the custom dial menu. Program the accompanying auto attendant to route calls, answer FAQs, and route to voicemail during off-business hours.

2) Call Routing: Never miss a call with Community Phone’s call-routing feature. With this feature, you can program multiple phones to ring simultaneously or one after the other to ensure your customer gets the required assistance.

3) Call Forwarding: Forward your business calls to your cell phone when you cannot answer your business landline.

4) Voicemail-to-email: Respond to all missed calls at your convenience. The voicemail-to-email feature allows you to access your voice messages as an audio file or transcript in your email.

Talk to Community Phone’s business specialists today to know more about various other calling features and tailor them to your business needs.

How to Port Your Number to Community Phone

Switch your service provider from a traditional landline or VoIP to a wireless & reliable Community Phone landline without changing your phone number! Here are simple steps to port your personal or business number to Community Phone:

1. Sign up for Community Phone and inform the support specialist that you would like to keep your number.

2. Provide all the required credentials - the latest phone bill, billing address, phone number, account number & letter of authorization to Community Phone.

3. Contact your old provider and request them to move your number to Community Phone.

4. Unlock your old phone device and wait for a porting confirmation message.

5. Cancel your plan with the old service provider only after receiving the porting confirmation message from Community Phone.

The best thing about the porting process with Community Phone is that they hand-hold you until your number has been ported successfully. A dedicated support rep will handle your porting request and update you on your request status.

Your dedicated rep will be the one to will reach out to you if additional information is needed. Community Phone’s customers have been pleased with the company’s quick and efficient porting process that causes no service disruption during porting.


How do I turn off the smart call block?

If you want to turn off the smart call block, you must contact your service provider. If you have the Community Phone spam call-blocker, you can reach out to their 24/7 customer service, and the support reps will be happy to assist you.

What does a caller hear if they are blocked?

Once a caller has been blocked, they will not hear anything as their call will be immediately disconnected. Sometimes they may hear a busy tone before their call is disconnected.

Can I have a Community Phone without a Smart Call Blocker?

Yes, you can have the Community Phone landline service without the smart call blocker, but spam calls may continue to bother you. Statistics indicate that spam call-blocking services are cheaper than losses suffered due to phone scams. Americans lost an average of $350 per person on phone scams in 2020.

Signing up for Community Phone’s landline phone service provides you with FREE spam-call-blocking and ensures protection from unwanted callers and scammers.


A smart call blocker can protect your loved ones or business from unwanted callers and scammers. With the math in favor of spam call blocking, this is one service every individual and company should invest in.

Add Community Phone’s spam call-blocking service for just $5 a month with your basic subscription plan, and enjoy the peace of blocking unwanted calls before your phone rings.

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