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How to Redial Last Caller on Landline and Cell Phone

Redialing allows you to call a number you have previously called without punching in the numbers. Redialing the last caller can help you save time when making many calls. Here is how you can redial a number on your landline or cell phone.

How to Redial Last Caller on Landline

A landline offers multiple ways to redial the last caller. The first way uses a designated redial button on the handset. The other uses a specific star code punched into the number buttons on the handset to redial a number.

1. Redial Using the Button

The button that says redial on your phone can help you call the last number without punching all the numbers in. Even if the line is busy and no one picks up on the other end, you can use the redial button to dial that number again.

2. Redial Using Star Code

To activate the redial service and call the last number, you must dial *66 or 1166 on a rotary phone. However, the star code redial does expire after 30 minutes on landlines.

How to Redial Last Caller on a Cell Phone

  1. Open the phone app.
  2. Most phones will have a section that has a list of contacts and numbers you called most recently. The most recent number will be selected automatically.
  3. To redial the previous caller, you only need to press the call button again, and it will dial the last number.

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