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The Best Phone Systems for Veterinary Practices

The Best Phone Systems for Veterinary Practices

Pet owners need complete and reliable contact during office hours and emergencies. This level of access is only possible with a full-featured phone system that offers more than traditional landlines and VoIP services. Provide top-level customer service when you choose the best phone systems for vets.

The outstanding features offered by Community Phone put it at the top of your animal care office list. Best of all, the unique no-Internet, wireless landline service is available 24/7 with no interruptions or downtime, so you never miss important calls from pet owners.

Read on to learn more about how Community Phone is the best choice for your veterinary practice!

How to Choose a Phone System for Veterinary Offices?

What is one of the essential qualities of phone systems for vets? The answer to this question differs depending on the provided services, office hours, and whether you offer emergency appointments. However, when it comes to exceptional veterinary client communication, there are some features you cannot do without.

Stay connected when on the move. Landline phones that require traditional copper wiring limit your reach. VoIP (voice-over internet protocol) systems only work within the network range. You need a phone system that does not stop working until you do. Community Phone’s fully integrated wireless service and call forwarding feature can help you serve animal owners in the office and beyond. Never miss an important call when a pet owner needs your help.

While constant contact with clients matters, you also need a veterinary phone system that provides operational assistance for day-to-day office tasks. Features like call routing, voicemail, sending reminders, and more make it easy to take care of business.

Here are the top five recommended phone options for your veterinary practice:

5 Recommended Phone Systems for Vets

1. Editor’s Pick: Community Phone

Three significant criteria can help you decide on the best veterinary phone system for your practice: reliability, features, and price. When compared with other providers, Community Phone outperforms in every way.

Verdict Community Phone offers everything you need for excellent veterinary client communication. Choose from the long list of rich features for your specific needs. Never worry about downtime when pet owners cannot reach you for help, and enjoy affordable pricing customized to your practice.

Image of Community Phone business landline service

Features for Veterinary Offices

Custom Dial Menu

Create a great first impression among pet parents by programming Community Phone’s automated answering service to custom greet, answer frequently asked questions or route the call to voicemail when you are busy.

Call Forwarding

Never miss an important call when a pet parent needs your help. Community Phone can forward calls from your business phone to your cell phone when you are unavailable at the office to ensure you respond to emergencies immediately.


Forget the hassle of accessing voice messages by logging into your voicemail box. Respond to voice messages, on the go, at your convenience, as Community Phone’s voicemail-to-email feature enables you to access your voice messages as audio files in your mail.

Live Call Transfer

People calling with emergencies would like an immediate solution without much wait time. With the live call transfer feature, anyone in your veterinary clinic or hospital can route calls to the best person equipped to help a pet parent.

Get Exceptional Landline Service

Community Phone service uses a wireless connection, so you do not have to rely on copper wire infrastructure or Internet access. Setting up your landline service takes mere seconds. You can set up your landline in 2 steps:

1. Plug your landline base into a power outlet

2. Connect a phone to the phone jack in the landline base

Once the base has finished the booting, you are good to make and receive calls.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Unlimited nationwide calling: Stay in touch with pet parents all over the country with Community Phone’s unlimited nationwide calling and spread your reach.

Spam Call Blocking: Block unwanted and fraudulent calls with the powerful spam call blocker and save your bandwidth for what matters most: anxious pet parents.

24/7 Reliable Customer Support: Community Phone’s 24/7 reliable customer support ensures they address your questions and concerns about their products and services to your fullest satisfaction.

Number Choice: Opt for local numbers to scale your business in the locality, a toll-free number for expanding your reach, or a vanity number like 1-800-PETS to help pet owners remember you during an emergency.

Quick Set up: You or anyone in your veterinary office can set up the Community Phone landline base in under 30 seconds. Connect the base to a power sources and a phone and you are all set!

Other Providers

2. Nextiva

Verdict: The Nextiva VoIP professional phone systems rely on Internet access to function, which may not suit veterinarians who offer out-of-office services. This service lacks robust call routing and multi-ring options.

Features: Audio, video chat, voicemail, and automated menu and attendant options. It allows integration with other popular business apps focused on customer relationship management and data analytics.

Pricing: Packages for small teams start at $22.95 per month but may lack all the options you need for veterinary client communication.

3. Vonage

Verdict: The well-known communications company, Vonage, reports 99% uptime reliability. Since it offers VoIP and unified communications, this suits many business types. However, it still relies on internet connectivity for all features, making it unreliable.

Features: The company pushes its voice API services heavily, which uses AI systems to handle client needs. Integration with social channels, videoconferencing, and conversational commerce options may be more suitable for online retail or SaaS companies rather than veterinary offices.

Pricing: They charge à la carte for individual features, phone numbers, and calling minutes. This billing structure could save you money but may also make it challenging to forecast office expenses.


Verdict: Despite the features, has limitations on minutes and features that would not suit an active vet’s office.

Features: Another VoIP phone system option for veterinary practices comes from Choose from local or international numbers or keep your own when switching to this Internet-based communication system. Set up a web-based administration, and you can access most features from your desktop or smartphone.

These include audio and video conferencing, call waiting and transfer, on-hold music choices for queues, voicemail for out-of-office times, and more.

Pricing: This is one of the less expensive options on the list, starting at just $11.99 per month when billed annually.

5. TalkRoute

Verdict: TalkRoute may not be the best option for an active veterinary practice as it relies on internet availability and speed.

Features: The TalkRoute brand offers virtual phone systems that use desktop or mobile apps to communicate with clients or other people of interest in your vet practice. They provide voice calls, text messages, and videoconferencing capabilities. While they have a wide range of features, including call forwarding, screen sharing, and sequential or simultaneous rings, they rely on an Internet connection to make everything work. You can lose access to veterinary client communication during interruptions or power outages.

Pricing: Service packages range from $19 per month to $59 and more, depending on the features chosen.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line

Community Phone tops the list of best options for veterinary practices. Full-time access to a wireless landline system is just the beginning. The fantastic array of features, including call routing, call tracking, texting, and more, help you easily manage your business.

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