Blog/Parts Of A Landline Phone: Everything You Need To Know

Parts Of A Landline Phone: Everything You Need To Know

Technological advancements have seen landline phones outgrow the rotary models to the current wireless landlines and internet-based phones.

This article will provide information on the parts of a landline phone and the best landline phone service for seamless connectivity and reliability.

Parts of Landline Phone

A landline has many parts, such as a dialer, handset, switch, and ringer. Each piece has a role to play that collectively creates the phone experience.

1. Dialer

A dialer is used to dial the number of the person you wish to reach. When you punch the numbers, these generate signals that activate the switch in the local office, creating a path to reach the recipient. In the olden days, dialers were rotary but have evolved into push-button and touch dialers.

2. Handset

The handset portion of a phone is the part the user holds to speak and listen through. This piece has a built-in receiver to send and receive sound. The purpose of this part is to hear and speak to the recipient.

3. Switch

Of all the parts of a landline phone, the switch has evolved from being managed manually to automatically.

The switch is the portion of a phone that connects the caller to the recipient - the person or company they are calling. The switch receives the information on entering the phone number and connects the caller to the person they wish to reach.

4. Ringer

The ringer is the sound you hear when someone calls you. Its purpose is to grab the called party's attention, so they can pick up their handset and communicate.

Upgrade Your Landline Phone Service With Community Phone

The evolution of telephony has brought about the copper wire shutdown, thanks to the recent FCC guidelines. Switch to Community Phone, the best wireless landline service in the US that does not need copper connections.

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Landline Phone Service

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Does not require a Phone upgrade: The Community Phone wireless landline base is compatible with almost all phone models. So, you can upgrade your phone instrument to switch to Community Phone.

No copper wire or internet required: The landline base works off cell towers, rendering copper wires and internet unnecessary.

Works during power outages: The 12-hour backup battery on the landline base ensures your phones are up and running during power outages.

24/7 reliable customer support: You can contact Community Phone customer care 24/7 via chat, email, or phone to get answers or issues resolved.

Community Phone Features

Here are some features that make Community Phone better than most traditional landline service providers in the US:

Call Waiting

Two beeps on the phone indicate an incoming call when you are engaged in one call. The call-waiting feature gives you the freedom to answer that call or route it to voicemail to ensure you never miss another call.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to another cell or landline if you cannot take calls from your Community Phone landline to ensure you get all the calls.

3-way calling

Conference calls with your loved ones to talk to two people at once. Utilize the 3-way calling feature to collaborate with colleagues when working from home to have seamless interactions.

Spam Call Blocking

Block unwanted calls and protect yourself from phone scams with the Community Phone spam blocker. Community Phone has partnered with Nomorobo, and customers will have access to this spam-blocking feature that can block millions of unwanted calls.


Landline phone accessories and phones have evolved in the last century to ensure seamless connectivity and interactions with loved ones or business associates.

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