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Ooma Telo: Reviews, Features, and Best Alternative

Ooma is a popular communication service provider that works on VoIP technology allowing its users to make calls over broadband connections, serving both residential and commercial sectors.

Ooma offers many features like team messaging, video conferencing, advanced integrations with other software suites, and all the standard features that one would expect from an internet-based phone. However, choosing an appropriate plan to enjoy these features can take time and effort.

To start with Ooma, users must buy the Telo device and activate it via the activation code. They need to connect the device to a high-speed internet connection and plug the phone into the phone port to enjoy unlimited free calling. However, you can expect several interruptions during the call if the internet connection needs to improve.

Read on to learn more about Ooma Telo's features, drawbacks, and the best alternative - Community Phone, a wireless landline service provider.

Ooma Telo Features

Here are some features of the Ooma Telo device.

1. Free Number Transfer

Ooma claims free-of-cost number transfer, where you can port your number to Ooma for free.

Caution: Several customer reviews indicate that they were given incorrect information by reps and had to call customer care several times about unexplained charges on the bill.

2. One Direct-dial Number per User

Ooma provides one direct-dial number to every user. When a new user/extension connects, Ooma automatically assigns a new number to it, which customers can use to reach out to a specific employee without engaging with the Virtual Receptionist.

3. Unlimited Calling in the US

Ooma offers unlimited calling to US, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico users. With the Ooma Office subscription, these unlimited calls are free (however, applicable taxes still apply).

Caution: Several customers have complained of frequent problems with internet connectivity and reliability. Issues with service and unnotified maintenance check-ups have frustrated several users.

4. Low International Rates

Ooma claims its users can make international calls at lower rates. The "World Plus Plan" premium plan offers international calls to only 70 countries for $25.99 per month.

Caution: There are several reliable landline service providers like Community Phone, whose international call rates are more competitive than Ooma.

5. 911 Service

The Telo device from Ooma instantly allows you to get help from the first respondents as it has the 911 emergency service feature. However, you must keep your location updated on the Ooma portal.

Ooma Telo Reviews

Call Quality

Though Ooma claims good call quality since the Telo is a VoIP-based phone, you can experience disruptions and echo during the call if your internet is not strong enough. You may see a steep and significant increase in your phone bill if you have to get high-speed internet.


Ooma stays inactive in several regions for periodic and spontaneous maintenance. These outages often render the unlimited calling feature useless, increasing customer frustration.

Many users whose businesses have been impacted negatively by Ooma's unreliable service are frustrated and looking for alternatives, as growing businesses must take advantage of every opportunity.

Account Closure

Canceling Ooma service can be a nightmare. You have to call Ooma customer care, open a ticket and try to cancel service. The lengthy call queue will force you to lose patience while waiting for a rep. And by the time you get a response from the team, you will get charged another monthly service bill.

Ooma Customer Care

The Telo also comes with a web portal and a mobile app that are easily operatable. You can call customer care to activate specific settings not provided in the app.

Caution: Customer review platforms like Trustpilot are full of negative reviews about how unhelpful and rude Ooma's customer care is.

Limited Basic Features

The Ooma device provides minimal basic features. You must subscribe to high-tier packages to enjoy some of the most basic features, like call blocking and video conferencing.

Need to Buy Additional Dongle for Wi-Fi

If you want to move your phone around the house, you should buy a separate dongle from Ooma, which is an additional expense. This dependence on the dongle makes Telo from Ooma behave like a tethered landline.

However, wireless landline providers like Community Phone give you the freedom to move around with your phone.

You can move your phone anywhere around your house or in the US, as long as you have a power outlet to connect your Community Phone landline base, as it works off cell towers.

Require a Strong High-Speed Internet Connection

For better service, devices from Ooma require a high-speed internet connection. You'll face disruptions, echo, call lag, and call drops, along with other audio-quality issues without a high-speed internet connection.

Community Phone - The Best Ooma Telo Alternative

Community Phone

If you are looking for a Telo alternative, look no further. Community Phone, the best Ooma Telo alternative and home phone service, doesn't require the internet to function as it is a wireless connection.

Community Phone's landline base connects your phone with the cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for copper wires or internet. With solid coverage in 99% of the US and superior voice quality in rural and low-reception areas, Community Phone makes staying connected with loved ones or business associates hassle-free.

What Makes Community Phone Better Than Ooma?

Here are some Community Phone features that make it a better Ooma alternative:

Call Routing

Community Phone offers a call routing feature that allows users to route/forward an incoming call to another individual or a group.

If you are a startup looking to optimize sales on calls or gather leads, you can program several phones to ring at once, ensuring no one misses the opportunity to grow your business.

Create a positive customer experience by letting calls roll over to the second number through an automatic call distributor if the first number is busy. This feature can make your customer feel important and their business valued, as they find a rep who can help them without a busy tone or music.

Custom Dial Menu

Create a great professional impression and share important information with your callers through the Community Phone dial menu with a multi-level auto attendant. Program the attendant to route calls, share offers or information, and route to voicemail.


Access voicemails as audio files and transcripts in your email, allowing you to respond to missed calls at your convenience. The voicemail-to-email feature can save you or your employees time as you don't have to log in to your voicemail box to retrieve the messages.

Spam Call Blocker

Increase productivity when working from home or at the office by blocking unwanted calls with the Community Phones spam call blocker. Blocking unwanted calls can protect you and your business from falling prey to phone scams.

The Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

No internet or copper wire is required

The Community Phone landline doesn't require an internet connection to function. Since it works off cell towers in your area, it eliminates the need for copper connections.

Unlimited text

You can send unlimited text over your Community Phone landline through the landline texting feature.

Unlimited Nationwide Calls

Community Phone offers unlimited calls throughout the United States without minute restrictions.

International Calls to 229 Countries

Connect with loved ones or acquaintances in 229 countries with competitive international call rates from Community Phone.

Easy Installation

You can hook up the Community Phone landline base in under 30 seconds. Connect it to a power outlet, plug your phone into the base, and you are all set!

Excellent Customer Support

Talk to real individuals knowledgeable about their domain when you contact Community Phone customer care via chat, email, or phone call.

How Community Phone's Wireless Landline Service Works


Does Ooma use Wi-Fi?

It offers a Wi-Fi connection for phones, but you'll have to purchase a separate dongle to enable the Telo device from Ooma to work.

Does Ooma work without the internet?

Ooma is a VoIP service provider, which means that Ooma does not work without the internet. It requires a high-speed internet connection to function correctly, making it dependent on factors like bandwidth, internet, and power outage.

Does Community Phone Landline work without the internet?

Yes, the Community Phone landline works without the internet. The Community Phone landline base connects your phone to local cell towers for you to get a dial tone, rendering internet and copper connections useless.


Ooma Telo may appear to be convenient as it provides flexibility and may be cheap. However, the device serves its purpose only when the Ooma network is frequently down for maintenance or outages. Customer reviews indicate growing dissatisfaction and search for alternatives.

Switch to Community Phone, the best wireless landline service in the US. With affordable plans, no contracts or hidden charges, a 14-day risk-FREE trial, and customer-friendly cancelation policies, Community Phone is the landline service you need.

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