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Best Lingo VoIP Alternative to Level Up Your Phone Service

Best Lingo VoIP Alternative to Level Up Your Phone Service

We all know Lingo is recognized for offering quality phone services at low rates. But let’s be honest: there are some serious drawbacks to its VoIP phone service. These particularly include the requirement of high-speed internet, low reliability, and poor audio quality. Plus, its VoIP packages get expensive due to the internet subscription needed.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the best alternative to Lingo's VoIP phone service. Community Phone is a revolutionary business phone service that connects to cell towers in your area. It offers all the features you need in a business phone system without tying your phone to the internet.

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Best Lingo Communications Alternative – Community Phone

Community Phone

Community Phone is one of the leading business phone services in the US. Its wireless landline service operates off local cell towers, eliminating the need for internet or copper wires connections. Due to this innovative technology, Community Phone is the number one Lingo VoIP alternative. Plus, it's got feature-rich plans that are suitable for businesses as well as households.

Main Features

  • Call forwarding – redirect an incoming call to another phone anytime, as needed.
  • Call waiting – switch between different occurring calls with ease.
  • Skill-based routing – route your customers to the relevant support agents quickly and easily.
  • Caller ID – identify the incoming calls by the caller’s name and phone number.
  • 2nd line ringing – Ring the 2nd line if one is busy.****
  • Voicemail-to-email - Set up a business voicemail recording, and send voicemail recordings and transcriptions to your email.

How it Works

As mentioned, Community Phones landline service is based on cellular phone towers. When you register at Community Phone, you’ll be required to get our landline base device. It offers a 30-second setup and automatically connects to the nearest phone tower.

Once it establishes the connection, you can start calling your loved ones over the landline. Moreover, the device also offers a 12-hour battery backup to keep your conversations going during power outages. Other than that, you can connect the device to any telephone system available.

Community Phone How It Works

If you’re interested in trying Community Phone’s innovative telephone service, click here to get started today! If your current Lingo VoIP subscription is holding you back, we’ve got a solution for you.

5 Top Issues With Lingo VoIP Phone Services

All phone services have certain downsides. But the drawbacks to Lingo VoIP phone service are quite serious and basic.

Here we’ll dive deeper into the problems with Lingo’s VoIP services:

1. Require Reliable Internet Connectivity

Though most households have internet availability, the internet speed fluctuates very often. This leads to interruptions during calls due to poor data transmission. Unfortunately, Lingo’s phone service requires a reliable, high-speed internet connection to work smoothly – which is often unavailable.

2. Weather Dependent

Lingo’s VoIP services are dependent on weather, with the slightest gust of wind or storm leading to service downtime. It’s because the internet cables and connections are affected by such weather conditions very often.

3. Expensive Packages

Though Lingo has been recognized as an affordable phone service provider, its VoIP phone plans are quite expensive. It’s primarily because of the extra internet subscription needed for accessing their service. Other than that, the add-ons for calling features are also quite pricey.

4. Poor Audio Quality

It’s not uncommon for users to experience poor voice quality when using a VoIP-based phone service, the reason being the interruptions in internet speed. So, avoid opting for a VoIP phone provider unless you have a high-speed internet connection whose speed remains consistent.

5. High Latency

Lingo’s VoIP phone service customers have frequently reported a high network latency, leading to poor network speed. It’s among the main reasons you may experience interruptions when making a call using Lingo’s VoIP.

How To Cancel Lingo VoIP Plan

No company wants to let go of its customers, which is why you may find it tough to cancel your Lingo subscription. However, the process is actually quite simple: just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into your account on LingoApp.

Step 2: Head over to the billing page on Lingo.

Step 3: Click the three dots before Change Plan.

Step 4: Select the Cancel button and confirm your action.

Step 5: That’s it. Once your current subscription period expires, your space will be paused.

Why Community Phone is Better Than Lingo Phone Company

After detailed analysis, we believe that our innovative landline services are better than those offered by Lingo in many ways, such as:

1. No Internet Needed

As our services are based on cell phone towers available everywhere, we don’t require an active internet connection. So, you won’t have to pay an extra internet subscription cost to avail of CommunityPhone’s services.

2. Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Our phone services pack unlimited nationwide calling so you can chat with your loved ones limitlessly. You can also place calls on international numbers for an extra cost.

3. Affordable Rates

CommunityPhone is designed to make quality phone services within the reach of everyone. That’s why our landline subscriptions are affordable for most users.

4. Business-Friendliness

You can use a lot of advanced calling features at Community Phone, making our landline service effective for businesses. In fact, we offer a dedicated business phone service that includes business-friendly calling features like call forwarding, simultaneous ring, and more.

That said, here are the pricing details of our business plans:

  • Virtual Call Management Plan – $29.00/mo
  • Basic Communication Plan – $39.00/mo
  • Full Call Management Plan – $59.00/mo

Bottom Line

Lingo’s VoIP phone service is popular but it holds certain limitations, like the requirement for the internet. As you know, the internet speed generally keeps fluctuating, leading to poor data transmission and call quality. Also, the internet gets affected by bad weather very often, making it an ineffective protocol for phone services.

That’s where Community Phone comes in. Our cellular landlines are much more reliable, faster, and of higher quality. Plus, you get all these benefits at an affordable subscription rate. Click here to get started at Community Phone today!

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