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The 5 Best Phone Systems for Law Offices

The 5 Best Phone Systems for Law Offices

Effective communication between attorneys and clients can help law offices stand out and survive in a competitive market. With over 400,000 law offices in the U.S and the numbers increasing steadily by 0.3% every year, you will need a good marketing and communication strategy for your law office to stay ahead of the competition.

How can the best phone system for small law offices help your practice?

Law offices deal with monumental challenges related to new client acquisition, retaining client business, and cost and expenditure control. A reliable phone system can empower attorneys to communicate seamlessly with clients, handle court meetings, collaborate on conference calls, and increase revenue.

While conventional landlines tether your attorneys to a place, they will be a thing of the past shortly, thanks to the recent FCC guidelines. Although VoIP phones give your lawyers freedom, they also degrade the phone system's dependability and make client-attorney confidentiality vulnerable to breaches and cyberattacks.

Safeguard attorney-client privilege and confidentiality without breaches and hacks with future-proof wireless business landline service from Community Phone. Demonstrate your law firm’s value to potential clients, help clients locate the best attorney, generate maximum billable time, and beat the competition with Community Phone’s calling features.

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What Do Law Firms Need in a Phone System?

Never missing a client or a prospect’s call is the thumb rule for law offices. However, juggling court meetings, conference calls, and personal life while trying to increase billable time can be a Herculean task with conventional phone systems.

Law offices need phone systems that can help their attorneys be in touch with their clients, route calls to the appropriate lawyer, help in bill collections with automated messaging, offer unlimited calling options, and be affordable.

Community Phone is the best phone system for small law firms as it caters to the needs of your law office. The landline base does not need a technician to install it, and anyone in your office can install it in under 30 seconds. Affordability, no contracts and hidden charges, and reliable24/7 customer support are characteristics of Community Phone’s commitment to being an excellent business landline service.

Read on to learn more about Community Phone and how it can be the best phone system for a small law office!

Community Phone: The Best Phone System for Law Offices

Business Phone System

Community Phone is the best wireless business phone service in the United States. The landline base connects your law firms' phones to the cell towers in your area, eliminating the need for internet or copper wire installation. While landline providers across the country are retiring copper connections and digitizing your landline by bundling it with expensive, unnecessary services, Community Phone is trying to revive landlines with its future-proof FCC-approved cellular protocol. Here are some of the benefits of switching to Community Phone:

1. Reliability

Community Phone’s partnership with nationwide carriers and superior design of the landline base ensures strong coverage across 99% of the U.S, including rural and poor reception areas.

Empower your attorneys to be available for their clients and create an excellent professional image with clear call voice quality. Community Phone’s reliable law office system will not experience the latency, call drops, and jitters accompanying VoIP-based phones.

2. Security

VoIP-based phones use the internet for communication and are vulnerable to hacks and breaches. Client-confidentiality breaches can have disastrous consequences for your law office if you use a VoIP phone.

Protect attorney-client privilege and client confidentiality with Community Phone’s wireless landline service, which does not need internet and is hence not vulnerable to hacks.

3. Affordability

Conventional landlines may not be the answer to impressing existing clients and acquiring new ones in the competitive market. However, phones with features will be costlier, increasing overhead costs, driving your law firm into a vicious cycle of trying to maximize billable time, fee burnout, and eventually losing clients.

Community Phone boasts of cost-effective plans that suit your needs, no hidden charges, and a 14-day risk-FREE trial.

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Exclusive Features for Small Law Offices

Here are some Community Phone features that suit the specific needs of your law office:

1. Custom Dial Menu

Program a custom greeting for your law office, share success stories and build a great first impression with Community Phone’s custom dial menu feature. You can program the auto attendant in this feature to route calls to the correct department or extension, answer frequently asked questions, set business hours, and route the call to voicemail during off-business hours.

2. Call Routing: Be in Touch with Clients Anywhere, anytime

Never miss another call from a client or a prospect with Community Phone’s call routing feature. You can program several phones in your business to ring simultaneously, enabling the next available person to answer the call. Or, you can program your phones to ring subsequently, in case the first is line busy.

Live Call Transfer

Route calls to the correct department or an extension without the irritating hold music or repetitive marketing messages. You can transfer prospective clients to the perfect attorney they need by pushing a button associated with the infinite number of extensions programmed in your transfer list.

3. Call Recording

Law offices understand the importance of having client call records. Utilize call recordings to gain insights you may have overlooked with Community Phone’s call recording feature, and be your client’s best bet.

Call Forwarding

Help your attorneys stay in touch with their clients when they are out of the office, increasing your billable time and enhancing your reputation. Forward calls to your lawyers’ phones, allowing them to strike a work-life balance instead of long hours at the office and increasing fee burnout.

4. Automated Voice Messaging System

Utilize Community Phone’s automated voice messaging system for timely collection of client payments. You can create a custom message and upload it to your dashboard, and Community Phone can send it to the list of callers you want, reminding clients of the payments they need to make.

5. Backup Battery: Keep Your Communication Running During Power Outages

The 12-hour backup battery on the Community Phone landline base can keep your law firm’s landline phone system running even during a blackout, unlike VoIP phones that go down during a power outage.

VoIP Vs. Wireless Landlines for Law Firms

Client confidentiality is the gospel for a law office. Landlines are the best phone systems for small law offices to safeguard client confidentiality and enable seamless communication.

Community Phone’s wireless landline service is not vulnerable to hacks and breaches, while VoIP-based phones are, as they use the internet for communication.

The 12-hour battery backup of Community Phone’s wireless landline base keeps your phone running even during a power outage, while VoIP phones will go down when the internet or power is down.

Connecting your law office phones to the cell towers in your area makes Community Phone’s landline service reliable and cost-effective, giving you crystal clear voice quality. Call quality and clarity on VoIP phones are dependent on internet strength, forcing you to get high-speed internet for reliable and clear voice calls.

Benefits of Choosing Community Phone

Here are some of the benefits of switching to Community Phone:

  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling: Stay in touch with, and attract new clients from all over the country with Community Phone’s unlimited nationwide calling, without the fear of massive phone bills.
  • Number Choice: You can get your law office a local number to show you belong to a community, get a toll-free number to impress clients and build trust, or buy a vanity number like 1-800-FLOWERS to generate leads for your business. Talk to Community Phone’s business specialists to know how you can get the number of your choice for your law office.
  • Number Porting: You can port your current number to Community Phone when you switch providers to retain the number your clients have used. Porting takes about 3-5 business days without service disruption, post which you can cancel service with the old provider.
  • Customer-friendly cancellation policies: Many service providers make you jump through hoops and make it nearly impossible to cancel their service. You can cancel your Community Phone service hassle-free. While many of Community Phone’s customers signed up for the annual subscription after the 14-day trial, if you think Community Phone is not for you, the company respects your choice.

Other Providers

2. Nextiva

Nextiva is a business communications company that provides VoIP-based phone service for law offices with features such as an auto attendant, business phone service, business email, video conferencing, and more.

Customer reviews indicate complex cancelation policies, with customers having to struggle to cancel their Nextiva service. Several customers suffered huge losses because of continuous call drops and unhelpful customer support.

3. Ooma

Ooma is a cloud-based service too that provides many features for law offices like call logs, call the flip, virtual receptionist, and call forwarding.

But, as Ooma customers recount on review sites, the service is patchy unless you opt for high-speed internet, and hidden charges and unhelpful customer service are the critical deal breakers with Ooma VoIP service.

4. 8x8

A VoIP solution with business texting and video conferencing that promises to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized law firms.

Customer reviews indicate businesses having a tough time getting to cancel their service with 8x8, challenges with porting their numbers, and unhelpful customer support.

5. Ring Central

Another VoIP service provider offers live team messaging, video conferencing, business texting, and more promising to cater to small and medium-sized law firms.

Customer reviews, however, indicate unhelpful customer support and un-friendly cancelation policies.

6. Vonage

Vonage caters to small to medium-sized law firms and offers features like an auto attendant, call recording, tracking, and logging.

Unhelpful customer support and reliability of the phone lines seem to be the most significant challenges customers have faced with Vonage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best phone system for law firms?

Community Phone is the best phone system for small law offices in the U.S. With features such as - call recording, auto attendant, call routing and forwarding, live call transfer, and spam call blocking; Community Phone is what you have been looking for.

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Are VoIP-based phones good for law firms?

VoIP is not a secure technology because it relies on the public internet to transmit data. This means that data is susceptible to interception. To protect client confidentiality, switch to Community Phone, a reliable wireless landline service that does not require internet or copper wires to operate.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line

Law firms need a reliable, secure phone system with various calling features to cater to their specific needs. The affordability, reliability, and calling features from Community Phone are just what your law firm needs.

Talk to Community Phone’s business specialists today!

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