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5 Best Landline Wall Phones & How To Mount Them

Wall phones are easy to install, save space, and the chances of accidentally knocking them down are less. Brands such as AT&T and VTech have produced the industry's most reliable wall-mountable phones.

The Community Phone team spent a good deal of time testing various wall phone models and came up with the list of the top 5 best wall phones in 2022. We have ranked them by their factors, such as build quality, length, durability, and price.

Best Landline Wall Phones

1. AT&T 210M Basic Trimline Corded Phone

AT&T 210M Basic Trimline Corded Phone

AT&T 210M corded phone, a basic wall phone, pairs well with the Community Phone landline base and works even when the power is out, as the base has a 12-hour backup battery.

It features a backlit keypad that makes dialing easy for seniors. It stores up to 10 phone numbers for easy dialing. You can use the one-touch dial buttons and program them to have emergency contact numbers or frequently dialed numbers.

The flash/redial feature lets you quickly call the last outgoing number. Its other benefits include line power mode, simple corded operation, and ringer or receiver volume control.


  • Telephone Type: Corded
  • Conference Call Capability: Yes
  • Multiline Operation: Single-Line Operation


  • 13-number speed dial memory
  • Lighted keypad
  • Receiver volume control
  • Flash and redial; includes 7 ft. line cord, Speed dial, and Volume control


  • Poor design

2. AT&T TR1909 Trimline Corded Phone with Caller ID

AT&T TR1909 Trimline Corded Phone with Caller ID

The AT&T TR1909 is a reliable landline wall phone with a caller ID that can help you avoid calls from unwanted numbers. Pair this phone feature with the Community Phone spam blocker to block spam calls before your phone rings.

This model has a clean design that easily fits on a wall and offers a simple corded operation. The system can store close to 13 phone numbers for easy dialing. This phone requires 3 AA batteries for the caller ID to work.


  • Telephone Type: Corded
  • Number of Batteries: 3 AA batteries required
  • Multiline Operation: Single-Line Operation
  • Caller Identification: Yes


  • Caller ID/Call Waiting
  • 80-name/number Caller ID History
  • 13 number memory
  • Display dial


  • Line cord way too long to wrap under the phone

3. AT&T 210 Corded Trimline Phone with Speed Dial and Memory Buttons

AT&T 210 Corded Trimline Phone with Speed Dial and Memory Buttons

This AT&T corded landline phone has the option to program 10 phone numbers for convenient dialing. This landline needs no AC power and offers reliable corded operation.

This wall-mount landline phone has a higher ring volume convenient for people who are hard of hearing. You can call the previously dialed number with just a touch of a button. The lighted keypad works even in low light and can help seniors and people with vision problems.


  • Power Source Type: Corded Electric


  • Lightweight
  • Keypad lights up during nighttime


  • Complaints of loud volume

4. VTech CD1113 Black Trimstyle Phone with Caller ID

VTech CD1113 is excellent for everyday use and emergencies. It functions off of telephone line power, which means it will operate in the event of no power. Telco providers are shutting down traditional landline services per FCC guidelines. Get the Community Phone wireless landline service that can power your phone to work during power outages with a 12-hour battery backup.

This wall phone includes an 80-number call memory, last number redial, flexible ringer volume, and caller ID.


  • Telephone Type: Corded
  • Caller Identification: Yes


  • Value for money
  • Lightweight


  • Non-removable phone line cord

5. Cortelco 255415-VBA-20M Single Line Wall Telephone

Cortelco 255415-VBA-20M Single Line Wall Telephone

The Cortelco Handset Landline phone has modern features complemented by a stylish look. It is easily wall-mountable, and the phone fits your hand comfortably.

It offers a clear sound and adjustable volume control on the handle. It has a 3 inches long cord, and you can change it if it does not reach the wall outlet. It has a double-going ringer and is hearing aid compatible.


  • Telephone Type: Dual Sim/Nano
  • Dialer Type: Single Keypad
  • Multiline Operation: Single-Line Operation
  • Caller Identification: No


  • The volume control dial on the handset
  • Perfect retro look wall phone with super sound quality and volume control


  • Ringer and volume could be louder

How to Mount a Wall Phone

Follow these steps to mount a landline onto the wall:

Step 1: Determine the Location

First, select a place on the wall to mount the landline wall phone.

Step 2: Install the Plate

Install a new plate where you want to install the phone. Make sure the plate is aligned, and then mark the screw holes for drilling.

Step 3: Drilling

After marking the screw holes, drill the holes and insert wall anchors in the wall. Place the plate and secure it with screws carefully.

Step 4: Mount the Phone

Pull the clip at the bottom of the earpiece holder on the base of the landline phone. After that, reverse the clip, holding the receiver, to prevent it from falling.

Place the two mounts on the mounting plate in alignment with the mounting holes on the back of the landline phone. You must insert the mounts into the mounting holes, then slide the phone down to lock it in place.

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What is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) mounting height?

According to the ADA, the highest operable part of any communication device should not be above 48 inches above the floor, as long as there are no obstructions.


An efficient landline wall phone is crucial to have seamless landline communication. The landline wall phones mentioned in this article are top-rated and offer the best experience. These are cost-effective, and all can mount on the wall conveniently.

Also, a reliable landline phone service is as crucial as finding a landline phone. Look no further than Community Phone to get the reliability of a landline, excellent calling features, and the freedom of wireless.

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