Blog/Wireless: Best Landline Alternative For Home Phone

Wireless: Best Landline Alternative For Home Phone

Wireless: Best Landline Alternative For Home Phone

Let’s be honest: traditional landlines have a lot of limitations, such as getting a copper wire set up across your home. This reason alone can multiply the costs of getting a landline connection, as you’ll be paying for the copper cable and the technician.

Also, as you install a copper network in your home, you’ll be limited to setting up your home phone in just one room. So, if you choose to extend or shift your home phone to another part of the house, you might need another copper connection.

With all of this at hand, what’s the best alternative to landlines for a home phone?

That’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll lay down the finest landline alternative you can find in 2022 – Community Phone. It’s a modern-day phone service offering wireless telecommunication with top-tier reliability and flexibility, despite charging economical rates.

With that said, let’s dive in.

Best Landline Alternative For Home Phone - Community Phone

As traditional landlines are full of limitations, finding an effective alternative is worth it. Below, we’ll explore an excellent landline alternative without internet or copper wire.

Community Phone Wireless Landline

Community Phone is a revolutionary wireless home phone service provider which operates off cell towers. You won’t require internet or a copper wire connection to use your service. Community Phone’s customers get a landline base device that wirelessly connects to a nearby cell phone tower, providing great locational flexibility for your home phone. On top of that, the battery-enabled base device of Community Phone ensures power outages.

Community Phone

Benefits of using Community Phone Wireless Landline

Here we’ll explore the top benefits of Community Phone’s wireless phone service:

1. No Internet Required

First and foremost, Community Phone eliminates the need for a consistent, high-speed internet connection, which is so hard to acquire in certain areas. Therefore, you won’t need to set up an ethernet or fiber optic connection in your home. Plus, you’ll be free from paying extra for a monthly high-speed internet subscription.

2. No Copper Wire Required

Another significant benefit of Community Phone is it doesn’t require a copper wire either. As its infrastructure operates off cellular landlines, it eliminates the need for setting up a wired connection, be it copper or fiber optic. So, choosing Community Phone means you won’t need to hire a technician to help you set up a complicated copper wire connection across your home.

3. Unlimited Nationwide Calls

Community Phone’s landline plans offer unlimited calling across the US and Canada. Whether you have relatives as a household in these areas or customers as a business, you’ll love this unlimited minutes feature. Unlimited nationwide calling means you can make unlimited calls without paying anything apart from your regular subscription.

4. Cheapest International Call Rates

While most telecommunication services charge very high for international calling, Community Phone offers much more economical rates. Community Phone’s international calling charges depend upon where you’re calling, but the average falls around $0.50 per minute. That’s pretty low, considering most providers charge around $1 per minute for long-distance calling.

5. Exceptional Customer Support

Community Phone’s customer support is available around the clock to help you with any issues you encounter. Its support team is prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable to ensure it can help you at its best. Further, you get multiple channels to reach Community Phone’s landline specialists, such as phone, live chat, and email.

6. 12-Hour Battery Backup

Community Phone’s landline base device offers a whopping 12-hour battery backup. Therefore, you can talk for up to 12 hours, even during power outages. If you use your phone for one hour daily, your base device will last about 12 days without needing power.

7. Easy Setup

Another great benefit of Community Phone is its quick and easy setup. Unlike time-consuming, exhausting, and expensive wired connections, you can set up Community Phone’s landline on your own without needing a wired network. Switch on its landline base device, connect the necessary cables and your telephone, and that’s it – you can start using Community Phone’s phone service.

8. Free 14-Day Trial

Last but not least, Community Phone also offers a 14-day free trial to give you peace of mind. You can contact its landline specialist to start your free trial. If, in any case, you don’t feel like proceeding further, you can go ahead and cancel the trial within the first 14 days without needing to pay anything.

Features of Community Phone Wireless Landline

Here we’ll explore the top features of Community Phone’s landline service:

1. Call Waiting

Call waiting is a helpful feature that lets you handle multiple incoming calls effectively. Using this feature, you can take another call while you’re already speaking with someone.

2. Connects with any landline phone

Community Phone’s versatile base device is designed to support any landline phone available. Therefore, you’ll only need to get a Community Phone’s base device to get started with its landline service – no copper cable, new telephone, or setup fees will be needed.

3. Live Call Transfer

Using live call transfer, you’ll be able to forward an ongoing call to another phone number. This feature is handy for businesses that frequently need to forward calls to suitable agents from the relevant department.

4. Voicemail to Email

This feature of Community Phone automatically emails your received voicemails to your email address as audio file attachments. This way, you can access and listen to your voicemails on any internet-enabled device anytime.

5. Get a New, Local Number

While Community Phone lets you keep your existing phone number, you can also get a new, local one. All local, vanity, and toll-free numbers are available at Community Phone.

6. Spam Call Blocking

Community Phone offers automated spam call blocking to help you stay away from scammers and robocalls. Whenever you receive a call from an unknown or suspicious contact, Community Phone asks the caller to dial a particular digit. If it’s an automated call (aka robocall), there will be no response from the other side, and the call will be blocked. On top of that, all of this happens without disturbing you.

Spam Call Blocking

How to Switch to Community Phone

Follow the steps below to switch to Community Phone effortlessly:

Step 1: Call Our Landline Specialist

First, call our landline specialist at (866)-969-4886 and let the agent know you want to switch to Community Phone. The agent will guide you on how to proceed further.

Step 2: We Will Check your Area for Coverage

Further, Community Phone’s agent will check your area for coverage and let you know if your area’s landline service is operational.

Step 3: Provide You With the Necessary Information

In this step, we’ll provide you with crucial information on proceeding further with switching to Community Phone to help make the process as seamless as possible.

Step 4: Once Complete, We’ll Ship Out Your Landline Base

As you complete your registration at Community Phone, we’ll ship our landline base to your provided address.

Step 5: Landline Device Setup

Once you receive the landline device, it’s time to set it up. First, plug the power cable into the base device and insert your phone jack into the port. Switch on the device and let it complete its automatic 30-second setup. Once that happens, the device will automatically connect to a nearby phone tower.

Step 6: Enjoy Wireless Landline Service

That’s it – you can now pick up your telephone and start dialing the contacts of your loved ones!


Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding landline alternatives.

Is a wireless landline the best alternative to a traditional landline?

A wireless landline comes with a lot of locational freedom and overall flexibility. It’s more economical, easier to set up and maintain, and a more reliable solution compared to traditional landlines. Plus, as they run on modern-day standards, wireless landlines offer better audio quality during calls than conventional landlines.

Can I keep my home phone number?

When switching to Community Phone, you’ll get a chance to keep your home phone number and transfer it to Community Phone’s systems. But if you wish to get a new phone number instead, Community Phone will let you do that too.


Traditional landlines have been a great communication solution in the past. But as copper and internet cables are getting more expensive, installing and maintaining a wired landline is no longer a piece of cake.

Investing in a wireless landline service like Community Phone with wireless technology improving each day is worthwhile. Community Phone offers a great blend of affordability, convenience, and quality, making them an unavoidable alternative to landlines. If you’re interested in trying Community Phone, CLICK HERE to start your free trial today!

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