Blog/How To Call The UK From The US [Complete Guide]

How To Call The UK From The US [Complete Guide]

How To Call The UK From The US [Complete Guide]

Calling the United Kingdom from the United States is relatively simple for personal or business communications. When individuals are geographically apart, landline phones or mobile phones let them stay in touch. Community phones provide connections between groups of individuals to keep in touch.

Employees may more easily remain in touch with their loved ones and friends at work thanks to cell phones or landlines. It allows residents in sparsely populated places to interact with one another. It will enable individuals to communicate across borders and keep informed.

In this guide, we will give a detailed explanation of how to call the UK from the US.

How To Call A UK Number From The US

One must follow a set of essential guidelines while calling the UK from the US, whether it is for business or personal purposes, whether they have family, friends, or clients in the UK and wish to communicate with them from the US for either business or private communications.

Check out our detailed guide to connecting with the UK from the US to get you started, which is explained below.

Step 1. Enter the exit code or IDD

Before dialing any international country except Canada from the US, we must first dial the country's exit code for the US, which is '011'.

Step 2. Dial Country Code

After dialing the country's exit code, the next step is to dial the destination country's exit code. In this case, the receiving country is the UK, so dial the UK country code, '44'.

Step 3. Dial City Code

The following city code is dialed when both the US country exit code and UK country code are inputted. For example, while making international calls, remember to dial 36 instead of 036; for example, if the area code of the city you are connecting to is 036, you should dial 36 instead of 036. That's 011-44-36.

Step 4. Input the phone number

The recipient's phone number, which can have up to 10 digits, is dialed as the final step. You can now call the other person's phone number. Keep in mind that UK phone numbers must have a minimum of 10 digits total, including the area code.

When all four steps are done, the final number will look like 011-44-36—XXXX-XXXX.

The United Kingdom Code for Popular Cities

Certain United Kingdom cities has different area codes that need to be dialed when international calls to the UK from the US. Some of the famous city codes are listed below.

5 Considerations Before Calling UK From USA

Calls between both these countries are termed international calls. When someone calls the UK from the US, he should keep the following things in mind.

1. Country exit code (US)

To contact a UK phone number, you must first enter 011, the US national exit code.

2. Country Code (UK)

The United Kingdom is designated by country code 44. The prefix "44" should be used when making calls to the United Kingdom.

3. City Code (UK)

In the United Kingdom, different cities have different area codes, so you should be aware of the city code to which you are making a call. For example, if someone calls Liverpool from the US, then the first US exit country code, 11, the second UK country code, 44, the third Liverpool city code, 0151, and lastly, an eight-digit receiver number.

4. Time Zone

To make sure you can choose a time to call, you must consider the recipient's local time.

Due to time zone differences and some states' non-observance of daylight savings time, calling the United Kingdom is not always as simple as inputting numbers and pushing the dial button.

5. International Calling Rates

International pricing is variable for various service providers. The rates vary according to the packages you activate. Calls to the UK cost less than $0.02 per minute on community phones. Other service providers charge anything between $5 and $50 depending on customers' bundles.

Rates of International Call To the UK (by Service Provider)

More network providers are coming up with plans to cement their position in the market.

There are several cellular network providers in the US, each with a different calling or texting plan fee. The most prominent are mentioned and discussed below.

1. Community Phone

The cost of an international business call might vary depending on your landline provider and the destination country or area you are dialing. However, the charges are often under 5 cents or less per minute.

For example, calling the United Kingdom ranges from $0.02 — $1.71 per minute.

2. Verizon

Basic calls made from the US using a Verizon landline to the UK will cost $1.99 per minute if you don't have an active plan.

When Verizon's Global Calling Plus plan is activated, calling the UK from the US costs $15 per month.

The monthly charges of the World Plan include residential direct-dialed minutes to landline and cellular phones registered in more than 100 countries. You may add up to 500 minutes monthly to 120 countries, including the UK, which costs $19.99 /month.

3. Spectrum

Spectrum provides international long-distance and roaming services to more than 200 countries.

For only $5 a month, you can join Spectrum Voice International (SVI), which offers unlimited calling to 70 nations, including the UK, and inexpensive minute rates to the rest of the globe.

4. AT&T

Call from the US to more than 140 countries, including the UK, for just 99 cents per minute by using an access number of AT&T. When you add a line to a qualified plan, the monthly subscription fee is $15.

5. CenturyLink

The base rate, which is $0.40 per minute, will be applied to calls made from the US to the UK if you pick an international calling plan with your domestic service plan using CenturyLink.

6. Xfinity

You may call almost all countries in the globe with the Xfinity Voice Unlimited plan, whether you're at home or on the move with your smartphone or tablet.

For an additional $9.95 a month, the Xfinity monthly plan includes 300 minutes of landline calls from the US to the UK.

Get Community Phone For Cost-Effective International Calls

Community Phone

Community Phone is the number one choice for landline phone service in the United States. Its landline base connects to cell towers, making it easy and reliable to set up a landline anywhere with cell coverage. In addition, they won’t lock you into a contract or hit you with surprise hidden fees.

Main Features of Community Phone

Community phone provides much more facilities as compared to traditional landline service providers. Some of the unique features are.

  • Community phone is suitable for both homes and businesses.
  • Community phones Use cell tower signals instead of the internet.
  • Built-in antennas on the landline base.
  • No traditional copper wires or internet connection is required.
  • Quick Community Phone base installation
  • Lifetime hardware guarantee assured

How does Community Phone Work?

Community Phone uses cell tower coverage instead of the internet to ensure you always have landline coverage. The Community Phone base has built-in antennas to catch signs and provide reliable landline service. These robust antennas ensure landline coverage in 99% of the US. Community Phone offers various calling services, including unlimited, long-distance, and international calling plans.

Benefits of using Community Phone

The community phone needs 30 seconds to set up a time to work efficiently. Other benefits of using community phones are given below.

  • Easy-to-install system
  • Built-in antennas
  • It covers 99% of the US, including the rural areas
  • 12-hour battery backup to fight power outages
  • No wiretapping and lost signals
  • Suitable for both Home and Businesses

The Bottom Line

Whether a person is seeking to call the UK from the US for personal or professional reasons, he has every right to experience calls of the highest quality. You will be relieved to know that community phone landline service is there to come to the rescue. as community phone provides budget-friendly international calls.

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