Blog/How to Call Mexico From The USA {Complete Guide}

How to Call Mexico From The USA {Complete Guide}

How to Call Mexico From The USA {Complete Guide}

If you are a global business with a client base that cuts across different countries and zip codes, it's only necessary that you know how to reach your target market anytime it's needed. You may want to call Mexico to connect with your loved ones or business acquaintances. Community Phone can make calling Mexico from the US easier with their affordable international calling plans.

Read on to learn how to call Mexico from the USA, and how Community Phone's competitive international calling rates are what you need.

How to Call Mexico from the USA

1. Dial the Exit Code

To know how to call Mexico from the US via a cell phone, the first thing you want to do is to enter the exit code. So, to connect to a client in Mexico, you start by dialing the US exit code 011.

2. Enter the Country Code

The next step is to enter the destination country's phone code. Like any other country, Mexico is identified with its unique code - 52. You can key this number after you key in the exit code.

3. Dial the Area Code and Remove the Trunk Codes

Punch in the area code of the client's region. If trunk codes like 01, 044, 045 appear in front of the code, remove them.

4. Dial the Client's Number

After following the previously stated steps., you can finally enter the client's number. Mexican Phone numbers are usually 10-digits long. And this 10-digit number includes the 2-or 3-digit area code.

Which Mexican Area Code Should I Use?

There's a wide range of area codes used by Mexican residents. The residents living in different parts of the country have different area codes assigned to them. You can quickly discover the area code to dial with the client's resident location.

When figuring out how to call Mexico from the USA, you can refer to this table to find an area code if you don't already know it.

Image of Mexican Area codes

How Much Does It Cost to Call Mexico From the USA?

International calls are pretty expensive. So, if you want to know how to call Mexico from the USA without paying exorbitant fees, keep reading.

International calls via landlines and mobile phones cost a fortune. They do not come cheap at all. International calls to Mexico from landlines in the United States cost $3.50 per minute. And from a cell phone, it's no better. It costs about $3.65 per minute. And as a business with dozens of clients, adopting several landline and cell phone providers might not be in the best interest of your business.

Make Affordable Calls to Mexico with Community Phone

If you want to save on your international call spend, Community Phone can help you do that. For Mexico, calls cost between $0.02-0.17 USD at Community Phone.

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service provider that connects your phone to cell towers in your area, eliminating hassles related to internet-based phones or copper wires. With strong signal coverage in rural and low-reception areas, affordable plans, no contract or hidden charges, competitive international calling rates, and reliable 24/7 customer service, Community Phone is the landline service you need to connect within the US and internationally.

Image of Community Phone landline service

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

1. Affordability

Compared to traditional landlines and monthly cell phone subscriptions, which may be $3.50 per minute, Community Phone has competitive rates for international calls,. With only a cost range of $0.02-0.17 USD, you can save extra funds on phone bills.

2. Unlimited Texts

Stay in touch with your loved ones, customers, employees, or business associates with unlimited landline texting from Community Phone. Utilize the high open rate of messages and feature them in your marketing and communication strategy.

3. Exceptional Support

Community Phone services provide all the needed support to set up your modern wireless phone. The 24/7 customer support is patient and ever-willing to answer questions or answers you may have.

4. Easy to get started

The Community Phone landline base is easy to install and, most importantly, requires zero copper wires or internet. You can set it up in just 30 seconds.

First, you need to plug the landline base into a power source. Then, you plug your landline phone into the jack of the base. During a power outage, you can bank on the 12-hour backup battery the base has, which ensures your phones keep running.

5. International calls to 229 countries

Unlike other phone services, Community Phone doesn't impose call restrictions and offers unlimited access to make international calls to over 200 countries across the globe, all at competitive international rates. Talk to Community Phone's landline specialists to learn more.


What is the Country Code of Mexico?

The country code for making international calls to Mexico is 52. And you can only dial it after you've entered the exit code of the country you are dialing out of.

How do I dial a +52 number?

First, enter the US exit code. Start by dialing +011 before 52. It signals your phone that you're about to make an international call.


You can follow this simple guide on how to call Mexico from the US. You must be mindful of the calling rates when you place international calls. Community Phone, the most reliable landline service provider in the US, has the best international call rates that can help you stay connected with loved ones or business acquaintances in Mexico.

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