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How to Call a Landline Phone Number Using Your Cellphone

Calling a landline phone from your cellphone can be tricky because you must complete all the crucial steps to reach your receiver. Dialing just a landline's 7-digit or 8-digit number will not help you reach the recipient. You must follow different steps to reach landlines within the US and different steps for international landlines.

This article will cover the following:

  • How to call a landline using a cellphone
  • Dialing an international landline from your cell
  • Information on a reliable cell service with excellent great features, affordable plans, and world-class support - Community Phone

How to Call a Landline Using a Cellphone

Local Landline

Here are the steps on how to call a landline within the US:

  1. Open the phone app on your cell phone. This app has a phone icon.
  2. A dial should appear once you click on the app.
  3. Enter the area code of the town or the city of the landline you are trying to reach - a 3-digit number
  4. Then dial the landline number. Your number should be like this: Area code+landline number(E.g., 919-xxxxxxx)
  5. Click on the button that says call - mostly a green phone icon on many phones.
  6. You will hear a couple of beeps and the phone ring, indicating that your call is going through.
  7. You can leave a voicemail if your recipient does not answer and has voicemail services.

International Landline

Here are the steps on how to call a landline outside of the US

  1. Check if your phone plan supports international calls.
  2. Open the Phone app, an icon that looks like a phone.
  3. Access the dial pad (a keypad with numbers)
  4. Enter the exit code of the country you are calling from. E.g., the exit code for the US is +1.
  5. Enter the country code where the landline lives. E.g., the country code for India is 91.,
  6. Enter the area code where the number resides. E.g.,22 for Mumbai in India
  7. Dial the landline number. So your number should be exit code+country code+area code+landline number (01+91+22+xxxxxxxx)
  8. Press the call icon - the green phone icon.
  9. The phone ringing at the other end indicates your call is going through.
  10. You can leave a voicemail if your recipient does not answer and has voicemail services.

Common Country Codes

Here is a list of the common country codes:

USA: +1

UK: +44

Mexico: +52

India: +91

China: +86

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Using your cellphone to call a landline phone can seem confusing, but with our step-by-step guide, it will be easier. Always dial the area code before the landline number for local calls. Remember to add the exit code, the country code of the number you want to reach, and the area code before you dial an international landline number.

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