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8 Best Hotel Phone System Providers in 2023

Effective communication with hotel guests is vital for hotel management daily. A breakdown in communication leads to unforced errors and unhappy customers. Hotels can improve a guest's experience by having excellent communication systems that demonstrate that you value their business, listen to them, and clearly communicate your messages.

An effective way to overcome common challenges is by setting up an effective phone system at your hotel. Community Phone thrives as the perfect solution by offering hotels cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality landline service, allowing them to streamline communications.

Keep on reading to explore the best hotel phone providers on the market and see what makes Community a decent option for you. Let’s dive in.

What is a Hotel Telephone System?

A hotel telephone system aims to provide quick and efficient communications between guests and staff. The system will connect all phones and handset devices within the hotel.

When you set up personalized IDs on all hotel telephones, your staff will know which room they’re getting a call from, so they can provide quick service.

From Making dinner reservations to reporting lost items and arranging transportation, there are many ways a hotel telephone system can facilitate your guests. It will also allow them to quickly communicate with the front desk staff, request room service, or book an in-hotel space.

8 Best Phone Systems for Hotels in 2023

Here we’ll dive deep into the finest hotel phone systems of 2023.

1. Community Phone

Community Phone's Hotel Phone Service

Community Phone is a revolutionary landline provider offering effective hotel phone systems at cost-effective prices. Its landline is based on cell phone towers to eliminate the need for an expensive, high-speed internet connection or a traditional copper wire network. Its cellular landline is more reliable than other landlines, as it remains functional during power outages.

Moreover, you get various calling features at Community Phone, like call forwarding, to make it a perfect solution for hotel phone providers.

Why It is the #1 Hotel Phone System

First and foremost, Community Phone lets you save time and money by not requiring an extensive internet or copper network across your hotel. Instead, you can set up its base device at your hotel and turn it on. As it boots up and completes the 30-second setup, it’ll automatically connect it to a phone tower to enable communications.

Plus, as its landline operates on reliable cellular networks, you can ensure your hotel-stayers enjoy seamless and transparent communications with no delays or interruptions.

All of these benefits make Community Phone the best hotel phone system provider you can find in 2023.

Business Features

  • Call routing and forwarding – These features let you pre-program your phone system to route an incoming call to the right agent, according to your instructions.
  • Custom dial menu – Using this feature, you can let your hotel guests pick the right calling option by dialing a digit from their dial pad, as specified by the custom greeting.
  • Live call transfer lets you forward an ongoing call to another support agent in real time.
  • Ring a second number – Using this feature, you can set your phone system to ring two numbers simultaneously so that any available staff can pick up the call.
  • Different types of phone numbers – Though you can also keep your existing number, Community Phone lets you choose between local, vanity, and toll-free numbers if you decide to get a new one.
  • Voicemail to email – This feature forwards voicemail messages as audio files to your inbox to allow easy access from any device.

How Community Phone Works

Implementing a Community Phone’s landline at your hotel is simple and easy. By signing up at Community Phone and picking a suitable plan, you’ll be able to order the needed base device. Once it arrives, boot it up and let it connect to the phone tower automatically.


  • The built-in battery of Community Phone’s landline base device provides a 12-hour power backup to ensure your phone system works during power outages.
  • You can contact Community Phone’s customer support anytime, as it’s available round-the-clock.
  • Community Phone offers a wide variety of business calling features to help you streamline communications at your hotel.
  • Setting up a landline at Community Phone is quick and easy as it excludes setting up a wired internet or copper network.


Community Phone offers custom business plans to ensure they suit your business's particular needs, resulting in varying costs.

If you’re interested in trying Community Phone, call our landline specialist at the following number and discuss your hotel needs today!


2. Nextiva

Nextiva is a business communication program that provides an all-in-one interface for managing your business communications. For instance, you can handle calls, messages, emails, team groups, analytics, and much more from anywhere. Apart from that, Nextiva also lets you run customer surveys to encourage customer feedback for continuous improvement.

Business Features

  • Manage all business communication from one place
  • It allows conference calls between employees, as Community Phone does with its live call transfer feature.
  • Supports CRM integrations
  • Support for advanced call management features


  • Essential – $18.95/user/mo
  • Professional – $22.95/user/mo
  • Enterprise – $32.95/user/mo

3. Ooma

Ooma is yet another business phone service that can help your hotel communicate. This phone service lets you choose a new toll-free or local phone number for free or port your existing one. Community Phone does the same and offers even more choices of available phone numbers. Ooma packs different business plans to meet varying hotel needs.

Business Features

  • Easy-to-use app
  • Low international calling rates
  • Allows videoconferencing for employees
  • Enjoy call queueing and other calling features such as call routing to guarantee that no calls are lost.


  • Essentials – $19.95/user/mo
  • Pro – $24.95/user/mo
  • Pro Plus – $29.95/user/mo

4. RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based hotel phone system provider that runs off the internet. While internet-based landlines are a modern-day solution, they’re not as reliable as cellular landlines service like Community Phone.

Although the internet is widespread worldwide, it’s unreliable in some regions. So, if your customer might be interrupted, your internet fluctuates during a call. This internet-powered hotel phone service offers an effective dashboard for communication management. Plus, it integrates with business apps.

Business Features

  • Supports messages as well as voice and video calls
  • Integrated contact center
  • Convenient phone app for on-the-go management
  • Integrates with various business apps


  • Essentials – $29.99/user/mo
  • Standard – $37.99/user/mo
  • Premium – $44.99/user/mo
  • Ultimate – $59.99/user/mo

5. Vonage

Vonage is yet another effective hotel phone provider that uses the internet infrastructure. Vonage offers many advanced communication solutions to businesses to help them streamline their internal and external communications. That said, the company provides specialized plans to fit various business needs.

Business Features

  • Supports various APIs, including video, voice, and text
  • It offers lots of development features for customization
  • Supports 50+ phone features and integrated solutions
  • Provides a guaranteed uptime of 99.999%


  • Mobile – $19.99/user/mo
  • Premium – $29.99/user/mo
  • Advanced – $39.99/user/mo

6. AT&T

AT&T is also a VoIP landline provider and requires high-speed internet to enable clear internal and external communications at your hotel. It offers a business voice service that best fits hotels but requires an AT&T fiber-based internet connection. Moreover, it provides unlimited nationwide calling and voicemail-to-text notifications to enhance your customer support experience. Community Phone also offers a voicemail-to-text feature so you can handle customer voicemails more conveniently.

Business Features

  • Provides unlimited nationwide calling
  • Includes a high-speed fiber internet connection
  • Detailed calling analytics


  • $89/mo

7. 8x8

8x8 is a versatile cloud platform offering convenient communication solutions to businesses like hotels. Its business phone service comes with unlimited calling and multi-level auto attendant to help cut down your customer care costs. Moreover, it offers many calling features to class up your call handling system.

Business Features

  • Allows call recording
  • Easy administration and handling of calls
  • Detailed analytics and dashboards
  • Web and mobile apps for flexibility


  • Express – $15/user/mo
  • X2 – $24/user/mo
  • X4 – $44/user/mo

8. AirCall

AirCall is a call center software designed to help support teams manage customers effectively, making it another good option for hotel phone providers. As software, it offers a quick setup that eliminates the procedures of setting up physical hardware and hiring a technician. Moreover, collaborative features like group chats and comments help your team collaborate better.

Business Features

  • Smart routing rules for effective call management
  • Detailed analytics for easy tracking
  • Supports call recording and call conferencing


  • Essentials – $30/user
  • Professional – $50/user
  • Custom – N/A

Importance of Having a Telephone System at a Hotel

Having a business phone system can benefit your hotel in many ways, such as:

1. Improved Customer Service

A telephone system can help you effectively manage your customer calls, whether from your hotel stayers or potential leads. It lets you handle various calls simultaneously so that all your customers enjoy good customer service.

2. Streamlines Internal and External Communications

Phone systems nowadays pack lots of advanced features to promote call streamlining. For instance, call conferencing lets you talk to multiple employees at once and conduct phone meetings effectively. Also, you can use the custom dial feature to professionally handle your customer calls by quickly routing them to the right agent.

3. Adds Value to Your Hotel Business

Operating an effective phone system can take your hotel’s professionalism to the next level, essential for improving your customer retention rate and getting more customers. For instance, your customers will love having their call routed to another available agent when the support agent themself is unavailable.

4. Saves Cost and Time

Letting your phone automate calling as much as possible can take a lot off your and your management staff’s shoulders. Features like call routing enable the automatic transfer of an incoming call to the relevant team. This way, you’ll be able to operate your business with less workforce and save on costs accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Your hotel phone system will directly impact your customers' user experience and, thus, your sales potential. In this guide, we’ve highlighted the best hotel phone system providers for 2023 to help you decide on a suitable one.

To conclude, Community Phone is the top solution for hotel phone services, as it offers innovative business landline plans at affordable rates. Its landline works during power outages, thanks to its 12-hour battery backup. This way, your phone system doesn’t have to rely on an inverter, which can add up to your electricity bill or generator expense.

If you’re interested in this hotel landline service, try Community Phone today!

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