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How to Get a Free Phone Number

How to Get a Free Phone Number

It's a good idea to add a second phone number to separate your personal and professional life. A free phone number is typically given to you when you sign up for VoIP, landline service or activate a cell phone or SIM card.

This article will provide information on the following:

  1. Why do businesses need free phone numbers?
  2. Issues with VoIP-based free phone numbers
  3. Top 6 free phone number providers

Why are Free Phone Numbers Needed?

Businesses need phone numbers to connect with clients and customers and expand their organization's reach. As a business owner, you know the role of phone conversations in sales and marketing outreach is indispensable.

Free toll-free numbers enable callers to connect with your business without having to pay long-distance charges and can help you reduce costs on your phone bills. With a free phone number, you can gauge where and how clients like to connect and where to spend time and money. Such small steps may help you broaden your profit margin if you are a startup with budget crunches.

Issues With Free Phone Numbers

Most free numbers are VoIP-based, which comes with several unforeseen issues.

  • You'll need more time for setup. VoIP service providers typically ask for further details for consumers to set up a fixed VoIP number.
  • The free phone number may have different features to project your business professionally. You may pay more while trying to get features your business needs, unlimited minutes, and international calls.
  • Spammers frequently use dynamic VoIP numbers. If you use a free VoIP phone number, your organization may come across as unprofessional.
  • When you call 911 from a non-fixed VoIP number, first responders won't be able to pinpoint your location.
  • You may have to contend with echo during calls, call drops, and your phone lines going down with internet, network, or power outages, impacting your reputation negatively.

5 Best Free Phone Number Services

1. Community Phone

Community Phone is the best wireless business service provider in the US, fighting to keep the landline alive. By connecting your landline or business phones and nearby cell towers, Community Phone provides unlimited local and long-distance calling.

Experience the reliability of a landline, the freedom of wireless, excellent features at affordable prices, no contracts or hidden charges, and world-class support.

Community Phone Numbers

Get a Business Phone Number With Community Phone

You can get a phone number with Community Phone when you sign up for their landline or business services. Here are the steps:

  • Contact Community Phone customer care at 866-271-4268
  • The rep will check the coverage in your area.
  • Once the rep has confirmed coverage, they will allocate a number for you from the pool.
  • You can get your landline base and start using your phone.
  • If you are getting the second business number for your cell, the rep will help you with the activation to start using your number.

Community Phone Features

Here are some of Community Phone's business features to help you stay connected with your customers, build trust and loyalty, and grow your business.

1. Call Forwarding

If you are a startup and do not want to invest in a landline base, you can enable call forwarding with Community Phone. You can get a number from Community Phone and share it in the public domain. Community Phone can forward calls from this number to your cell, keeping your number private but ensuring you are available to take customer calls.

2. Call Routing

Route calls to the appropriate department or person to ensure your customer has a great experience when they call in for assistance.

If you are a startup, every missed call could be a potential loss of revenue for you. Program multiple numbers, e.g., your landline, your cell, and your partner/associate's number, to ring simultaneously for incoming calls, enabling the person available to answer the call.

Or, have phones ring in succession if the first number is busy or can't answer.

3. Custom Dial Menu

A dial menu helps your business create a professional image, route calls to the correct person, share important information, or route to voicemail during off-business hours.

A dial menu can make your company appear more significant than its size, even if you are a one-person startup.

4. Spam Call Blocking

You can manually block spam numbers on your cell phone or landline one by one by accessing the phone settings or using *60#. However, this is a tedious process; you can block numbers only after receiving the spam call.

The Community Phone spam call-blocker service automatically blocks 99% of unwanted calls by challenging robocalls, disconnecting them, and blocking them forever before your phone rings.

5. Number Choice

Depending on your customers' location and business needs, you can choose from local or toll-free numbers for your business.

Contact Community Phone customer care at 866-271-4268 to learn more about getting a vanity number like 1-888-CAR REPAIR, so your customers can remember your business quickly and get referrals.

Benefits of Signing Up With Community Phone

Community Phone offers reliable coverage in remote areas and doesn't require a copper cable or an internet connection to function. It's more dependable than VoIP phone services because it doesn't rely on the internet.

Here are some benefits of signing up with Community Phone:

1. Unlimited Calls

Stay in touch with customers, clients, or employees with Community Phone's unlimited minutes. Use the minutes to gather feedback, sales outreach, or technical support without fearing a massive phone bill.

2. Unlimited Text Messages

Studies indicate that over 93% of customers want to text businesses. Leverage the high open rate of text messages - 98% to launch marketing campaigns and customer outreach.

Community Phone's landline texting allows you to send personalized text messages to customers instead of bulk impersonal messages. Conduct poll surveys, send out offers and discounts, and wish them on a special occasion. The options are endless!

3. Handheld Number Porting

With Community Phone's hand-held number porting, switching your business or personal number will be easy as you will not have to follow up for updates. A dedicated rep will help you through the porting process, keeping you updated and ensuring you don't have to repeat yourself to several reps.

4. Works During Power Outages

The Community Phone landline base has a 12-hour backup battery that keeps your phone working during power outages.

Other Providers

2. Google Voice

Google Voice is simply a more intricate phone number. With a Voice number, you may make and receive calls from any location on mobile devices and the internet.

You can create a Google Voice account on your computer or mobile device and start making local and international calls and sending messages immediately.


Google Voice is loved by many for its flexibility in location and ability to combine phone numbers.

Demerits of Google Voice

Google Voice also caps users, works only with other Google phones, and limits collaboration.

How to Get a Free Google Voice Number?

  1. Visit
  2. Go to your Google Account and log in.
  3. Review the privacy statement and terms of service.
  4. You can look up available numbers using the city or area code.
  5. Select your desired number.
  6. Follow the directions displayed on the screen.

3. Text Now

Text Now is a phone service that can be accessed on all devices for Android and iOS over the internet. It allows free calling and texting by offering a personal phone number and connections. It's an ideal option as a backup phone or for someone who doesn't need data.

Benefits of Text Now

  • Unlimited calling and texting capabilities
  • Affordable, all-inclusive plans
  • Connect to multiple devices.
  • Free phone numbers to better organize communication.

How to Get a Free Text Now Number?

  1. Download Text Now on your Apple or Android device and log in.
  2. Go to "settings" and "profile."
  3. Under "account," click "TextNow Number."
  4. Confirm to get a free phone number

4. YouMail

YouMail is a call-blocking and visual voicemail app that changes the location of your voicemail messages. You may access your voicemail messages from any device that can connect to the internet to browse, listen to, and organize them.

Benefits of YouMail:

  • Large inbox visual voicemail with no spam.
  • Send transcriptions via text, email, or in-app.
  • Support by email and live chat.
  • Free of advertisements.

How to Get a Free You Mail Number?

To get a free phone number with YouMail, visit YouMail, select your phone number, and register for any YouMail Professional plan to receive a free phone number. Depending on your package, you are free to have up to 25 different phone numbers.

5. TextFree

You can make and receive free phone calls with TextFree in addition to sending and receiving messages. You can open an account, select a phone number to send messages, and make calls to any actual numbers in the United States and Canada if you live there.

Benefits of TextFree:

  • Call loved ones without having to worry about time running out.
  • Modify your TextFree number daily.
  • Support for verification/shortcodes.
  • It is compatible with TextFree Web.

How to Get a Free TextFree Number?

  • Download the TextFree app. On desktop, iOS, and Android, it's free to use.
  • Decide on a phone number. Look up area codes to locate the ideal number.
  • Call and text right away! All texts are free. Minutes are easy to acquire and inexpensive to earn.

6. Dingtone

You can make WiFi calls and send free texts with the calling app Dingtone. With Dingtone, you may reduce your monthly phone bill while safeguarding your personal information.

Benefits of Dingtone:

  • Unlimited high-quality phone calls are possible.
  • Send an endless number of texts.
  • Send contacts your location, photos, and videos instantly.
  • Make group chats with up to a thousand people.
  • You can call any landline or mobile number in more than 200 countries with incredibly inexpensive rates.


How to Get a Free Dingtone Number?**

  1. Create a Dingtone Account on the Dingtone App by downloading it.
  2. When you place your first call with Dingtone, you'll receive a free phone number at random.
  3. Access the list of numbers.
  4. Identify your country code.
  5. Choose an area code.
  6. Obtain the number.


How can I get a USA phone number for free?

You can get a free USA phone number when you sign up with Community Phone landline, business service, or cell plan. You can call customer care at 855-346-3027 to learn how to get a free phone number.

Can I get a temporary phone number for free?

Yes, you can get a temporary phone number for free by downloading the TextFree, TextNow, or FreedomPop apps from their websites. You are given an actual phone number during setup, which you can use to call people and for them to call you. The apps handle all calls, allowing you to keep your actual phone number as well.


Getting a free phone number can help your business take advantage of the various phone call benefits while cutting costs. However, free numbers only come with some features your business may need, forcing you to pay more to get the entire deck. VoIP-based phones are unreliable and are plagued with connectivity issues.

Get your free phone number from Community Phone, the best wireless landline service provider that combines excellent features, wireless access, and the reliability of a landline with world-class support to meet your business needs.

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