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How to Make Free International Calls to Landline Numbers

How to Make Free International Calls to Landline Numbers

In the past, individuals and businesses had no choice but to spend a lot of money on international phone calls. Companies still rely on the convenience and connectivity of landline phones but no longer have to pay the exorbitant rates of yesteryear. New communication technology has made it possible to contact anyone for free, no matter where they live or do business. However, internet-based options like VOIP or instant messengers do not offer the reliability and ease of use that exists with a landline system.

VoIP calls are ridden with issues and are not considered professional by many businesses. Read on to know more about how you can fix bad free VoIP calls that ruin your family time and business reputation by switching to Community Phone, the best landline service in the United States.

How to Make Free International Calls?

Learn how to call international for free with some of the standard VoIP services today. Each of these popular solutions has a list of features specifically designed to help individuals and businesses easily connect with the people in their family, friend group, or network. Some services target different audiences and demographics. However, weighing the pros and cons of each service before deciding to opt for one is essential.


As one of the more popular VOIP number services worldwide, Skype helps make free international calls. While it offers free international calling, both caller and recipient must sign up to make free international calls over Skype. Video chatting and text messaging provide multiple communication options.


a) Offers both a desktop and mobile app

b) All Skype users can enjoy free calls

c) Video and voice messaging are available

d) Free international calling to others who use the app


As a product of Apple Inc., Facetime offers only limited use for those with Android phones or other mobile devices. This voice-over internet protocol phone option is trendy among younger iPhone users.

However, since late 2021, callers can invite non-iOS/Mac users to a chat. Allowing calls between people on the same app can seriously limit the capabilities of most people and businesses who need bi-directional calling on a global scale.


1. Facetime is only available for Mac/iOS users

2. Full-featured video calling options

3. Voice calls with high quality

4. Free worldwide calling between users


WhatsApp service targets mostly individual consumers, especially a younger demographic. Some people use this VoIP app for business, but it is not as expected. It is owned by Facebook and works between operating systems as long as everyone has an active account.


1. Available on all major operating systems: Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS

2. Create group chats or virtual social meetings

3. Easy text messaging between users

4. Share images and other files with ease

5. Security of end-to-end encryption

6. Free international calling for WhatsApp users


This option is also owned by Facebook, which may put off some users. It requires internet connectivity to function and focuses mainly on text-based communication.

How to call international for free with Messenger?

You can call internationally with Messenger if you and the recipient of the call are on the same app.


1. Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows supported

2. Offers unique customized group chats with themes

3. Connect with business options

4. Video and voice calls are available

5. Leave voice messages

6. Share files, including images with contacts

7. Send money to friends and family

8. International calling with no cost to users

Issues with VoIP International Calls

Most VOIP service providers offer international calling without cost. You have the option to use their apps to make calls from your smartphone at any time. However, this presents issues if your intended target does not have the app available. If the recipient of your call fails to understand this or prefers to use another phone system, the result is the same. You cannot connect, call, or text if they are not on the same VoIP app.

Unfortunately, some countries ban commonly used VOIP and messaging services, rendering them useless for personal and business communication.

Dubai and the UAE disallow WhatsApp, for example. If your company does not engage with those regions, it might not matter. However, these issues make it challenging to expand into new markets in the volatile global economy. Why block options from the start when other cheaper international call options exist?

Make Cheap International Calls From Landline with Community Phone

Community Phone offers the best solution to make cheap international calls to landlines. This modern telecom option offers the best of both worlds for local and global access. The landline works without copper wire infrastructure or the internet. It uses cellphone towers to provide service to in-office devices.

Reliability tops the list of significant benefits that switching to Community Phone can bring. However, the advantages become more evident if you want to know how to call international.

Community Phone offers international calling to 229 countries and unlimited nationwide calling within the United States. This freedom and flexibility maximize your business opportunities, customer service capabilities, and convenience for an incredibly affordable price.

Image of Community Phone landline service

What Makes Community Phone Better than VoIP Phones?

Since the Community Phone landline service does not require internet access, there is no risk of downtime if something happens to your network. There are no restrictions on the numbers you can call, and the call recipient need not have the same service provider as in the case of VoIP-based apps.

The reliability and call clarity of a landline is unbeatable by VoIP phones, as they are plagued by jitter, latency, and call drops. Security and vulnerability to hacks and breaches are almost nil in Community Phone as it is a wireless landline, while VoIP-based apps leave you vulnerable.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Maximize your ability to communicate internationally by choosing the best Community Phone plan for your business. It is effortless to get started.

a) Call customer service or sign up on their website, plug in the provided landline base and phone, and go.

b) Enjoy exceptional customer support by phone, email, or chat if you have any questions or need help with the service.

c) A free 14-day trial can help you decide to switch to this international plan easier than you can imagine.

d) The affordable monthly or annual plans will fit seamlessly into your operational budget even after this starter deal ends.

Get The Best International Phone Call Service with Community Phone

Setting up your new landline phone service is simple. You do not have to wait for technician visits or struggle with complicated processes. A simple sign-up on the Community Phone website after checking your address for coverage will do. If you need help, customer support is available by phone, email, or through a secure online chat messaging service.

1. Sign up by calling the Community Phone support team at 866-880-5514.

2. Wait for the landline base to arrive after signing up.

3. Plug the landline base into any power outlet.

4. Connect any landline phone to the base using a standard phone jack.

5. Enjoy unlimited nationwide calling and cheap international calls immediately.

6. Now that you understand how to call international for free and get many other beneficial features, it is time to start.


1. Is WhatsApp free for international calls?

WhatsApp's voice calling feature lets you call your contacts for free, regardless of location. Rather than using your mobile plan's minutes for voice calls, WhatsApp uses your phone's internet connection.

2. How can I make an international call to a landline?

To call internationally, dial 011, and then the code of the country you are calling, the city code, and the phone number.

3. Why do you have to dial 011 for international calls?

The 011 code signals that the number you will dial next is outside the United States.

4. Do I have to dial 011 from a cell phone?

When using a mobile phone, you can enter a + instead of 011 or 00 by pressing and holding the 0 key.


VoIP apps in the market may allow you to make international calls free of cost. However, what use is a call if you cannot spend quality time with your loved ones or engage professionally for business? Call drops, latency, and poor call quality can embarrass you in front of your family or clients.

Switch to Community Phone, the best landline service provider in the US offers the cheapest international calling rates to 229 countries. Talk to their business specialists to know more!

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