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How To Find A Landline Phone Number

How To Find A Landline Phone Number

A landline phone number resembles a standard number. Traditionally, landline calls operate through copper wire. However, landline numbers have recently been upgraded to wireless and digital-based. You can now obtain a landline number that enables you to place calls through cell towers and internet connections.

You may need to find a landline phone number to reach out to a business for assistance, potential customers, or seeking information. Learn more about how to find a business landline number.

How to Find Landline Phone Number

Identifying the owner of an unknown number can be done through a few distinct methods. Searching a reverse phone lookup directory online can help you find the owner of a landline phone number and, in many cases, their address as well.

You can also look for a phone number on various social media platforms and search engines. Here are some resources to help you look up a landline number:

1. Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages are a business telephone directory that lists companies according to the goods and services they offer. Yellow Pages used to appear on yellow paper bound in volumes.

But, the widespread availability of digital versions of the same content and users being able to access online databases with the click of a mouse from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device has drastically reduced the number of printed books.

Here's how you can find a business landline number from the Yellow Pages:

  1. Visit the main page of, enter the company name and location, then click the "Find" button to begin your search.
  2. The query will throw a dozen results. Scroll down until you find the company you want, then click on it.
  3. You can find the company's contact details on its profile page, which you can use to establish contact.

2. Zabasearch

Nearly a billion people's details are stored in Zabasearch's database. The extensive database allows you to find people born more than 80 years ago. Learn more about the person, including their past, contacts, family, friends, and criminal history, from Zabasearch.

Zabasearch's Reverse Phone Lookup service is available without charge. Reverse phone lookups are a convenient way to find out personal details about an unidentified caller, such as their name, age, and address, if they are listed in public records in the United States.

The process of utilizing their service is straightforward. You can use the search bar on their website to look for a person or place by entering their name, phone number, or address.

  1. To find a business landline number, go to the Zabasearch website, type in the business name, and click the "Search" button.
  2. You'll see the top one hundred results once your query fetches results.
  3. You can refine the search results further if you know the business location.

3. Better Business Bureau

BBB's mission is to provide an honest and trustworthy marketplace for buyers and sellers. This group works to establish and promote ethical business practices in the market. As a private, non-profit group, the BBB's primary mission is to increase consumers' confidence in businesses. If you're wondering how to find a landline phone number for free using Better Business Bureau, follow the steps below.

  1. Obtainable and reliable data increases the possibility of a successful record release.
  2. You can do a Better Business Bureau search by locating the business' physical address using the contact or footer information on their website.
  3. You may not find any results on BBB if the firm behind the website is a DBA for a larger one or if the listed location needs to be more accurate.

4. Yelp

Yelp is a well-known review site where users may find information on various local services, from eating establishments to beauty salons to workshops. Yelp searches are available on desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) devices.

Listings are organized by category, and users may refine their search based on factors like distance from their current location, budget, and amenities like outdoor seating, delivery, and reservation services. Yelp's social features set it apart from similar sites; users are strongly encouraged to share their opinions on local businesses through written reviews, review sites, and photos.

  1. Go to
  2. Type the search phrase into the box at the top of the screen.
  3. Once the results come up, choose the business you want.
  4. Click on the business to get all the necessary information, including phone number and address.
  5. Use the suggested filters to refine your search results.

5. Facebook

There are three primary methods for locating contact information for potential clients on social media platforms like Facebook. It's possible to track down a business or identify the owner of a mysterious number by searching for mentions of the number or the account associated with it online. Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in the world. Its hundreds of millions of users make it possible to learn surprisingly specific details about individuals just by knowing their name, email address, or a shared link.

You should check their social media pages first to see whether they've included their phone number. If that fails, you may always conduct a more in-depth search to see if they've uploaded it before. Finally, find out if they have a company profile on Facebook and post it there. Follow the instructions below to see how to find a landline phone number.

  1. Enter your Facebook credentials.
  2. Click on the search button.
  3. Specify the name of the company you are looking for in the search box
  4. You may now be able to access their Facebook page.

6. LinkedIn

You may find the company's contact details (email, physical address, and possibly even phone number) in the "About" section. Telephone numbers are usually hidden or obscured on LinkedIn. You can use the same approach outlined above to identify a specific expert employed by the company.

When looking for a phone number on LinkedIn, you may also utilize an extension like Apollo. The Apollo Chrome Extension for LinkedIn is a great way to expand your network and get in touch with new potential clients through the usage of verified information such as phone numbers and emails. You can incorporate these individuals into the Apollo lists and sequences you have already created. Read on to learn how to find the numbers:

  1. Type the company's name into the platform's search bar.
  2. Locate the organization's website and visit it.
  3. Learn more by perusing the company's "About" page.

7. Search Engines

You can find business landline numbers on search engines -,,, etc. This option works only to find business numbers, which can be found only if the business has an online presence.


  • Launch
  • Type the string “Business Name” + Landline Number in the search box
  • This search should populate the desired result
  • If the results obtained are not as per expectation, you can refine the search string by trying - “Business Name” + Contact Number or “Business Name” + Phone Number

Using Google Maps

  • Launch Google Maps
  • Key in the business name you want in the search bar, and the business type if you know it
  • Choose the business you want from the results that populate.
  • Clicking on that business can give you the business details, including the phone number

Bing Search Engine

Searching on works the same way as Here are the steps:

  • Launch
  • Type the string “Business Name” + Landline Number in the search box
  • This search should populate the desired result
  • If the results obtained are not as per expectation, the search string can be refined by trying - “Business Name” + Contact Number or “Business Name” + Phone Number

8. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert is a powerful email finder tool that enables you to find the right contact information for anyone you are looking for. With Voila Norbert, all you need is your prospect’s name and the company URL they’re working for. Norbert always runs the found email address through an email verification process to validate its accuracy. Each email is then equipped with a “certainty score” that tells you how sure Norbert is that he found the right email address for you.

Here’s how to find emails with Voila Norbert:

Step 1: To find an email address with Voila Norbert Email Finder, you need two things:

1. The full name of your prospect
2. The domain name (website URL) which your prospect’s company uses to send emails from.

Step 2: Enter this information into Norbert Email Finder and Norbert will spit back a valid email address in less than a second.

Note: If Norbert can’t find an email address, double-check that you have the right domain. Some companies use different domain names for their websites and their emails.

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How can I look up a landline number for free?

You can look up landline numbers through, NumLooker, a free phone number lookup tool. It provides detailed information on the owner, the number's location, their carrier provider, and more.


Finding a phone number for a business has become easy with evolving technology. Search engines and several specific websites help people look up business information they need, provided the businesses have been listed.

However, listing your business’s number in the public domain may invite spammers and scammers to call your business. Get Community Phone’s spam call-blocking service to ensure you protect your business and employees from scammers and frauds.

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