Blog/Do Landlines Still Exist? 7 Reasons to Keep your Landline Phone

Do Landlines Still Exist? 7 Reasons to Keep your Landline Phone

Do Landlines Still Exist? 7 Reasons to Keep your Landline Phone

A common question in today's technology-driven world: Do landlines still exist?

Landlines may not be as common as they were back in their heyday, but they still exist and serve many essential and unique functions in personal and professional settings.

Landlines are popular among seniors and youngsters alike due to their reliability, resilience, affordability, and clear voice quality.

Read on to learn why you should keep your landline and how they can benefit you.

7 Reasons to Keep your Landline Phone 

There are many reasons to keep your landline phone service, some of which are detailed below.

1. Better Sound Quality 

Unlike cell phones, landlines have incredible sound quality. Good call quality is vital for communication, especially for businesses where call quality directly impacts business reputation.

Community Phone provides excellent call quality in rural and low-reception areas, thanks to the design of their wireless landline base. The ability of the landline base to amplify signals can ensure that your customers have a great experience when they call for assistance.

2. Works during Power Outage 

When there is inclement weather or a power outage, staying connected is more important than ever. Your internet strength or connection will not stand in the way of your business or personal calls. With Community Phone's reliable 12-hour backup battery, you won't have to miss a call during a power outage.

3. Extremely Easy to Use 

Landlines are not only highly functional and practical, but they are also easy to use for people of any age.

4. Emergency Services Are Easy to Access 

A telephone's primary role is its ability to alert others in an emergency. Landlines are better at pinpointing your location, helping first responders get to you quicker in times of need.

Though cell phones have GPS tracking capabilities, they may not be as efficient as a landline in pinpointing the exact location.

5. Senior Friendly 

Community Phone offers home phone service specifically designed to be senior-friendly. The landline base has a quick and easy setup that anyone can do.

Not only is our service user-friendly, but it does not require internet or copper cables, making this the perfect service for those who do not require internet at home or need help with technology.

The Community Phone landline service is 31-35% cheaper than traditional and digital landlines, 20-25% cheaper than VoIP phones, and 73% cheaper than a standard cell phone plan.

6. Easy Setup 

You can install your Community Phone landline base without anyone's help in under 30 seconds. Plug in the landline base to your power outlet. Plug your phone into the jack on the landline base, and you are ready to go!

Community Phone landlines use local cell towers to work, so no copper wiring or internet connections are required to get started.

7. Landlines Are More Secure

Unlike cell phones, landlines are not hackable and are a secure method of communication. This security allows our customers to rest at ease, knowing that their information is their own and not easily controlled or compromised by others.


Why should you not get rid of your landline? 

Landlines have superior and unmatched sound quality, are easy to use for all ages and experience levels, continue to work during power outages, and cannot be hacked or manipulated by outside sources. If you value your privacy, landlines are your best bet.


Despite the growing popularity of cell phones, landlines have takers. People, especially seniors, would like to continue using landlines as they do not want to use cell phones or cannot figure them out.

Community Phone is the best wireless landline service in the US, providing excellent calling features, reliability of the landline, and wireless access at affordable prices.

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