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What Is the Cheapest AT&T Landline Plan?

What Is the Cheapest AT&T Landline Plan?

There are a few different AT&T landline plans, and you can choose the best one depending on your specific needs. AT&T offers a variety of plans, including unlimited local and long-distance calling, as well as features like call waiting and caller ID.

But what is the cheapest AT&T landline plan? Learn more about AT&T landline costs, copper connection shutdown, and the best AT&T alternative.

AT&T Landline Updates

AT&T is a traditional wired landline service provider. Traditional wired landline services require copper wires to provide landline service, which can be pretty inconvenient.

AT&T recently announced that they would be moving away from traditional copper wire landline service and shifting towards fiber-optic service. If you already have AT&T, you must upgrade your equipment to prepare for the switch.

What is the Cheapest AT&T Landline Plan?

1. Traditional Home Phone

The cheapest AT&T landline plan is the Traditional Home Phone plan. This plan features unlimited local calls, a residential phone number, and access to 911 services.

The flat-rate landline plan does not cover long-distance or local toll calling, and fees may apply. You will also run into additional fees for installations and equipment.

The price of the cheapest AT&T landline plan is $41 per month. However, the flat rate service rates can vary depending on where you are located, and these rates are subject to change.

Regarding landline services, there are certainly better and cheaper options out there than AT&T landline. You can experience the reliability of a copper-wired landline with Community Phone's wireless landline service with unlimited nationwide calling.

2. Complete Choice Enhanced

Another popular AT&T landline plan is the Complete Choice Enhanced plan. This plan includes all of the features in the previous plan and up to 12 premium calling features, such as caller ID, call waiting ID, call forwarding, speed dialing, missed call dialing, three-way calling, and more.

Remember that long-distance calling is not covered as part of the flat-rate plan. As with their traditional plan, you will need to pay for the equipment upfront and any installation fees. However, there is an add-on option available. Toll calling is also subject to additional fees.

Community Phone has features like 3-way calling, call waiting, voicemail capabilities, unlimited minutes, and even text capabilities with its landline service at affordable prices. Call Community Phone customer care at 855-346-3027.

This AT&T landline plan costs $55 per month. However, charges can vary based on the state you are in. Taxes and additional fees are not included in this monthly rate.

3. Long Distance

AT&T landline plans also offer an optional long-distance calling add-on. When you select this add-on as part of your service, you can choose from per-minute, unlimited, or international calling plans.

The cost of this plan will vary depending on your state and location. For that reason, you should call their company directly for pricing.

The number for AT&T customer care is (800)222-0300.

Best Wireless AT&T Landline Alternative - Community Phone

Community Phone

Are you looking for a modern alternative to AT&T's traditional wired landline plans? Then you should consider switching to Community Phone.

Community Phone's wireless home phone service features a simple, 30-second installation that does not need an internet connection or copper wires. Most Community Phone plans include unlimited, nationwide calling nationwide with no additional fees.

Community Phone has you covered for all of your business or home phone needs. When you choose Community Phone, you can rest easy knowing that your landline service comes with a backup battery that lasts 12 hours, keeping your phone running during power outages.

Since Community Phone relies on cell towers, it has higher uptime rates and increased resilience. You will also have 24/7 access to a friendly and helpful team of customer service representatives.

What makes Community Phone better than AT&T?

1. Call Routing

One thing that makes Community Phone better than AT&T is call routing features. Community Phone's call-routing feature allows you to route calls to an individual or a group to ensure your customer gets the proper assistance every time.

You can program several phones to ring simultaneously or have an ACD route calls to the second number when the first one is busy. AT&T landline services do not offer call routing.

2. Call Forwarding

You can have Community Phone forward calls to a cell phone if you do not want to invest in a landline base or list your number in the public domain. If you want this feature with your AT&T plan, you will have to be willing to pay additional fees.

3. Custom Dial Menu

You can customize the Community Phone dial menu to custom greet customers, route calls to the correct departments or people, share success stories or offers, or route to voicemail. AT&Ts traditional landlines do not come with such unique features.

4. Voicemail-to-email

Another incredible feature that is unique to Community Phone is the voicemail-to-email feature. This feature allows you to access your voicemails directly in your email as audio files and transcriptions. Now, you don't need to log into your voicemail box to access your voicemails.

Benefits of Switching to Community Phone

Switching to Community Phone comes with tons of incredible benefits. Community Phone landline service comes with the following:

  • Unlimited texting
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Top-of-the-line customer support
  • International calling to 229 countries worldwide at competitive rates.
  • 14-day free trial
  • Convenient technician-free installation
  • No internet or copper connection is necessary


What is the best alternative to AT&T landline?

The best alternative to AT&T landline is Community Phone. Community Phone provides a landline service that works without an internet connection or copper wires. Affordable plans, world-class support, no contracts or hidden charges, and the ability to work through power outages makes Community Phone the best choice for you.

Call Community Phone customer care at 855-346-3027 to learn more!

Switch to Community Phone Today!

AT&T landline service can be complicated to set up and doesn't include additional features. With AT&T shutting down copper connections across the country, Community Phone is the best wireless landline alternative to AT&T.

Join thousands of Americans who have already switched to Community Phone and be a part of the community fighting to keep the landline alive.

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