Blog/Call Patching: Definition, How It Works & Best Service

Call Patching: Definition, How It Works & Best Service

Call Patching: Definition, How It Works & Best Service

Time is a valuable commodity for all businesses in today's modern age. To ensure your customers can always reach you- even during peak hours- call patching has become necessary.

Call transfer services are critical for businesses and convenient for customers. With call patching, they never have to worry about getting disconnected when they call for assistance or seek solutions.

What is Call Patching?

Call Patching is a process where live receptionists (not your employee) answer calls and redirect customers to the person or department they need.

Patching helps keep your customer service representatives from being overloaded with calls and ensures that customers are connected to the right person.

How Does Call Patching Work?

The process often referred to as a "warm" transfer, involves receiving an incoming call on your main business line. A professional virtual receptionist answers the call and collects necessary information to properly direct the caller, such as specific department names or contact details.

The virtual receptionist places the caller on hold and calls the individual or department they are trying to reach, providing a brief introduction and transferring the call to that person in your company.

What Does 'Patch me in the call' mean?

In call center slang, patch me in the call means to connect the caller with the agent they're trying to reach. Once the call is patched, the original agent can move on to another caller and continue processing calls.

Why Should You Use Call patching?

1. Prioritize Calls

One of the main benefits of call patching is that it allows you to prioritize incoming calls based on your specific criteria. This feature can be beneficial in ensuring high-priority calls are always answered promptly while your team can handle less urgent inquiries later.

2. Make a Business Look Bigger

A call patching system can make your business seem more established, reputable, and trustworthy to potential customers. By attaching yourself to a more authoritative-sounding business, your caller will be impressed when they hear your voice.

Get the Best Call Patching Service with Community Phone

Business Phone Service

Never miss another important call with Community Phone's best call patching service. Its many features will increase efficiency and reduce costs for your business while enhancing customer experience.

They're dedicated to delivering the best business service possible and will work with you to ensure your needs are always met. With Community Phone's service, your customers can always reach you, and your business will seem more established and professional.

About Community Phone

Community Phone's wireless service connects to cell towers in your area to provide you with reliability and fantastic call quality. This unique technology makes it an excellent option for people who live in rural areas or have limited broadband internet access.

Features of Community Phone

Call Routing

One of the critical features of Community Phone is call routing, which allows you to direct calls to a specific user or group of users based on a set of rules you define.

You can program several phones to ring simultaneously to ensure an available representative answers the call or ring a second number if the first doesn't answer.

Call Forwarding

This feature is for startups or businesses who want to be available for their customers 24/7 but would prefer to keep their numbers private.

Sign up with Community Phone, get a business number, and list that in the public domain. Calls from the new public number will be forwarded to your cell phone, protecting your privacy but enabling customer access. You can also choose another business number for your cell phone to help you maintain a work-life balance.

Custom Dial Menu

You can also customize your dial menu by adding pre-recorded greetings, such as opening hours, announcements, or contact information, and allowing callers to choose between options.


Community Phone includes integrated voicemail-to-email that allows you to access your voicemail as audio files and transcripts in your email.

Benefits of Community Phone

Unlimited nationwide phone calls

With a Community Phone subscription, you can make unlimited nationwide calls at no additional cost to stay connected with clients and partners.

Unlimited text messages

In addition to unlimited phone calls, most Community Phone plans also have unlimited text messages. Reach out to customers using two-way messaging to connect with them on a deeper level.

Exceptional Customer Support

Whether you are having trouble with your phone or need help setting up your plan, you can always rely on the excellent customer support team to help you out.

Free 14-day Trial

Community Phone plans also come with a free 14-day trial, allowing you to try the service before committing. If you feel the service is not for you, you can call their customer care to cancel your service without hassles.


With all these benefits, it is easy to see why Community Phone plans are an excellent choice for businesses and customers. Whether you want to stay connected with loved ones or enhance customer service, Community Phone is a perfect choice.

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