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What Is A Call Filter And How Does It Work?

Recent statistics state that robocallers form 60% of the unwanted nuisance calls Americans receive. An average American loses more than 30 minutes of productive time every month trying to fend off spam, not counting the monetary loss - $577 per person in the US in 2022.

Besides the occasional grumble, many people are unaware of how to protect themselves from spam and phone scams. Call filters on smartphones can be an excellent solution to filter out annoying calls from reaching you, saving you time and money.

This article provides information on call filters, how it works, why you need a call filter, and the best call filter on the market. Read on!

What Is a Call Filter?

A Call Filter is an app that allows you to control the calls you want to answer and the ones you want to ignore. You can either allow all calls through or set up a list of pre-approved callers.

When you set up a pre-approved list, only those calls will be allowed to get through to you, while all other calls and texts will be blocked or rerouted based on set rules.

A Call Filter is excellent for busy people who don't have time to waste on unwanted calls. This filtering technology helps you increase productivity as you will not be distracted by spam and protects you against phone scams.

Do You Really Need a Call Filter?

Americans fend off an average of 18 spam calls a month trying to steal their money or identity. A call filter is the best solution to prevent spammers, telemarketers, and other annoying callers from reaching you. With a call filter, you can take control of your incoming calls, avoid being a victim of phone scams, and enjoy peace of mind.

The Community Phone Spam Blocker - The Best Call Filter App for iPhone

Community Phone is the best wireless phone service in the US, providing reliability and excellent voice quality. The company provides reliable cell phone, wireless landline, and business phone services at a low cost.

When you sign up with Community Phone or port your existing number, you get fantastic features like call forwarding, call history, landline texting, call waiting, spam call blocking, and more. With world-class support, unlimited nationwide calls and texts, no hidden charges or deposit fees, or credit checks, Community Phone is the best wireless service provider in the US.

The Community Phone FREE Spam Blocker for iPhones

The Community Phone spam-blocker app for iPhones is the best choice if you want to block spam calls and texts. You can download this FREE app from the Apple store to block spam calls and text messages before your phone rings or chimes to alert you. Community Phone will send notifications to keep you updated about the numbers and texts it blocked for you.

Further, you can add the spam number to the Community Phone blocklist to update their ever-growing database of spam numbers. This action can help protect you and other Community Phone members from unwanted calls from that number.

What Makes Community Phone the Best Spam Call Blocker?

Here are some reasons that make Community Phone the best spam call blocker

  1. Excellent track record: The Community Phone robocall blocker has successfully protected individuals and businesses from spam calls. Read customer testimonies on Trustpilot to learn about the effectiveness and efficiency of the service.****
  2. Blocks 99% of spam and robocalls on landlines: The Community Phone spam-blocker flags and blocks 99% of spam and robocalls before your phone rings, offering you ultimate protection against spam. Talk to their specialist to learn more!****
  3. FREE spam call blocker for iPhone: You can download the Community Phone spam blocker for FREE from the Apple store to enjoy ultimate protection against spam calls and texts.

Benefits of Choosing the Community Phone Spam Blocker

Here are some benefits of choosing the Community Phone spam-blocker services:

1. Better Security

The Community Phone built-in spam blocker for iPhones scans, flags, and blocks spam calls or texts before your phone rings, protecting you from scams and fraud.

2. Great Advantage for Seniors

The Safelist can ensure seniors are not troubled by scammers calling from unknown or unidentified numbers. The person who controls the Community Phone user account can pre-approve numbers from which the senior would like to receive calls. The spam blocker service will only allow calls from pre-approved numbers and block all other calls.

3. Take Control of Your Protection

You can update the Safelist or the Allowed list at any time to add or delete numbers. This feature prevents you from engaging scammers and ensures peace and protection against scams and fraud.

4. Effective Where the "Do Not Call" List Fails

The Do Not Call list is not effective against scammers. To prevent scam calls and to protect yourself from fraud, sign up for the Community Phone spam-blocker services for your landline or download their app for iPhone now.


What is the best free scam call blocker for the iPhone?

Community Phone's spam-blocking app on the Apple store is the best free scam call blocker for your iPhone. It blocks unwanted calls before your phone can ring, protecting you from scams and fraud.

Does the Community Phone call filter block texts?

Yes. Community Phone can filter all texts from blocked numbers. Here's how it works:

  1. Add a spam number to the Community Phone block list
  2. Community Phone will block calls and texts from all the numbers in the block list, which is an ever-growing database of spam numbers.


A call filter is an essential tool to reduce the number of unwanted incoming calls you receive. It is easy to use and set up and allows you to filter out unsolicited callers from reaching you.

Enjoy great productivity and peace of mind with the Community Phone spam-blocking app for iPhones. Download it FREE from the Apple store, avoid unsolicited calls and spam, and protect yourself from vishing or smishing attacks. Talk to their specialist to learn more!

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