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The Best Internet Providers Near Me

The Best Internet Providers Near Me

Wondering if your current internet plan is really the best option for you? Considering ending your internet/landline/cable bundle? If your internet is dead as a dodo, it is time to make the change, my friend. Let me tell you what you need to do to find out the best cable provider near you. I’ll then explain how you can save your landline number after you’ve left your old internet provider for a better one!

Determining if my internet plan is good or not.

The internet is everywhere. Since it was made public in the 90s, the internet has gone on to become a vital part of our daily lives. The advent and rise of streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu changed the way media is absorbed, increasing our daily use of the internet exponentially. Common activities like streaming TV, downloading music, or browsing social media are all internet based (Anders, 2019). Additionally, a lot of Americans are working from home in the aftermath of the pandemic. A slow internet speed, therefore, is not only intolerable, but a great hindrance. And with so many cable and internet providers near us, why should we settle for mediocre when we can have the absolute best?

How to check my Internet Speed:

Your first step is determining the speed of your current internet. Once you do so, you can go on to make an informed decision regarding your next steps. Your internet speed is measured by how much information the connection can download or upload per second. Generally, a good internet speed is considered at or above 25 Mbps (Anders, 2019). If you are not sure what your home internet speed is, connect your computer to your internet. Now:

  • On your web browser go to
  • Click on “Go”.
  • The webpage will calculate and give you your download and upload speeds (Haselton, 2018)

If the number on the screen shown is over 25 Mbps, you have what is normally considered a good internet speed (Layton, 2017). However, if you are displeased with it, if your internet speed is lower than 25 Mbps, or if you would like a very high speed internet in your household or office, considering another internet provider may be a good idea.

Before we talk about the best internet providers near you, let’s first understand the types of internet service options you have.

Understanding the difference between types of internet service available to me

We often hear the word "Broadband" with regard to the internet. Broadband covers the types of internet connections that most of us use. All of them are high speed internet services and include:

  • DSL: Usually less expensive than other broadband options and has stable and consistent speeds. However, the speed and quality of this service will depend on the distance from the provider’s central office.

  • Cable Broadband: Faster than DSL or Satellite and widely available too. However, the available bandwidth is shared with your neighbors. Simply put, the more people there are using cable, the slower the internet service will be for everyone.

  • Fiber Optic Service (a.k.a., FiOS): This internet service is provided by all the big corporations like AT&T and Verizon. Of all three options, FiOS offers the highest speeds available and is the latest in internet technology. However, it is not available everywhere (Pinola, 2013).

What are the options available in my area?

Now that we have determined what your internet speed is and understood the difference between the types of internet services out there, let’s check the availability of these services. There may be numerous providers in your area. Add to that the various plans, deals, local availability issues, and you have yourself quite a conundrum. Fear not though, for Community Phone has simplified the research for you. Just read on!

How do I find the best internet plans near me?

First, you will need to determine which internet providers are in your area. Simply go on one (or all) of the following websites and type in your zip code.

  1. Broadband Now
  2. In My Area
  3. Broadband Map FCC (Layton, 2017)

Now you know what your current internet speed is, which type of internet service (DSL, Cable, FiOS) suits your needs best, and what are the internet providers in your area. You can look through each provider’s website and decide which plan suits you best. Or, if you are in search of the highest speed internet,  you can also go to High Speed Internet. Once you are on their website input your zip code. Unlike the above-mentioned websites, HighSpeedInternet will show you the best speed internet providers near you, not just those that are available to you. This website also shows the best plans from those providers with regard to high speed internet. You can compare speeds, features, customer reviews, expert ratings, and prices to help you find the internet service provider that best suits your needs.

Another website which compares internet providers in your area is AllConnect. By going to All Connect Internet and typing in your zip code, you can find out the plans and prices from the best internet service providers in your area. You can, therefore, make informed decisions by considering factors like speeds, internet type, data caps, contract terms, etc.

You can also decide to choose one of the following internet service providers, which have come out as the best in a latest review which compared internet service providers based primarily on speed, price and data allowance:

  1. Xfinity Internet: Best Cable Internet
  2. CenturyLink: Best Value Provider
  3. AT&T Fiber: Best Bundling Options
  4. ViaSat: Best Satellite Internet
  5. Verizon FiOS: Best Fiber Internet
  6. Optimum: Cable Internet with Price for Life
  7. Cox: Low Prices for Low Cable Speeds
  8. HughesNet: Best Satellite Internet Prices (McNally, 2020).

You will of course need to check the availability of these providers in your area by going to the websites mentioned above.

Overall, searching for the best internet provider available locally is not a hard task if you know where you need to go. Having good internet speed has become essential in this modern, technologically connected world. A little research can go a long way in getting us our money’s worth!

What do I lose if I go to a new internet provider?

There is not much to worry about when moving to a new internet provider for those who only have home internet. That being said, many people have bundles, meaning that they pay collectively for internet, cable, and landline services. Luckily, today is the perfect time to free yourself from your bundle because you can maintain all of the services you love! We have already discussed the best way to find new internet providers, so you now have that covered. Next up is your cable, and you’re in luck. Today, more than ever, people are using internet streaming services instead of cable. Most of the shows you love can be found on the internet on websites like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime. Plus, subscriptions to those services often cost less than your cable bill, so you can save money and keep watching the same shows.

Finally, your landline, a most treasured possession. With Community Phone you can end your landline contract and cut the cord while saving your landline number. We offer two options to save your landline: Call Forwarding and Call Transferring. With Call Forwarding, your landline calls will ring on your current cell phone. With Call Transferring, your landline number will become the number on a new cell phone. Just click the following link to learn more about saving your landline number while ending your bundle: Finally, you can have a faster home internet, continue watching the shows you love, and keep your beloved landline number. It’s all easy!

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