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Avoiding Phone Company Scams

Avoiding Phone Company Scams

Phone company scams are, unfortunately, on the rise - and these days, scammers are more sophisticated than ever. To make sure you don't get duped, read on learn how to identify and avoid phone company scams - as well as how to do you part to get the scammers shut down for good.

What do Phone Company Scams Look Like?

Phone company scams are fraudulent call that are used as a way to get your personal information, such as account passwords, social security number and so on. The scammer will pose as an employee of your phone company and attempt to get you to reveal this sensitive information.

For instance, the person might call you offering a new data package or a deal on a second line  - or they might call claiming that your account has been compromised, and ask you for personal information to confirm your identity.

Know however that if someone is calling you, asking for your account username and password, billing password or social security number for any reason, it's definitely a scam. An actual representative of your phone company whether it be Community Phone or another company, will never ask for that information, ever.

How to Avoid Them

The first tip off that the call could be scam is to look at the number. Many scam calls come from 800 numbers, while your company will call you from a true landline.

Remember however, you can't always trust your Caller ID. A 2018 report showed that scammers can actually manipulate Caller ID to show the name of your phone company when they call. Caller ID, as it turns out, is an unverified system, making it unreliable - although very few people know this.

If you're ever in doubt if a number calling you is scam or not, you can simply let it ring through to voicemail. If the phone company can't get a hold of you, they'll leave a voice message, while most scammers won't.

Of course, scammers are getting more sophisticated these days, so it's best to stick by one rule: never provide or confirm any private information, security passwords or financial details when you receive a call from a business.

If the caller asks you for any of these things, tell them you will call right back - then call the official phone number from Community Phone's website and speak to a representative to check if your account is okay.

Reporting Phone Company Scams

If you receive a falsified call, you shouldn't just ignore it - it's important to report the scammer to Community Phone. This not only will allow us to work towards finding (and shutting down) the scammer, it will give us a chance to warn other clients that the scam is taking place.

Simply call Community Phone (617) 962-0004 and speak to a representative. Tell them about the call you received, including any details you can. As well as the number the scanner called you from. It will help make your wireless network safer for everyone - and work towards getting scammers off the phone lines, for good.

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