Blog/6 Best Phones for People with Alzheimers or Dementia

6 Best Phones for People with Alzheimers or Dementia

6 Best Phones for People with Alzheimers or Dementia

Finding the right phone for people with Alzheimers or Dementia can be challenging. Phones must be simple and dementia-friendly to help seniors who have Alzheimer's.

Community Phone spent 18 hours and tested 20 phones to give you the list of the 6 best Alzheimer's phones for seniors below.

Best Phones for Alzheimer's Patients

1. Future Call (FC-0613) Picture Phone For Seniors

Future Call (FC-0613) Picture Phone For Seniors

Another top phone for seniors who have dementia is the phone by Future Call. Although this single-keyboard corded telephone lacks caller ID, it does provide a convenient one-touch dialer feature. This feature allows the senior to touch the photo of the contact they wish to call on their phone keyboard. It helps someone with memory loss, as it eliminates the need to remember many long phone numbers.

Each digit is an oversized button for an easy dialing experience. And the amplified speakerphone feature proves helpful for those seniors who also struggle with hearing loss. It ensures that patients with Alzheimer's can easily hear their loved ones and callers.

The primary disadvantages of this phone are the lack of Caller ID and voicemail and the inability to hang this phone on a wall.

2. Acenis Terryphone

Acenis Terryphone

This phone by Acenis is another single-keyboard phone created for individuals with dementia. This corded phone has various quality features helpful for those with memory loss.

This phone is designed for hard-of-hearing individuals to make calling and receiving calls easy. And the phone has memory keys with pictures that makes it simple to call loved ones and even has an emergency SOS number. Plus, the phone's ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold, even if the individual struggles with arthritis.

Though this phone has many great features, its main cons are that it doesn't have caller ID and reviews indicate that its sound quality is subpar.

3. Vtech Amplified Photo DIAL Accessory Handset

Vtech Amplified Photo DIAL Accessory Handset

Another top Alzheimer's phone is the VTech phone. It is one of the best cordless phones for dementia patients, with various user-friendly features for seniors.

This phone has big buttons containing photos of one of four loved ones that the senior can press with a single button. These large buttons make it senior-friendly, significantly if the individual is visually impaired or struggles with arthritis in their hands.

However, the phone has disadvantages, such as difficulty setting up correctly and needing a shortcut to the Phonebook. It also does not have a Caller ID. Likewise, the phone requires an SN5127 or SN5147 Series Phone to operate, which you need to buy separately.

4. Jethro SC490

Jethro SC490

This phone by Jethro Trading Ltd. is another one of the top cordless phones for dementia patients. With a screen size of 2.8 inches and 4G cellular technology, this senior-friendly phone includes various great features with the help of its Jethro Easy menu.

Specifically, this phone has big buttons, making it easy for seniors to call loved ones. Additionally, the loud, high-quality sound is helpful, especially for seniors who may be hearing impaired. This phone also comes with a charging dock to effortlessly charge the phone, a speed dial, and an SOS emergency button.

One disadvantage to consider with this phone is that it lacks GPS tracking and has no voice control or AI assistant.

5. Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone for Seniors by GreatCall

Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone for Seniors by GreatCall

This phone from GreatCall has 4G cellular technology and comes in a flip phone form for excellent portability. This phone has big buttons, making it easy for seniors who may be hearing impaired to call loved ones. Likewise, the phone's loud audio and compatibility with M4/T4 hearing aids make it an excellent option for individuals who may be hearing impaired.

Plus, the phone's Yes or No buttons and long-lasting battery make for more fantastic features for a senior-friendly phone. With all these great features and virtually no disadvantages, this easy-to-use portable phone is perfect for seniors with dementia.

6. RAZ Memory Cell Phone

RAZ Memory Cell Phone

One of the top Alzheimer's phones is this phone by RAZ Mobility. Its 6.5-inch display screen size and overall design are created especially for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer's. There are various easy-to-use features for seniors for a simple yet effective calling experience.

This phone has a simple one-touch dial feature. The primary screen consists of three elements: contact pictures and names, a 911 button, and critical functionality features like time, battery life, and signal strength. Although this phone has many easy-to-use features for those, who have dementia, the main disadvantage of this phone is the price tag, as it is one of the more expensive phones on this list.

How to Choose the Best Phone for Seniors with Alzheimer

1. Easy to Use

Seniors, especially those with Alzheimer's, need a phone that is simple and easy to use. It includes features complimentary for hearing-impaired and visually impaired seniors, such as large buttons, single-touch dial phones with photos of loved ones, and more.

2. SOS Buttons, GPS, and Emergency Features

Safety is essential, especially for seniors at a higher risk of unexpected falls and other emergency-related situations. Therefore, having accessible emergency features such as a large SOS button and GPS features are great features for a senior-friendly phone.

3. Battery and Charging

The last thing anyone wants is their phone to die all the time. Therefore, a phone for seniors with Alzheimer's must have long battery life and easy charging options so seniors can spend more time talking on the phone with their loved ones.

4. Durability

A phone for seniors should also be durable. It is because many seniors struggle with arthritis, making it easier for them to potentially drop the phone, especially if it's a cordless phone.

5. Voice Commands and AI Assistant

High-tech features like voice commands and an AI assistant are more helpful in a phone for seniors with Alzheimer's. These features help visually impaired individuals with severe memory loss to use voice activation to get in touch with their loved ones.

The Best Landline Phone Service for People with Alzheimer's

Community Phone is the best wireless landline phone for Alzheimer's patients. There is no need for an internet connection or a copper wire, plus Community Phone's call routing and forwarding services make for the perfect phone service for anyone, no matter their age or condition.

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Customers enjoy a wide range of benefits with Community Phone's service. Some of the top benefits of Community Phone include:

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Get the Best Cell Plan for Alzheimer's Patients

Community Phone offers the best, most affordable cell phone plans for people with Alzheimer's. With their unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited texts, and 5G or 4G LTE network speed, Community Phone has all the essential features and reliability you can count on for seniors.

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Should a Person With Dementia Have a Cell Phone?

Yes! Besides the ability for GPS tracking, seniors get lonely. A senior-friendly cell phone provides the perfect opportunity for seniors to quickly contact loved ones with just the press of a button.

Can Seniors with Dementia Get a Free Government Phone?

It depends on the state the individual resides. The easiest way to qualify for a free government phone is by participating in a government assistance program (i.e., SNAP, Medicaid, food stamps) and having a household income below 135% of the federal poverty guideline.

What are the benefits of landline service for Alzheimer's Patients?

There are a wide variety of benefits of having a landline service for Alzheimer's patients, including:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Provides security (via SOS or 911 button) in case of an emergency
  • Work during power outages
  • Can't be compromised
  • Excellent sound quality, especially great for hard-of-hearing individuals

Where can you get cheap landline phone service for seniors?

Community Phone offers the best, most affordable landline phone services for seniors with Alzheimer's or dementia. Call their landline specialists at (866)-593-5333 to enjoy affordable, quality phone service.


This guide provides information on seniors' top 6 best Alzheimer's phones. Each phone provides various benefits that make it easy to use, even for seniors who may not be tech-savvy or suffer from memory loss.

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