Welcoming all U.S. Federal Government Employees! Because of the shutdown, we want to provide $100 in free service credit for all our no-contract plans

An exclusive discount for the people who built everything around us

Folks above 55 will further enjoy 10% off all our monthly cell phone plans, forever.
(That makes our popular $25 data plan with unlimited talking and texting only $22.50!)

We do everything for you

Switching cell phone companies is high-stakes. You need to keep your telephone number, your contacts, and other personal data. For this reason, we handle the switch for you: from contacting your previous phone provider on your behalf to making sure they don't lock your device.

We've got you covered

We operate on three of the four major networks throughout all the United States, and across hundreds of local carriers abroad. All the coverage without the conflict of interest.
You receive the fastest speeds with no throttling.


We have no contracts. Stay with us as long as you want, without ever being fined.


No surprise charges or hidden fees. Your bill is simple and consistent, every month. We’ll let you know ahead of time if anything changes.

Our Boston office welcomes you!


We don’t track you. The big carriers resell your data to advertisers. With us, the data you buy is yours. Always.


Never be stuck in the slow lane again. With us, you always get the fastest speeds on our nationwide network, no matter how much data you use.

Our Milwaukee office welcomes you!

60-day Money-back guarantee.

We know that making it easy to leave makes it easy to join. So for the first two months, devices included, you are eligible to return everything for a full refund. We cover return shipping, too.

Social Mission.

We work to empower our community. Each month we publish a newsletter profiling one of our amazing members, and one of our partner organizations making a difference in its community. As part of our social responsibility, we organize and staff events at both senior and low-income centers that encourage digital literacy. More on social responsibility here.

We welcome you to the Community!