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Community Phone on NPR

# Community Phone's CEO on NPR's Morning Edition on 8/15/2018 Below is an excerpt from CEO and co-founder of Community Phone, James Graham's, interview with WBUR's Bob Oakes. The interview aired on the NPR Morning Edition segment on August 15th, 2018. James and Bob discuss what drives Community Phone to... [Read More]

How to File a Complaint Against your Cell Phone Carrier

# Best Ways to File a Complaint Against Your Cell Phone Provider Let’s face it, not everyone likes their cell phone carrier. The telecommunications industry consistently ranks as [one of the most hated]( industries. I think it’s because most large cell phone carriers spend their resources trying to acquire new... [Read More]

How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers

# Everything You Need to Switch Carriers Every month 6.5 million people switch phone carriers in the United States according to a [2017 report by the FCC]( Verizon loses about 1.3% of their customers (1,885,000 people) every month, AT&T loses 1.7% (2,278,000 people), T-mobile is 1.7% too (1,207,000), and Sprint’s... [Read More]