I never thought I would see a cell phone company there!

That's because we care about your privacy. We never sell customer data!

What does that mean?

Most large cell phone carriers record various pieces information about you such as your location and what you do on your phone. They then sell this information to the highest bidder.

Community Phone Phone Co never sells customer information- we don't even record it in the first place!

We care about your provicy and believe you own your information, we don't.

How do I switch?

1) Enter your email

    One of our friendly representatives will get back to you asking for an address to send a free sim card.

    We will also ask you a few questions about your cell phone usage in order to fit you to the right plan and we check to make sure your device is eligible on our network- if it is not we provide inexpensive upgrades.

    If you don't want to email you can call 617-963-0004 to speak with a local representative in seconds.

Community Phone provides integrated app support

Community Phone provides integrated app support, like finding your train with an iphone

2) Activate your phone

Once the SIM card arrives we will walk you through the activation via webchat, over the phone, or even in person.

The process will take about 30-45 minutes.

3) Welcome to our Community!

    You will now receive a welcome gift and peace of mind knowing your data isn't being sold.

    You’ll also enjoy premium customer service and if we don’t meet your expectations we offer a 60 Day money back guarantee!

Community Phone provides integrated app support

Find out how much you are overpaying
If near Boston or Milwaukee, we can meet for coffee (our treat).