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Now it's time to set up your voicemail.

We’re thrilled to help you manage the voicemail on your new landline phone.


  • Dial 1
  • Press "Talk" or "Call" to begin call
  • Enter last 7 digits of number as password
TIP: write down whatever passcode you set! To access your voicemail: you just have to dial 1, press call, and enter your passcode.
Here’s our article on it.
How many times would you like your phone to ring before it hits voicemail?
Sometimes it's nice to have your phone ring a few more times before it reaches the voicemail box. That way you have more time to walk to the phone to answer it.
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Call forwarding: Dial

  • * 21 *
  • The number you want calls forwarded to (10 digits)
  • #
  • Wait for confirmation tone
  • To turn off, dial #21# and wait for confirmation tone
For example, if your cell phone number is (123) 456-7890, you would dial * 21 *1234567890#

Call Waiting

  • To hang up current call and answer incoming call: Press 1 and then "Talk"
  • To continue current call and reject incoming call: Press 0 and then "Talk"
  • To put current call on hold and accept incoming call: Press 2 and then "Talk"
  • To add incoming caller to current call: Press 2, "Talk", 3, "Talk"