Simplifying your life with a new type of phone plan

Switching cell phone carriers has never been easier. Heck, if you're in Boston, we drive to you and handle all the details.

Call to determine if we're a fit

While we do provide outstanding service and support, we want to save you money too.

On the phone, we walk you through the steps to figure out how much "data" you use each month. Then we recommend a plan to save you the most money. For the average person, we will be substantially cheaper than other carriers.

If we're not a fit, we recommend an alternative provider suited to you. We're here to help, rather than upsell you!

You receive our SIM card

If you're in Boston, this step usually happens over coffee or at your office/home. If you're elsewhere in the country, or prefer to work remotely, we mail your SIM card by U.S. Postal Service.

During our meeting or phone call, we set up your account together, we put our SIM card into your device and ensure that you keep your phone number, we check to make sure all is working, and then we help cancel your former service if necessary.

Our ongoing committment

If problems arise related to your phone or service, you can call in or email a support person in our Massachussetts or Wisconsin office. You will get a person immediately. Sometimes, we drive to you within 48 hours to address the issue in person.

Every three months, we reach out to check in, to ensure that you're getting everything you need from your phone plan and devices.

Along with your bill each month, you receive our monthly TeleGraham, which features members in our community: showcasing their poetry, promoting their events, celebrating their recent publications, and more!