Frequently Asked Questions

No! We never lock phones nor do we lock phone numbers. You are always able to move to another carrier with ease.

Usage incurred from some international countries will be billed at international roaming rates of $0.30 per talk minute, $0.10 per text message, and $0.25 per MB of data usage. Please give us a call ahead of time so that we can provide the most accurate information for the countries you plan to visit.

You will always be able to keep your phone number. However, your current phone may not be compatible with our network. Please give us a call to find out if your phone will work. If you do need to get a new device we give you a set of options that is suited to your needs. If in Boston, we will then bring the new device to you and transfer all of your contacts, pictures, videos, and apps over to the new device free of charge. Otherwise, we can do this over the phone.

We have provisions in place so that if all of the employees were to suddenly die or the company were dissolved all customers would be immediately warned and seamlessly moved over to the Sprint network. You will not lose your phone number or service.

We use Sprint's network, so if you have a specific place you can look it up here.

We understand. And that's why we make it just as easy to leave as it is to join. We have a 60-day money back guarantee, and will help you move back to your old carrier just as we've helped you move to us.

If you're in Boston or Milwaukee, and you'd like us to meet you in person to get you set up on the network, absolutely. We believe it is very important that you feel comfortable and respected, and we've found that doing business in person is often the best way for us to work together. This entire company exists to serve you.

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If near Boston or Milwaukee, we can meet for coffee (our treat).