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One more step to confirm coverage

To make sure we cover your address, we need to perform a manual coverage check.

This extra step comes with our coverage guarantee: if our team confirms we have coverage, and you end up not having service, you'll get a full refund.

Call the number below or start a live chat to connect with a landline specialist and secure your coverage guarantee.

(866) 969 4886

Your landline service plan

Landline Service

Pay Monthly
Pay Annually
1 month free
All plans include:
Unlimited Local and long-distance calling
Get a new, local number
Or, keep your existing number
No internet required
Works during power outages
Connects with any landline phone

Landline Hardware

The device that powers the service. Lifetime warranty.
Optional Services
Keep your existing number - $29 for one-time porting fee
Single corded landline handset - $39
Call (866) 969 4886 to learn more
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Your timeline for activating  your
landline service


Put down your deposit  for the landline base and complete your order.

Delivery 2 - 3 days

Receive your activated landline base in the mail  and make your first payment.

30 second set up

Start using your landline base as soon as it arrives.

How it works

Community Phone offers unlimited local and long-distance calling by connecting your landline phone to cell phone towers in your area.

Setup in two easy steps
Landline Base
Plug our landline base into a power outlet
Landline Phone
Plug a phone into the jack on our landline base
Local cell towers
Installation is that easy!

Guaranteed coverage, or your money back

Our landline specialists will check your address to make sure we have strong service in your area.

When we confirm we have coverage at your address, we stand behind it. If you don’t have reliable coverage, we’ll provide a full refund.

James Graham
Founder & CEO

We fight to keep the landline alive

I started Community Phone to build a different kind of landline phone service company.

We don’t nickel and dime you with hidden fees. We make it easy for you to actually reach a real person when you have a problem.

We don’t tie you up in long contracts, or discontinue your service when it’s no longer “profitable” to serve you with copper wire service. And we don’t require you to have fast, reliable internet, just to make a call.

I built Community Phone to make it easy, safe, and reliable to stay connected with your family and friends.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for from your landline phone company, then you're at the right place. We’d love to have you as part of our Community.

All your questions answered

Is this a copper wire landline?
Does this service use the existing phone jacks in my home or office?
Does the landline base require an internet connection? Is Community Phone a VoIP service provider?
Will you send a technician to install my landline base?
How can I see what my final bill will be including taxes?
How long will shipping take?
Can I choose my own number if I’m getting a new one?
What types of phones can I use with the landline base?
Can I use the base with multiple phones in different rooms?
What if the service address is different from my shipping or billing address?
Does the landline base work with my caption phone?
Does the home phone base work with my alarm system?
Does the landline base work with my medical alert system?
Does the landline base work with a fax machine?
Will I be able to place international calls with Community Phone?
​​Should I cancel my current service when I sign up with Community Phone?
Can I use Community Phone’s home phone service if I am on probation or under house arrest?
Is there a fee for calling 411 directory assistance?