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Your previous carrier won't release your number to us unless we can confirm your account details with them.

Most popular carriers

AT&T (landline)

Account # is the 10-digit phone number and the PIN is the 4 digits to the immediate right of the phone number in the top right corner of  your bill.

AT&T (wireless)

Account number will be on the bill (it is NOT the phone number), enter it without the dash. Your PIN is usually the last 4 digits of your telephone number.  It cannot be found on your bill, invoice or online account. You can call AT&T at 1-800-331-0500. For bundled bills, the account number will be a 12-digit number under your wireless account summary. Also, (only for bundled bills) you will need to call AT&T customer service for the passcode – it will be a 4 digit PIN number that they provide to you.


Account number is in the upper right hand corner of your bill. It’s your phone number plus 3 digits. If you can’t find it you will need to contact CenturyLink at 1-888-638-6771. Passcode is 0000.

Consumer Cellular

Account number can be found online or by calling Consumer Cellular – it is a 9 digit number. There’s no passcode, so leave the PIN field empty. You may also need to call Consumer Cellular’s porting department at (888) 750-5519 and ask them to manually release your number.


You can find both your Account Number and PIN on the first page of your Cox bill.


You can find both your Account Number and PIN on the first page of your Frontier bill.


Email to get your account and PIN number.


Account number: Found online in your Magic Jack account or by calling customer service at 1-844-866-2442. PIN number: Log into your online account, go to the manage log-in account tab, change the pin to a six-digit number.


Account number is 1 plus your 10 digit phone number. Leave the PIN field empty.


The account number can be found in the upper left-hand corner of your bill. They don’t require a PIN, so you can leave it empty, or use your zip code. You may need to call them for a manual release of your number.


Account # is NOT phone number. It’s is a 9-digit number which can be found at the top center of your bill and on your online account page. Your passcode is your “call-in” passcode when you call customer service. You can set up or change your PIN on your online account page. If you do not have access to your online account, you can call Sprint at 1-888-211-4727.


Your account number is the MEID or IMEI serial number on your phone, or the last 15 digits of your BYOP SIM card. Your PIN is typically the last four digits of your phone number or SIM ID. Or email (877) 430-2355.


Account number can be found on the bill or online account (Verizon>Account >Account Overview-account number listed at top). It ends in - 00001 but should be entered without the dash. The PIN is a 6- digit number.  If you don’t know your account PIN you can reset it on your online Verizon account or you’ll need to reset it by calling Verizon Customer Support at 1-800-922-0204.

Verizon Prepaid

Account Number is an alphanumeric string that usually starts with “A”. You have to contact Verizon to get it. Passcide is the last 4 digits of your phone number unless you changed it.


You can find or change your Vonage PINs, username and password on the Profile tab in your Online Account. Your four-digit Security PIN is set by you the first time you log into your Vonage Online Account.

Xfinity / Comcast

You can usually find your account number in the upper right hand corner of any bill or invoice. Your PIN would have been given to you by Comcast and is usually pre-selected. You can reset your PIN through your online account. You won’t be able to find your PIN on any bill or invoice.

Other carriers


Your account number will likely be on the paper bill from your previous carrier. You can also contact their customer service to retrieve it. You likely need to contact them to access your PIN.