Community Phone's location in Greater Boston.
Community Phone Cambridge
Only mobile carrier based in state launching the 28th at 5pm. Hvd. Sq.
Let's put people at the center of the Internet
Communications technology like the Internet and its providers should be designed to pull the creativity out of people, not make us talk to robots or sell our data to corporations.

Community Phone offers affordable, month-to-month cell phone plans with exceptional U.S. customer service, and makes the switching process liquid smooth so people can keep their number and device with no headache.

All the coverage with none of the conflict of interest. We buy minutes, texts, and data from all the big carriers so we have flexibility and wide-spanning coverage.

We need your help making technology for humans again!

We are hiring any people sufficiently enthusiastic and motivated to help make phones and personal communications technology and services better take advantage of human creativity. This means reversing the trend: no longer focusing on selling the newest devices, but rather providing better tools that help people become better producers, better artists, better writers. First, that means building a phone company that is super easy for humans to use, is cheaper, doesn't cause ongoing worry, protects their privacy, and is consistently reliable and effortless to use.

Please reach out to if you want to help us turn the below images into something that helps people liberate themselves from Big Telecom. In the coming weeks, we will need help turning the space into an existing service center for our hundreds of customers across the area, but also a storefront designed to advertise our services.